Julia Ormond

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Julia Ormond (Julia Ormond)

The English and American actress of theater, film and television.

Full Name: Julia Karin.

She was born January 4 1965 in Epsom in England.

Her father is already 30 years become a millionaire, but after his parents divorced, Julia had to part with the 20-room mansion.

At school Julia different combat bullying character feel better in the company of boys. She showed early talent for drawing, but after a year of study in art school, she decided it would be better to three hours a day practicing. than three hours a day to paint, and soon became a student at the London Academy of Dramatic Art Douglas Webber, which ended in 1988. Along with her studies, she moonlighted as a waitress then, the saleswoman in the shop at Heathrow airport.

His first role Julia Ormond has played in TV commercials cottage cheese. Then he started working in the theater, and in 1989 it was the first recognition – London drama critics award the best debutant of the year for her role in a play by Christopher Hampton ‘Faith, hope and charity’.

Since this is very slim, discreet intelligent actress with a chiseled profile in which there is something Slavic, already had a long time did not remain without work. And the reason is, apparently, not only in the external data (in 1995 she was named one of the most beautiful people in the magazine ‘People’), and even not only in acting, honed over the years in the theater, but also in solid purposeful character, which sometimes defines the word ‘violent’, ‘stubborn’, ‘uncooperative’. Ormond knows what he wants, is able to achieve the intended, do not miss your chance when it seems her.

The first work on the big screen, and soon the main role in the movie ‘Child of Macon’ (1993), Peter Greenaway. In a very peculiar theatrical Julia to create at least a strange way of clever, smart girl, obsessed with the desire to be a mother. Has a wonderful figure of the actress did not hesitate to show her absolutely naked body in a good half of the scene.

Heroines Ormond generally characterized by strong feelings, wherever possible, Julia is trying to emphasize in their hardness, inflexibility. So, it Rachel Clifford out of the picture ‘The impasse’, fell in love with the prisoner from the same prison, where she works as a dentist, is ready for the sake of sense to risk all his career, well-being, even their lives. Marie Valerie of ‘Nostradamus’ first appears a sort of ‘bluestocking’, girl, totally absorbed by the study of the cellular structure of the plant, but in a moment of spiritual crisis breaks out the storm of passion. This role is not one of the actors’ successes Ormond . but it is unlikely this can not blame the actress, because pretty hard to convincingly play a scene in which during childbirth expectant mother asks, instead of anesthesia favorite Arabic manuscript on the occult.

strong, beautiful and at the same time it is human Suzanne in ‘Legends of the Fall. * Here Ormond had the opportunity to prove a point that has not yet been exhausted femininity softness. For the role of the Julia specially trained horse riding, archery, art of throwing a lasso. Suzanne distinguishes some survivability, it is as if a chameleon, changing with the change of partners, through each of which reveals a new side.

The wide fame came to the Ormond after Sabrina (1995) from the same movie Sydney Pollack, because in this remake of the films of Billy Wilder she had invisibly to compete with the Audrey Hepburn and her partner was famous Harrison Ford.

Julia is seriously ready to shoot, he studied photography. I read books, learn which American children went to Catholic schools. After returning from Paris, Sabrina did not just change her hairstyle and toilets, turning from malchuganopodobnoy daughter in the driver’s young beauty, but girlfriend looks at the world. Naive enthusiastic girl becomes strong and proud. Sabrina savior, open the eyes of her lover on him to help restore order in the family.

When all their diversity by Ormond in Hollywood images fit into the concept of a romantic heroine. However, the most Ormond do not like developing her career. Roles that were offered, represented it easy, it does not require much effort. Ormond say ‘difficult’ actress, that is, one that does not hide his own opinion. She is able to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the script, the producers even turn to her for help as a consultant.

In most character of the actress, probably corresponds to the role of Smillie (‘Sense of Snow Miss Smilla’). A mathematician by profession, Smilla Yasperson decides to whatever was to find out the truth about the alleged accident, which cost the life of a little boy. Ormond creates a rather complicated way of cold, uncompromising woman. which can be strong and aggressive, and quiet, and easily vulnerable. The fact that the actress does not tend to appear more beautiful and gives greater credibility of her character attempting to isolate themselves from the world.

A great place to work actress takes Russian theme. These are the two TV movie – ‘Stalin’ (where she played Nadezhda Alliluyeva) and “Young Catherine”(title role), and”The Barber of Siberia” by Nikita Mikhalkov, where it is – an American who came to Russia in the late 19th century. sell sawing machine and gained its love here.

Not limited to acting job. Ormond has decided to try his hand as a producer of a documentary film about Bosnia.

Julia Ormond has been long married to English actor Rory Edwards.

Photo Julia Ormond (Julia Ormond)

Julia OrmondJulia Ormond
Julia OrmondJulia Ormond
Julia OrmondJulia Ormond

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