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The psychiatrists asked to vacate the failed assassin Reagan

Psychiatric Clinic, which contains John Hinckley (John Hinckley Jr.), an attempt on Ronald Reagan, asked a federal court to release them and allow the patient to live close to his aged mother, according to CNN.

Lawyers Hinckley and hospital officials appealed to the court in a closed procedure in July 2011. Recently, the prosecutor’s office referred the petition to public documents, so that the initiative became known hospital.

85-year-old mother of Reagan’s failed assassin lives in a closed boarding house near the city of Williamsburg, Virginia. In two years, Hinckley came several times to her a half weeks, and recently did so without the help of employees of the clinic. However, he was obliged to carry the device GPS, with which keeps track of all his movements.

In his address to the staff of the hospital asked the court to resolve the Hinckley often see his mother and to extend these visits up to 24 days. The clinic also insists on easing of security measures during his absences. In addition, the document also requested time to fully release Hinckley from compulsory treatment.

March 30th, 1981, John Hinckley fired several shots at US President Ronald Reagan at the Hilton hotel in Washington. Hinckley wounded President and Press Secretary of the White House, a police officer, and the Secret Service. The bullet passed within inches of Reagan’s heart. Presidential press secretary suffered severe brain damage and was unable to return to his duties at the White House.

In 1982, Hinckley was declared insane and sent for treatment in a psychiatric hospital of St. Elizabeth. It turned out that he had decided not to attempt political motives, but for the sake of his love for the young actress Jodie Foster. As it turns out, Hinckley in love with her after the movie “Taxi Driver” in 1976, in which she played 12-year-old prostitute, and thus tried to show their feelings.

For the first time received little freedom in 1999, Hinckley immediately began to collect information about Jodie Foster. After that security measures had to be strengthened, but in a few years, he began to get more and more freedom.

The prosecutor’s office is confident that Hinckley was still dangerous to the public and can repeat his crime. Consideration of petitions Psychiatric Hospital St. Elizabeth will begin November 28, 2011.

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Mental hospital wants to release failed Reagan assassin John Hinckley Jr.

John HinckleyJohn Hinckley
John HinckleyJohn Hinckley
John HinckleyJohn Hinckley

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