Kit Carson

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Kit Carson (Kit Carson)

The world celebrity of a custom knife production and nayfmeykerstva guru, gave a start in life to many novice nozhevschikam, Kit Carson was born in the village of Vine Grove (Kentucky, USA). In the production of a knife he came rather late: the lion’s share of his life he devoted to military affairs, going a long way to the rank of Sergeant Major of the US Army.

After retiring, Kit Carson decided to do so, to what he had always gravitated soul – manufacturer of knives. In his new vocation military experience was very useful: the prevailing ideology and “military” attitude towards things have become fundamental factors that have shaped the style and newfound stranglehold nozhevschika.

Kit Carson – sided nature. He is interested in a knife fight (is the award-winning master), like fishing and hunting. Not surprisingly, the Whale as nayfmeyker, pays special attention to hunting and fishing knives, sharp instruments and tactical military model.

Carson manufactures knives for 30 years. In 1993, he showed a wide customer their first professional job, and since then every year affects the entire international community of connoisseurs of bladed weapons with new masterpieces. Keith joined the Guild nayfmeykerov US (currently it is a voting member). What began for the retired sergeant of the US Armed Forces as a hobby, today brings an impressive master of his income is the meaning of life.

Kit Carson makes a very vivid and memorable knives. Military history is expressed in them a little aggressive, predatory design and deep, if you will, the military nobility. Author articles from Master Kit Carson performed with the use of forged Damascus steel, ivory and ivory, polished stainless steel, mother of pearl, they are often decorated with exquisite ornamentation, embossed, elegant finish. Custom bikes from the Kit Carson often equipped with special storage platform made of precious natural materials.

But we should not think that the elegant, exquisite knives work Kit Carson – it’s only exhibition copies. Not at all: everything that goes out of the hands of craftsmen – functional, in the army reliability, durability. The handles of knives are easy to work in any grip and the blades are ready to solve any problems put before them.

Keith, as well as many well-known nayfmeykery cooperates with well-known knife companies developing new models for them. Some of them are truly legendary. The most popular model design Kit Carson – it’s certainly a knife “M-16” from CRKT. The prototype of this knife has been created, in the words of China as a present for friends and former comrades. The knife was not created for fun or admiration, but to work for continuous use in harsh environments.

The model is so successful that the master has received a proposal for the serial production of the “M-16” now CRKT. Industrial Production Kit Carson has developed three blade, united by one common idea, convenient, reliable and fully functional. Any of these knives fits in your hand like a glove. Version with wide blade is suitable for a variety of demanding applications, the handle is easy to operate – both with gloves and without them, and reliable blade of steel AUS-8 is capable of for a long time to keep grinding.

The most popular and well-known series of knives Design Kit Carson received many international awards and prizes, she entered the “Top 10” ranking of the prestigious publication nayfmeykerskogo Messer Magazine (Germany).

Today, Kit Carson – nayfmeyker world level, trustworthiness and a teacher. It creates its own new models, becoming instant bestsellers and jewelry connoisseurs any collection of cold arms.

Kit CarsonKit Carson
Kit CarsonKit Carson
Kit CarsonKit Carson

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