Kelly Preston

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Kelly Preston

Born: 13 October 1962

An American actress and model. Kelly Preston starred in the films «Nothing to Lose», «Jerry Maguire», «The death penalty». Wife John Travolta .

Biography Kelly Preston / Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston was born October 13, 1962 in Honolulu, capital of Hawaii, USA. The father of the future actress was working at an agricultural firm, he drowned when she was only three years old. Kelly’s mother, Linda worked as an administrator at the center of psychological health. Later, she married a second time, and her husband Peter Pelzis to adopt Kelly. It was under the last name of his stepfather, she began her acting career.

As a child, Kelly Preston lived in Iraq and Australia. Secondary education is the future actress was in the school Pembroke in Adelaide, South Australia. Later, she returned to the United States and continued her studies in the Punahou School in Honolulu, and then began to study the art of drama in the University of Southern California.

The present name of the actress – Kelly Kamalulehua Smith (Kelly Kamalelehua Smith).

acting career Kelly Preston / Kelly Preston

She debuted on screen in 1983, playing a small role in the TV movie «In the name of love and honor». In 1985, Kelly Preston starred in the film «varmint» and «secret admirer», gained fame a good comedic actress. In the 1986 film «Nakhodka 52» she was able to show his talent melodramatic.

The first major success came to her in 1988 when she starred in the comedy «Gemini». Partners Kelly on the set of steel Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. Later, she appeared in the films «Tiger’s history», «The servants of the devil», «Beautiful Bride», «Only you »,« American Clock ».

In the thriller directed by Jeff Burroughs «Run» Kelly Preston played the lead female role, and her partner was Patrick Dempsey. In the movie “Just you,” she worked with Andrew McCarthy and Helen Hunt. in the thriller «Love – a weapon» – with Eric and Eliza Roberts. In 1995, Kelly Preston has played a supporting role in become the cult film «From Dusk Till Dawn», and in 1996 co-starred with Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger melodrama «Jerry Maguire».

Later, the actress has appeared in dozens of successful projects, including movies «Battlefield Earth», «View from the Top», «Jack Frost »and others.

Science fiction picture «Battlefield Earth», in spite of the good collections at the box office was not very favorably received by critics. Tape has won nine anti-awards «Golden Raspberry», including the nomination “the worst film of the decade”and”Worst drama for the first 25 years of the award.”Kelly Preston for his role in this film received the”Golden Raspberry” as worst actress of the year.

In recent years, Kelly Preston continues to work in film and television. Basically she got the role of the second plan. One of the latest high-profile projects with her participation was the thriller «The death penalty», in which she starred with Kevin Bacon and Garrett Hedlund.

Personal life Kelly Preston / Kelly Preston

As a young actress had an affair with George Clooney, who gave her a domesticated pig named Max. In 1985, Kelly Preston married actor Kevin Gage. but the marriage did not last long.

In 1989, during the shooting of the film «Specialists» Kelly met with John Travolta . his partner on the set. Actors affair began, and in September 1991, the wedding ceremony took place in accordance with the rites of Scientology. because both of them are Scientologists. The couple had three children: Jett Travolta (13.04.92), Ella Bleu Travolta (03.04.00) and Benjamin Hunter Kaleo Travolta (23.11 .10).

The eldest son of Kelly Preston and John Travolta, Jett Travolta . died Jan. 2, 2009 at the age of 16 years. The cause of death was a seizure caused by Kawasaki syndrome.

Filmography Kelly Preston / Kelly Preston

2013 Gotti: In the Shadow of my father / Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father … Victoria Gotti

Jack Casino 2010 / Casino Jack … Pam Abramoff

The Last Song 2010 / Last Song, The … Kim

Since 2009 a vacation / Old Dogs

2008 Struck … Trista

2008 – 2008 Suburban Shootout (TV series) … Camilla Diamond

The death penalty in 2007 / Death Sentence … Helen Hume

2006 destroyed bridges / Broken Bridges … Angela Dalton

2005 Aerobatics / Sky High … Josie Stronghold / Jetstream

2005 – 2008 Medium / Medium (series) … Meghan Doyle

2004 Return to Sender / Return to Sender … Susan Kennan

2004 Crazy funeral / Eulogy … Lucy Collins

2004 – 2006 Joey / Joey (TV series) … Donna Di Gregorio

2003 What a Girl Wants / What a Girl Wants … Libby Reynolds

2003 Cat in the Hat / Cat in the Hat, The … Mom

2003 View from the Top / View from the Top … Sherry

2001 Daddy and Them / Daddy and Them … Rose

2000 Battlefield Earth / Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 … Chirk

2000 Bar Hopping … Bebe

1999 For the love of the game / For Love of the Game … Jane Aubrey

1998 Svyatosha / Holy Man … Kate Newell

1998 Jack Frost / Jack Frost … Gabby Frost

Nothing to Lose 1997 / Nothing to Lose … Ann Beam

1997 Addicted to Love / Addicted to Love … Linda Green

1996 From Dusk Till Dawn / From Dusk Till Dawn … Newscaster Kelly Houge

1996 Curdled / Curdled … Kelly Hogue

Jerry Maguire 1996 / Jerry Maguire … Avery Bishop

1996 Citizen Ruth / Citizen Ruth … Rachel

Little Surprises 1995 / Little Surprises … Ginger

1995 Mrs. Munck … Young Rose

1994 Love – a weapon / Love Is a Gun … Jean Starr

1994 Double crossing / Double Cross … Vera Blanchard

1994 Cheyenne warrior tribe / Cheyenne Warrior … Rebecca Carver

1993 hours American / American Clock, The … Diana Marley

1992 Only You / Only You … Amanda Hughes

Beautiful Bride 1991 / Perfect Bride, The … Laura

1991 Run / Run … Karen Landers

1989 Experts / Experts, The … Bonnie

1989 – 1996 Tales from the Crypt / Tales from the Crypt … Linda

1988 Tiger’s story / A Tiger’s Tale … Shirley Butts

1988 The servants of the devil / Spellbinder … Miranda Reed

1988 Love is in danger / Love at Stake … Sara Lee

1988 Gemini / Twins … Marnie Mason

1987 Amazon Women on the Moon / Amazon Women on the Moon … Violet

1986 Picnic in Space / SpaceCamp … Tish Ambrosei

1986 Nakhodka 52/52 Pick-Up … Cini

1985 Hooliganism / Mischief … Marilyn McCauley

Kelly PrestonKelly Preston
Kelly PrestonKelly Preston
Kelly PrestonKelly Preston

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