Jessica Gomes

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Jessica Gomes

Australian model conquers Asia

The largest concentration of fans Gomez observed in Korea (Korea) and among the hip-hopers East Coast. Australian beauty growth of 1.77 m, the parameters of 84-59-89, with brown eyes and dark brown hair shine in bathing suits in the magazine ‘Sports Illustrated’, since 2008. Gomez is the face of Australian corporations ‘David Jones Limited’ and Korean conglomerates ‘LG Electronics’ and ‘Hyundai’.

Author: Alexei Bulatov

Jessica Gomez, daughter of Portuguese Joe Gomez and the Chinese woman Jenny, was born September 25, 1985 th, in Perth, Australia (Perth, Australia). However, there are sources that indicate as the place of her birth, NSW (New South Wales) or Sydney (Sydney). Writer Peter Cullen (Peter Cullum), which gives the most detailed biographical sketches from the life of Jessica, said that the model is first lived in Sydney, and then together with his family moved to Western Australia (Western Australia), where she spent the ‘semi-rural’ childhood as a tomboy .

Jessica’s mother sent a model school in a suburb of Perth, in Midland (Midland), when she was 13 years old. By 2004, after moving to New York (New York City), Gomez signed a contract with the agency ‘IMG Models’. She did not submit Paris (Paris) and Milan (Milan), but the beauty of Gomez was appreciated in most of Asia – in Tokyo (Tokyo), Seoul (Seoul), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Beijing (Beijing) and Shanghai (Shanghai ), where the feelings of the Gomez model of mixed ancestry easier to succeed.

Gomez participated in many advertising companies in South Korea (South Korean). In 2007, she appeared in commercials sedan ‘Hyundai Sonata’. A year later in a bikini Jessica advertise the new phone ‘LG Cyon’. Its popularity grew, and by 2013 she was a real South Korean star, the darling of the different brands and TV shows. This helped to Australian to appear in the catalogs ‘Vogue’, ‘Teen Vogue’, ‘Glamour’, ‘American Glamour’ and ‘Victoria’s Secret’.

Gomez was at 34, 8 and 94 in the list of ‘most desirable women in the world’ as a result of men voting on the web portal ‘AskMen’ in 2012, 2013 and 2014, respectively. In 2012 it was placed on the 25th place in the list of ’25 the hottest women ‘magazine’ Maxim ‘, and took 8th place in the list of “100 most-most” in the magazine’ Maxim Australia ‘. By 2014 th Gomez appeared in seven editions of ‘Swimsuit Issues’ magazine ‘Sports Illustrated’.

Even before Jessica started modeling in Midland, she had to play in the Australian miniseries’ Bush Patr

ol ‘, which helped her progress. When Gomez was living in New York, she studied acting at the school founded by the actress and teacher Stella Adler (Stella Adler). Sino-Portuguese roots Jessica secured her ticket to her own reality TV show ‘My Name Is Jessica Gomes’ in 2009. A little later, in 2011, the model hit the Korean version of the TV show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (‘Dancing with the Stars’).

We Gomez has two older sisters and an older brother. As a role model she called Australian model Elle MacPherson (Elle MacPherson) and multiracial model Machado Chine (China Machado), the very first non-European model, appeared on the cover of US fashion magazine. Jessica had lunch with his fellow countryman and friend, actor Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger), in New York the day before his death. In 2005, while living in New York, her roommate was a supermodel and actress Gemma Ward (Gemma Ward).

Jessica GomesJessica Gomes
Jessica GomesJessica Gomes
Jessica GomesJessica Gomes

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