Kenneth Copeland

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Kenneth Copeland.

Kenneth Copeland . (Eng. Kenneth Copeland ; b. December 6, 1936) – American writer, musician and television preacher. Founder of Mission Kenneth Copeland, supporter of the movement of faith and prosperity gospel. Author and presenter of a religious TV program “Voice of Victory believer».


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Copeland was born in Lubbock, Texas. He grew up in west Texas, near the airfield of the Air Force United States, which later inspired him to become a pilot.

Before his conversion to Christianity, he was an artist Copeland labels Lin Records and Imperial Records. One of his songs titled «Pledge of Love» in 1957, the year lasted 15 weeks in the Billboard Top 40 charts, reaching the 17 th position.

In 1962, Kenneth Copeland became a Christian. In the 1960s, Copeland worked as a pilot at the preacher Oral Roberts. In 1967 he enrolled to study at Oral Roberts University.

3 April 1967 by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland married. They have three children: John Copeland, Terri Kelly Pirsons and Swisher. Gloria Copeland is Vice President of Mission Kenneth Copeland. Kelly Swisher – the creator of the cartoon «Superkid» and educational programs for children «Superkid Academy», it serves as a children’s pastor at the church, “Eagle Mountain”. Daughter Terry Copeland Pirsons with her husband George is senior pastor of the International Church of “Eagle Mountain”, which is attended by 1,500 members. According to their son-in by Stephen Swisher, Copeland began life together in debt, but through faith and the Bible got rid of the debt for 45 years and live in financial freedom.

Copeland as an actor starred in films: «Judgment: The Trial of Commander Kellie» (1999), «The Rally» (2010), «The Rally 2: Breaking the Curse» (2014). Executive Producer of the film «The Rally».

In 2012, Kenneth Copeland has received aviation award «Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award», which is obtained by pilots who have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, skills and knowledge in the field of aviation.

The community Copeland bought him a jet plane worth $ 20 million in order to preach the gospel. Commenting on the purchase of the aircraft’s son Kenneth, John Copeland said that “one might think that having your airplane is a luxury, but as he has for 12 months visiting 19 countries, it is not a luxury but a tool for ministry”.

Some media called Copeland “the godfather of the gospel of prosperity”.

The mission of Kenneth Copeland

The mission of Kenneth Copeland was founded in 1967 in Fort Worth, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. Kenneth Copeland first seminar entitled “The laws of prosperity”was held in 1972 in Oklahoma. In 1973 he was released the first issue of the magazine”Voice of Victory of the believer.”In September 2013 Mission Kenneth Copeland celebrating fortieth anniversary of the release of the first log. The monthly magazine”Voice of Victory believer” distributed free of charge in English, Spanish, Russian and German languages ​​to 570 ths. Subscribers from 135 countries.

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland during the filming of TV show

Since 1979, the mission of Kenneth Copeland operates in the Asia Pacific region. Kenneth Copeland and his wife are the author and presenter of “Believer’s Voice of Victory”, which broadcasts 90 television stations around the world.

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland are the authors of 58 books that have been translated into 17 languages. The Mission Kenneth Copeland has about 500 employees worldwide.

In 2010, the Australian broadcaster «TEN» ceased to broadcast the program “Voice of Victory believer” because of the fact that the broadcast transmission Copeland condemned homosexuality. Representatives of the TV channel stressed that such statements violate their professional code, which prohibits expressing dislike for the people based on their sexual preference.

In 2011, US Senator Chuck Grassley was investigating the financial activities of the Mission Kenneth Copeland. The audit revealed that in 1995, 15 members of the family of Kenneth Copeland received a salary in the total amount of 1.5 million dollars. Also check has revealed the use of the corporate aircraft worth $ 20 million for private purposes. Frances Hill, a University of Miami expert on nonprofit tax law states that the Mission “usual” too much money and too many working families, and that is an alarming signal. Stating that some of the interests, referred to in the requests of the US Senate Finance Committee, are protected by the US Constitution, Mission Kenneth Copeland answers were provided by 17 of the 42 questions. Also, the Mission stressed that the Church is obliged to report only to the Internal Revenue Service, and not to the senators. Sam Copeland said his financial records belong to God, and the senator will not get them.

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Kenneth CopelandKenneth Copeland
Kenneth CopelandKenneth Copeland
Kenneth CopelandKenneth Copeland

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