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Jiddu Krishnamurti (Jiddu Krishnamurti, May 12, 1895 – 17 February 1986) – Indian philosopher. He was known speaker on philosophical and spiritual subjects. These included: psychological revolution, the nature of consciousness, meditation, human relationships, achieving positive change in society. He repeatedly stressed the need for the revolution of consciousness every individual and especially focused on the fact that such changes can not be achieved with the help of external forces – be it religion, politics or society.

Jiddu Krishnamurti was born in colonial India in a strictly vegetarian Brahmin family, spoke in Telugu. In early adolescence, when his family lived in the city of Madras, next door to the headquarters of the Theosophical Society, he was noticed by the famous occultist and theosophist Charles Webster senior Leadbeater. Leadbeater and Annie Besant, the leaders of the Theosophical Society at the time, took the boy into care and for many years to grow, believing that Krishnamurti – the most anticipated of “guide”for the World Teacher. Krishnamurti later lost faith in Theosophy and liquidated organization created to support it”Order of the Star of the East” (Order of the Star in the East).

Krishnamurti denied belonging to any nationality, caste, religion or philosophy, and spent his life traveling the world as an independent self-speaker, speaking to large and small groups, as well as to interested individuals. Krishnamurti has written several books, the most famous among them – “First and Last Freedom”(Eng. The first and the Last Freedom),”only revolution”(The Only Revolution),”Notebooks” (Eng. Krishnamurti & rsquo; s Notebook). In addition, a large number of published collections of his conversations and arguments. Krishnamurti’s last public appearance took place in January 1986 in Madras.

Conversations in Paris

In September 1961, Krishnamurti spent in Paris nine interviews. The book – a collection of texts of these interviews, supplemented by recordings of the September “Notebooks Krishnamurti”.

The application “Jiddu Krishnamurti”, “Krishnamurti Talks” marked, in particular, features and interviews themselves Krishnamurti, and read texts of these conversations.

Conversations with Krishnamurti

Selected lectures J. Krishnamurti, presented in this book, make it possible to expand the boundaries of personality, touch of spirituality and to get rid of illusions.

Bombay conversation

Out of violence

Although the technology people are incredibly moved forward, but nevertheless it still remains the same as it was thousands of years – eternally warring, greedy, envious, full of violence, burdened with great sorrow

The only revolution

Krishnamurti Jiddu, the only revolution

“only revolution”was published in England in 10 years after the book Third” life problems & raquo ;, like to continue and complete this trilogy. This light work of thoroughly permeated with thoughts of meditation.

“Meditation comes only when your heart is open for real, not openly key idea is not immune from the danger of using the intelligence, but the discovery as well as open a cloudless sky; and then meditation comes without your knowledge, without your call”.


“Notebooks” texts contain daily entries Jiddu Krishnamurti June 18, 1961 to January 23, 1962 This recording of observations of nature, observing states of mind.

This deep penetration into the inner world of man: the strength of their light makes clear the destructive power of psychological structures, both for the individual and for all that there is on earth, animate and inanimate.

Mirror relationships: love, sex and chastity

Mirror relationships: love, sex and chastity. Selected lectures fragments

Mirror relationships ” – A collection of the best pieces of J. Krishnamurti Lecture on the theme of love and sex. In his book, Krishnamurti offers a provocative, new and accurate answers to persistent questions: Why is the relationship difficult? Why sex is a problem in my life? What is chastity? I really love? How can I live with another without conflict?

Truth – a country without roads

Application J. Krishnamurti to dissolve the Order of the Star.

Order of the Star of the East was established in 1911 to proclaim the coming of the World Teacher. Krishnamurti was appointed head of the Order. August 2, 1929 on the opening day of the annual Congress of the Order in Ommen (Holland) Krishnamurthy in the presence of three thousand members announced the dissolution of the organization. We offer the full text of his speech (in Russian is published for the first time).

Comments to life. Book 1

“back to life Comments” recorded in writing a meeting with Krishnamurti seekers of truth, which went separate ways of life. Here he gives comments on controversial issues, which are common to all who yearn to expand the boundaries of the individual and to get rid of self-restraint. Volume 1 of the three-volume edition reveals Krishnamurti views on many important topics for any person.

Comments to life. Book 2

“back to life Comments” Krishnamurti writing recorded meeting with seekers of truth, which went separate ways of life. Here he gives a commentary on the controversial issues that are common to all who yearn to expand the boundaries of the individual and to get rid of self-restraint. Volume 2 of a three-volume publication is a 50-illuminating notes Krishnamurti views on some topics, such as: Meditation, Love, Effort.

Comments to life. Book 3

The beginning of knowledge

“As long as education is concerned only with the foreign culture, internal movement, with all its unfathomable depth remains the lot of only a few, and this hidden source of sadness. This sadness can neither banish nor understand if, having accumulated a huge amount of energy, running on the surface. As long as you do not solve this problem through self-knowledge, a revolt will follow the rebellion, the reforms will change reform and eternal opposition of people will continue”.

choiceless awareness

collection of excerpts from the conversation.

The book is a collection of excerpts from interviews and Jiddu Krishnamurti books from 1933 to 1967, relating to the choiceless awareness – awareness without a center of reference, observation without the observer – overriding part of his teaching.

It addresses topics such as the nature of choiceless awareness, understanding of self, consciousness, thought and time, awareness and transformation, awareness, and human problems, meditation and silent mind.

immediately change

It is said that every day shows us the history of the world, it arises from the darkness of the night and takes it away. As the world is similar to himself in every point, every cycle of its existence, and every person with their problems is a reflection of all the problems of the world.

We, as already mentioned, are looking for the source of our internal conflicts and sorrows outside. In the outside world, as we are looking for and understanding of the ways to end all the trouble. Chan mentor Linzi bitterly stated: “losing his own head, we are looking for it elsewhere”.

About the most important

Creativity Krishnamurti is a truly scientific method in its very highest and purest form. It comes from the fact of the real nature of our thought process.

The structure of thought becomes visible due to the high attention and careful, constant monitoring of the processes occurring in the mind. Thus, the study is carried out continuously, and it implies a look at the totality or the whole nature of the thinking process. The result is then cross-checked.

Education and the Meaning of Life

The teachings of Krishnamurti relates mainly to the nature of knowledge. Therefore, it focuses constantly on the problems of education. He founded a school in India, the US and Brokvud Park (Hampshire). In the book “Education and the Meaning of Life”it shows that the conditionality of race, nationality, religion, dogma or tradition inevitably leads to human conflict. If a student fails to understand this, then the recovery begins personality crippled by these influences, and comprehension of it”the good life”and”prosperity kindness” – the two most important principles of the spiritual teachings of Krishnamurti.

Open your mind Love

A man is great in its potential, but few use it. Inspired by the mind, we have almost abandoned the depths and peaks own Spirit.

We choked, walking knee-deep in the sea of ​​information, and desperately afraid to fall, unless we raise their eyes to heaven. But the same reason demands to expand interaction with the world, to look and see, touch and feel, feel, and experience it in its entirety.

ezo-terra – territory who have breathed the air of freedom, and tried to tell the others. It is through the eyes of those who see, hear the call of the word, the embodiment of the Spirit in the blood vessels of human courage, folly and wisdom.

ezo-terra – look at our lives with the next stage of life, a set of tools for the future, left us masters.

It is time to action with knowledge!

First and Last Freedom

First and Last Freedom “, one of the first books of Jiddu Krishnamurti, for fifty years, remains the most widely read and published most of his books. Opens its preface Aldous Huxley. This book talks discussed fundamental questions of life.

Why do people’s lives so much not human? How do we work? What it is in us that deprives us of the true, inner freedom? What is in us that makes us suffer and languish and not to live in freedom, peace and joy? Can any person to change themselves? And is there a way out, a way to live without conflict, without any problems, without war? What drives us to a dead end the conflict? Why are we always in opposition? The people against the people. Group against group. Man against man. Why?

Think about it. How do I change myself

The Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti is known for talking on the philosophical and spiritual themes.

He spent his life traveling around the world, served as a speaker in front of large groups of people concerned. The philosopher believed in the necessity of the revolution of consciousness of each person, with notice that external factors, such as society, religion, will not cause changes.

In the book “Think about it. How do I change myself” vynaydete arguments on topics such as: education, freedom, love, the fullness of life and others. Many of the questions asked Krishnamurti, are still relevant and still a subject of controversy.

Flying Eagle

We look at the state of the world, the dominant trends in the world and see what is happening in it – student riots, the class prejudices, conflicts black with white, war, political turmoil, confusion, division, produced nations, religions.

We are also seeing the confrontation, struggle, anxiety, loneliness, despair, lack of love and fear. Why do we put up with all this? Why accept public morality and social environment, when well see their extreme immorality; why we, knowing this, – and not just emotional or sentimental, and from the observation of the world, themselves, – why we live this way?

Communion or intelligence Love

The name is familiar to almost everyone Krishnamurti, even people who have never been interested in mysticism and not having to do with it. The Messiah, an incarnation of the Buddha, the Master of the world, the guru – many incarnations in one person.

So who is it – Jiddu Krishnamurti? Nobody and nothing will be better able to tell us about this great spirit Wanderer and His teachings than himself – in his books. Perhaps someone they illuminate the road to personal truth.

The problems of life

His books of Jiddu Krishnamurti help each person understand himself, to understand life correctly, reasonable approach to solving its main problems, human problems, its conflicts and relationships with others, with nature and society, helps a person to find true inner freedom.

The freedom to see

Krishnamurti – the man who for the love of the world and the truth turned down the role of the living God, the Master of the world, a role to which he was destined from childhood. He did it because he realized that the truth, if it is not open on their own, and imposed on the authority of others, even in the most remarkable creatures, does not lead to anything other than illusions, conflict and suffering.

Tradition and Revolution

A simple language revealed the duality of nature and the state of its absence. In this state of research, when for a moment ceases to exist the one who asks questions, who is going through, – like a flash of truth is revealed. It is a state of complete lack of thought.

We believe that these discussions are of great importance and will bring assistance to those who are looking for the key to understanding “I” and all life.

at the feet of teachers

The first book written by John. Krishnamurti, and is very different in content from all subsequent. It is believed that the book reflects the teachings of Krishnamurti taught by his teacher during preparation for initiation.

The Book of Life. Daily meditations with Krishnamurti

Jiddu KrishnamurtiJiddu Krishnamurti
Jiddu KrishnamurtiJiddu Krishnamurti
Jiddu KrishnamurtiJiddu Krishnamurti

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