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Catherine Morning Shane. Catherine Monnig (Shane)

Kate was born in Philadelphia (sht.Pensilvaniya). The daughter of a Broadway dancer and violin Goldsmiths it from early childhood on stage. For the first time she stepped on stage at the age of 10 in the children’s theater (Children’s Theatre Workshop) in the production of “Winnie the Pooh”.

Later, she and her friend put in the Philadelphia library improvised version of “Pooh”. She continued to take part in school productions before graduating from high school and moved to New York, where he enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (American Academy of Dramatic Arts).

Two months after the release of Kate worked at the prestigious Williamstown Theatre Festival and acquired a wealth of experience behind the scenes, and also appeared in a production of “As You Like It” by Shakespeare.

Her television debut as the elusive “Jake”Pratt in”Young Americans,” where she played a Woman (Jacqueline), who presented illegally guy penetrates male Academy Rowley (Rawley Academy).

On the big screen she appeared in the films “The Shipping News”, “Love The Hard Way”, “Invitation to a Suicide”. Cate also starred in a music video “Is Anybody Home”Canadian band”Our Lady Peace”and auditioned for the role of Brandon / Tina in the movie”Boys Do not Cry”, which later went to Hilary Swank.

In 2004 launched “the l word”. in which Kate plays Shane.

When issued free time, Kate prefers to sleep longer, meet friends, wander around New York.


– has German and Irish roots.

– Katherine – a cousin of Gwyneth Paltrow.

– Her mother – a Broadway dancer, his father – a manufacturer of violins.

– Friends Katherine just called Kate.

– Katherine enjoys dressing.

– The decision to become an actress Katherine was made back in the days when she was a child, with his father watching a movie.

– Favorite Food Katherine – sushi.

– The first concert that went on Catherine – “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

– Katherine wanted to make the two directors – David Fincher and Ang Lee

– favorite designer – Hedi Slyme.

– If Kate was not an actress, it is likely that he worked with his father in the shop selling violins. And besides, she just wants to travel the world and earn money surfing.

– a few favorite movies, Kate, who she says “damn fine”is the”Texas Chainsaw Massacre,””Midnight Express” and”Cool Hand Luke”.

– If Kate offered to play another character in the series “The L Word,” that she would like to represent some combination of Jenny and Alice, as it believes that these two images of a deeper and more emotional and with a collective way was would be much more interesting to work.

– Kate does not consider itself at present known, but notes that her life has changed since she was awarded the title of “stars”.

– Kate watches her figure mainly due to surfing. Also, she does not eat sugar. It is not like walking into the gym, and when it gets there all the same, the only works with light weight.

– Kate and her partner on the series “The L Word” Leisha Hailey and Mia Kirshner very fond parody of other people on the set. It helps pass the time.

– Kate – music fan. She loves The Killers, Metric, Cutcopy, and The Pixies, but favorite band Led Zeppelin.

– Kate believes that the most powerful is the image of her role, Cheryl Avery in the series “Law & Order.” It was a success due to the fact that the role was very well spelled out.

– Kate wants to play Patti Smith in an autobiographical film about the life of Patty.

– Despite the fact that Kate had to play the barber on the screen in her life

I do not know how to cut. As she says, you have to be mad to let her to mow itself.

– In addition to filming and business model Kate has worked in a pizzeria and a grocery store when she was podrostokm. And she worked in the grocery store one day.

– Do not become an actress, she would be engaged from designing. Or design. But what exactly she wanted to do, so it is selling cars.

– Although he did not like long journeys, it has been almost everywhere in Mexico. This is her favorite country.

– She has two dogs: Floyd and Captain – a cross between a terrier.

– Studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, Kate appeared in many dramatic productions, including The Shadow Box, The Murder of Lidice, A Late Show, Two Gentlemen of Verona, Burn This, Alone at the Beach, Lovers, and Anna K.

– speaker on fundraising by the Red Cross to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina.

– Kate really like and she approves of her character’s style of Shane from the series “The L Word.” And very much it is so.

– Favorite Book Kate – “The Beach” by Alex Garland.

– The five words of Kate describes himself as a pure, forgiving, moody, impatient, and shy.

– My favorite sport – surfing. We deal with it all the free time.

– loves to read. From last August Burroughs favorite authors.

– Kate’s favorite word – “convenient”, and most rarely used – “no”.

– Favorite actress Kate: Patricia Clarkson, Lili Taylor, Martha Plimpton and Frances McDormand.

– Kate about filming love scenes: “The love scene, no matter who you are there to take pictures, this is the most challenging experience. It is a very unnatural situation and complicated from the technical side of the scene. If anyone even think that it’s easy, then it is not – this scene is far from sexuality. I have to the maximum move away from the set to forget what’s around you have a director that is light, sound, camera in person. You have to is expanded completely and do everything as perfect as I can. ” cervical and Carmen

– Kate often compared to Meg Ryan.

– Tautirovki Body Katherine violin in the lower back (made after his father’s death), the bird on his left hand, the letter “K” on the wrist, and the number of lives on the finger.

– auditioned for the role of woman in a man of the film Boys Do not Cry. The role eventually won Hilary Swank.

– Kate taught fencing.

– starred in the video for the Canadian band Our Lady Peace for the song “Is Anybody Home”.

– Her grandfather William Monnig, originally from Markneukirchen, a small German town famous for its musical instruments.

– As a child, was on friendly terms mainly with boys.

Katherine MoennigKatherine Moennig
Katherine MoennigKatherine Moennig
Katherine MoennigKatherine Moennig

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