Kimberly Williams

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Kimberly Williams-Paisley / Kimberly Williams-Paisley (biography and photoselection)

Kimberly Williams – a unique American actress who for his ’42 life and 28 years of filming appeared in 24 feature films, 11 television series, seven movies – biographies, and also produced and directed over a dozen films . In addition, the actress proved to be a good writer and editor.

Kimberly was born on 14 September 1971. All the actress spent her childhood in Rye. Kimberly Father – Harney Williams, and his mother – Linda Williams. At Kimberly Williams has a sister, Ashley, who also dabbled as an actress, and younger brother Jay.

The first shot of the actress has been in advertising, while she was only 13 years old. After school, the future famous actress was admitted to the University of Chicago. As a second-year University of Kimberly skipped 3 months of study, since it took the comedy «Father of the Bride», published in 1991, which Kimberley played the role of the bride and her father did not agree with his daughter’s wedding . Father played the famous actor Steve Martin. This film is not only liked Kimberly film critics, but even received a nomination to the awards «MTV Movie Awards» in the category “Best New Actress».

Once the survey was completed, Kimberly returned to study at university and agreed the following shooting only on summer vacation. It happened in 1992, Kimberly starred in the feature «Indian Summer» and the series «Tales from the Crypt». In the same year, Williams voiced the film «Porco Rosso».

The next year (1993) Kimberly Williams successfully graduated from the University, and now she could pursue an acting job in full, however, she got only a few small roles. She went on to star in «Tales from the Crypt», played the role of an expert on yoga in the film «Cool» and was invited to shoot the continuation of the “Father of the bride» – «father Bride 2 ». For the actress, this role was not quite suitable. Kimberly was afraid that it will see the actress one role. For her happiness, her acting future expected more.

So, after taking part in the TV series «Relativity» 1996, Kimberly received a nomination in the category “Best Actress in a TV series” on the award «Golden Satellite Award».

The following year, in the personal life of the actress appears tennis Pitt Sampras, however, Kimberly appears in such films as «A little harmless sex» (1998), «Lovers» (1999) and «Simpatico» (1999).

From 2000 to 2003, Kimberly acted in several TV series: «The Tenth Kingdom», «George Lopez” and in several films: «Star point the way» , «10 love stories», «Christmas shoes» and «Lucky Seven» (this TV Kimberly is also the producer).

Together with hard work on the set of changes and personal life Kimberley. In March 2003, she married the singer in country music Brad Peyzli. Four years later, the couple first child was born, whom they named Huckleberry. The actress continues to act almost until the last possible moment before birth, and by 2006 it filmography replenished several other series and polnometrazhki: series «Boston Legal», «Wonder zveryata », movies «How to go on a date in Queens», «We have a team» and «How to Eat Fried Worms».

Once the first birth took place a couple of years before Kimberly was again in the movies. But now, perhaps, she began to do so with greater efficiency. She became a member of the series «Dear Doctor» and starred in the TV movie «Return Amish».

Then, in the creative life of the actress comes another break associated with the birth of her second son – Jasper Warren Paisley.

Kimberly is also known for a supporting role in the series in 2012 «Nashville». The actress played Peggy Samper, is a former mistress and colleague Teddy Conrad – a failed policy, played by actor Eric Close.

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Kimberly WilliamsKimberly Williams
Kimberly WilliamsKimberly Williams
Kimberly WilliamsKimberly Williams

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