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Kevin Richardson – Biography musician

Kevin Richardson – organizer and soloist Backstreet Boys, actor of theater, cinema, the famous singer and a talented musician.

Kevin Scott was born on 3/10/71, in Lexington, in the US, in the family fire. Kevin has two older brothers Tim and Gerald. Childhood Kevin passed on the farm as his father got a job as director of the camp. His organizational skills, Kevin showed in early childhood, when he became the captain of the football team. The boy grew versatile – he stubbornly engaged in basketball, sang in the choir, he studied at the ballet school, he played in the theater, loved the Latin American dances. He is constantly searching for himself, in parallel doing various spheres of art. And everywhere he expected success.

When Kevin moved to Orlando, he was nineteen years old. Cameo driver rides in the movie “My Girl” gave impetus to Kevin and forced to think of Man further his fate. Case introduced a talented guy with three teenagers who decided to found a vocal and instrumental ensemble. Organization of the group took over Kevin Richardson, who found soon and the fifth member Bae & # 769; kstrit Boys, cousin Brian Littrell. In May, ninety-three first solo performance for the Backstreet Boys chetyrehtysyachnoy audience oceanarium SeaWorld.

youth and teenagers liked music Backstreet Boys, but the fame and money performances to schools, shopping malls, discos and nightclubs did not bring. The group moved to Europe, where he became popular and sold a hundred and thirty million albums. For Backstreet Boys also award listed in the Guinness Book of Records, and Kevin is co-author and producer of seven songs. The most famous “Always there”from the album «Never Gone», dedicated to his father, who died of cancer. Styles in which famous band Backstreet Boys, is a classic soul, disco dancing and singing in the style of grunge and gangsta rap. At the height of his fame, Richardson played himself in two films: the drama”Arthur”and the TV series”Sabrina – Teenage Witch».

After thirteen years, Kevin left the pop band to pursue theater, film, and solo career. But Richardson is not gone forever – he just made a temporary pause to go back again with new ideas, songs and relationships. The return of “prodigal son” in the bosom of the team and younger comrades happened in April this year during a concert at the Albion in the NKOTBSB Tour.

Richardson’s acting career – is primarily a musical “Chicago,”posing”So far, the bird,””Barefoot in the snow,” a comedy Acme. Drama”Love has wings”brought the actor Cyrus first cameo in the movie, and in the independent cinema”Cooking Club”Kevin got the Oscar award. The musical”Damn forgiven” due out this year with Richardson in the title role.

Kevin is now a model – is the face of Versace. It is engaged in production and the creation of children’s books and cartoons. The Foundation, founded by Richardson helps cancer patients and investigates the occurrence of cancer in the world.

In his personal life, Kevin Monogamous, with two thousand years, Christian married to actress, who met eight years before the wedding. Their firstborn Mason grows.

Kevin RichardsonKevin Richardson
Kevin RichardsonKevin Richardson
Kevin RichardsonKevin Richardson

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