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6 Hitchcock blondes: the victim #1 Kim Novak

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This week marks 55 years since the premiere of the famous “Vertigo,”Alfred Hitchcock – First regular painting master of suspense May 9, 1958 saw the residents of San Francisco. It is today,”Vertigo”tops the list of the greatest films, and half a century ago critics considered him a”middling”and called delayed, implausible and pessimistic. However, the work of Hitchcock could not arouse the interest of the public – not least because of another platinum beauty Kim Novak, who in a series of Hitchcock blondes occupies a special place. Draft Weekend RIA Novosti decided to recall each of the great musical Hicha, who first made his actresses superstars, and then enthusiastically brought to a frenzy on the screen and in life.”Blondes – the best of the victim. It is as pure snow, on which is printed a bloody footprint” – authoritatively noticed Hitchcock.

By the time filming Vertigo (English-language title of the film), the expression “Hitchcock blonde”has become a household name – in this role already visited and Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly and Vera Miles. The latest Hitchcock wanted to shoot in”Vertigo”, but Miles, who played with him in “not that man” became pregnant, – the studio and the director had to find a replacement. Guide Columbia Pictures has stopped on the candidacy of wayward Gym shoes Kim Novak, just impose it on Hitchcock, clearly wants to see in his film, another actress. This was a kind of irony: it so happened that the circumstances of life, forcing Novak feel awkward, echoed on-screen narrative and, according to critics, even helped the actress so convincingly embody the image of – rather, the two images.

The plot of Vertigo 55 years after its creation familiar to almost everyone. The detective John “Scottie”Ferguson (James Stewart) after the death of his partner resigns – it begins to torment the fear of heights and dizziness. Dude Scotty Gavin asks him to follow his wife, sophisticated blonde Madeleine (Kim Novak), who unconsciously imitate great-grandmother, committed suicide at the age of 26 years. It is so much now and Madeleine, and Gavin is almost certain that unattended detective happens to her trouble. Soon Scottie rescues Madeleine from suicide and falls in love with her. However, she still dies by jumping from a high tower bell tower, where Scotty out of fear of heights could not get up for her. Yearning for his beloved, Ferguson visited the place where visited Madeleine, and she finally meets Judy Barton (Kim Novak also) – rustic brunette, strikingly like her. Scotty will soon realize that Judy, from which he studiously trying to”sculpt” Madeleine is his love, and to learn about the crime of which he had never suspected. At the end of Scottie and Judy rise on the same tower, however, emerged from the darkness frightens nun girl, and she accidentally falls from the window of the bell tower.

The differences with his new blonde Hitchcock began even before the start of filming. The director, who carefully thought through all the details of the image of the main character, starting with the hairstyle and finishing step, wanted to see on the screen of your ideal – petite actress with a cold beauty and the hidden sexuality, not to declare themselves too intrusive (as Hitchcock blonde is impossible to imagine, for example, Marilyn Monroe). According to the director, this is the way could help to create the perfect suspense. Novak, who came to the site in a narrow sweater over his naked body, Hitchcock, according to witnesses, had met with a stony face. In addition, the actress occurred to discuss with the director and the appearance of her character and motivation to bring the image of their own ideas. It was absolutely impermissible in a conversation with the maestro, once uttered the phrase that “the actors should be treated like cattle”.

“Miss Novak was on a platform with a full range of his ideas, which I can not stand & hellip; I went to her dressing room and explained his idea of ​​the dresses and hairstyles that are pondering a few months. I also added that I was not interested in the story, a visual interpretation of history “- Hitchcock told French director Francois Truffaut.

“When an actor wants to discuss with me his character, I say:”It’s in the script.”If he continues:”But what’s my motivation?”I say,”Your fee”.

In this authoritarian hich was intended to complete the dialogue with Novak.

“Of course, I was not a great actress, but I was able to give life to my character, because we had a lot in common. She was as vulnerable as I was myself at that time” – admitted herself Kim, continue not daring to contradict the rightful owner of the set, what Hitchcock was on the set of his film each. Maybe that’s what was good for the whole picture, in which Novak looks organically in such different images – gourmet, but constrained and a bit intimidating Madeleine and Judy, ready to do anything to please Scotty, who (like Hitchcock) wanted to see in its place another.

“The actress we see on the screen – a clear assistant manager, but the very act of replacement enhances the sound of the film, as is his main theme: the man is still in love with the woman he is presumed dead, he is trying to revive its image to look like her girlfriend & hellip; during the celebration of Hitchcock in New York in 1974, sitting next to Grace Kelly and looking at the screen, at this moment, James Stewart is trying to put in a butt hair Kim Novak, I suddenly realized how much more cleverly twisted “Vertigo”than it appears: The assistant director forced to imitate the actress who originally defined for this role,”- he wrote later, Francois Truffaut.

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American actress Kim Novak

Despite the discrepancy actress directing ideal heroine, is in “Vertigo”, according to some critics, the image of women has become a real fetish. Journalist Molly Haskell wrote that Hitchcock made a conscious brunette Judy – in the scene where the girl at the urging Scotty repainted the blonde, it was intended to emphasize the most attractive blonde girls and their success in men.

Whether dismissive attitude director to the actress part of its educational policies, develop the necessary screen image – an open question, but many years after Hitchcock’s Vertigo is still not missed an opportunity to let go of taunts against Kim Novak.

“It was so vulgar, she had those full lips are thick legs, such a large, covered with a sweater, devoid of any signs of bra chest. It seems that she is capable of much & hellip; but alas, only seems” – he concluded .

Whatever it was, “Vertigo” was the only film of Hitchcock with Kim Novak, and the most important in the career of the actress. Marilyn Monroe’s death in 1962, was for her a great shock – Novak perceived her as a victim of Hollywood gloss and glamor, which, in its opinion, that is not worth it. A significant role here, I suppose, and played a collaboration with Hitchcock, followed by Novak began to refuse roles Hollywood passions preferring a quiet life with her husband.

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Kim NovakKim Novak
Kim NovakKim Novak
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