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Biography Kings of Leon

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Kings of Leon – American musical band playing in the style of alternative rock, from Nashville, Tennessee. It was founded in 1999 by three brothers: Caleb (vocals and rhythm guitar), Jared (bass guitar, backing vocals and synth) and Nathan Followill (drums, percussion instruments and backing vocals), together with their cousin Matthew Followill ( lead guitar and backing vocals). The band’s name, Kings of Leon. comes from the name of Leon – was the name of his father and grandfather Caleb, Nathan and Jared. Music debut EP Kings of Leon. which was recorded on RCA Records, a blend of southern rock, garage rock, hard rock and blues.

This is their story.

Caleb: Our father was an itinerant preacher of the Pentecostal Church, so we spent a lot of time on the road between Oklahoma and Memphis, back and forth until 1998. Jared and I were born in Memphis, Nathan and Matthew in Oklahoma.

Nathan: As a child, we did not actually have at home, with relatives, we are constantly moved from place to place. We stayed in the back seat of our car, with relatives, in church orphanages, homes completely unknown to us humans. We grew up. In 1988, our father was in charge a small parish in the town of Mumford, a 30-minute drive from Memphis. This backwoods! Here we are for the first time for several years went to the same private school. When I say “private school”, I mean that it had an enrollment of no more than forty people. Parish School. Most of the time we were taught at home.

Caleb: Then we moved to Nashvil. There we started writing songs, and publish them. A year later, in New York, we signed a contract with RCA.

Nathan: I first started playing in church when I was seven years old. I played drums. My mother was sitting at the piano, while his father preached. Caleb looked at the years of my game, and when he grew up, joined us.

Caleb: At Pentecostal churches live music. This white version of the gospel.

Nathan: Lots of instruments: organ, piano, bass, drums, several guitars, horns.

Caleb: Very close to the blues music. And no matter how you play, it is important, with what feeling do you do.

Nathan: All this is in the Kings of Leon. But we do not want to be referred to as “religious” groups, though not afraid to admit that our music roots of the past impregnated by religion.

Caleb: When our father refused to holy orders, we are thinking of their future.

Nathan: For the first time we could impartially evaluate our past life, to think about the present and the future. Prior to that, if we were in a cocoon, and then we are faced with a life that had not even suspected. We are at once plunged into modern culture. Of course, we listened to music, but it was Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Tom Petit. Now we can afford to buy these CD, what they wanted. We have the freedom of choice. As soon as we heard the band White Stripes – if we have dawned. We thought that themselves can play something like that.

Caleb: religious barriers, we fenced off from the world, have brought their favor. We grew visionaries. All that we tell in our songs – not necessarily actually happened. But we “get along” every story.

Nathan: When we sit down and start writing, you never think about how to embellish the songs. We are thinking about how to better convey their feelings in song.

Caleb: We are different from most people. We did not have at home, we were very poor, we had a limited social circle. But now we are quite practical, normal guys.

Nathan: We grew up in love. Therefore, we have a little private people. Most people, if they had the chance to create their own group, to invite vryat his brothers. With us otherwise. We have no one but each other. It’s a family chemistry that works only when we get together.

Kings Of LeonKings Of Leon
Kings Of LeonKings Of Leon
Kings Of LeonKings Of Leon

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