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Jerry Lee Lewis – one of the pioneers of rock and roll, dubbed “killer”for his smashing the listener spot expressive manner of performance. Surrounded by an aura of scandal, both on stage and in life, the musician was still very popular, and he was one of the first got in the open in the 80’s”Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame”. Jerry Lee was born in a backwater Louisiana town Ferridey September 29, 1935. A talent for playing the piano cut through the boy when he was not yet ten, and although Lewis family lived a wealthy life, for the purchase of tools parents laid the farm, and so their son could practice all you like. By the way, Jerry initially engaged not one, but together with his brothers, but he quickly overtook them in skill. At first, Lewis copied the style of black musicians and clergy, but when older cousin Carl McVey had revealed to him the secrets of boogie-woogie, he began to mix new knowledge to country and gospel and thus produce original style. And although the school does a guy go no matter the achievements in the music made up for this shortcoming. At age 14, Jerry Lee at a local car show gave his first concert and was ready to conquer new heights, but then intervened mother. She did not want to spoil her young son’s show business, and stuffed offspring in a Bible college in Texas. Naive women believe that Jerry uses his gift to the LORD, but he has not justified its hopes and flew out of the charitable institutions for the fulfillment of the Gospel “My God Is Real” in the style of boogie-woogie.

Once this incident, Lewis returned to Louisiana and started performing in small clubs, and in 1955, paid a visit to Nashville. In the capital of a country does not assess the ability of the young man, as if in mockery advised him to learn to play guitar, but Jerry Lee went on his way, and the next year he found himself on the verge of a studio Memphis “Sun”. In the absence of the owner of the label of Sam Phillips, he managed to successfully pass the audition, and soon he recorded his first album with a cover of Ray Price’s “Crazy Arms”. The single had local success, and that was enough to Lewis left in the “Sun”. His expressive piano could be heard on many “sunny”things late 1956 – early 1957, and, moreover, in the days before Christmas were held historic session, in which the musician jamming with Carl Perkins. Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. This event was of spontaneous character, but savvy engineers have guessed just turn the tape recorder, and later came to light entry called”Million Dollar Quartet”.

1957 was a year of triumph for Lewis and his lunatic piano. Are not able to wobble on the stage with his guitar, Jerry jumped in the middle of the song, cast a chair and violently attacked the keys standing. His piano-drive first came on vinyl EP “Whole Lotta Shakin ‘Going On”, and if Phillips initially doubted the release of the plate, then its output realized that jackpot. Slaughter of rock ‘n’ roll took the highest position in the kantri- and rhythm-and-blues tables, one of the three leaders of the pop charts and announced to the world that the American scene has a new superstar. Success in record fueled by enchanting performances, in which Jerry Lee revealed as the grand showman. Musician playing not only fingers, but also elbows, feet, head and ass, and once that udelat speaking after Chuck Berry. even set fire to his instrument. In late 1957, Lewis gave one of his major hits “Great Balls Of Fire”, and the following spring again rammed the Top Ten hit “Breathless”. Unfortunately, further career tainted personal life of an artist, and it was his marriage to 13-year-old cousin, Myra Gale Brown. In principle, in the southern states such marriages were considered commonplace, but when Jerry arrived on tour in England, the local press has presented it as a child molester, and broke a major scandal. The tour turned out to be torn down, but even after returning to the US actor has become a pariah, and his songs were banned to the airwaves, and the fees have fallen from 10,000 to 250 dollars for a concert. However, Lewis not so easy to give up and continued to play boogie-woogie on small sites and releasing records of rock ‘n’ roll direction, and before going into a nosedive managed to score one more goal in show business with the single “High School Confidential”. Over time, the incident with Myra slowly began to be forgotten, and in 1961 a cover of Ray Charles'”What’d I Say”returned Jerry in the American Top 40, and in 1964 the musician showed Europeans how to work live, remembering all his energy into zalnike”Live At The Star Club, Hamburg”.

When the rock ‘n’ roll career Lewis has moved from the “Sun”on”Smash Records”, is still at an impasse, he remembered his youth and switched to country music. The first success in a new direction was waiting for him in 1968, when the song “Another Place, Another Time”landed in the top ten. This was followed by a minion and a number of other hits in the Top 10, and in the same 1968 song”To Make Love Sweeter For You”visited at the top of a specialized chart. The next few years, Lewis regularly riveted country music albums, and sometimes even made overtures to the style of gospel music (as in the case of the”In Loving Memories”), but in the early ’70s he was again drawn to the rock’ n ‘roll, and during a visit to London He cut the program “The Session”. The recording of his double helped the local stars like Jimmy Page. Peter Frampton. Alvin Lee. Rory Gallagher. Matthew Fisher, etc. Although the album was somewhat inferior energy early records, the audience accepted it well, and “The Session”sorokovke found himself in the”Billboard”.

Returning to the charts coincided with another tragedy in the family of Lewis – in the accident killed his 19-year-old son. I must say that the musician’s personal life was all full of black points – even in 1962, drowned in the pool of his first son, later a similar accident occurred to his fourth wife, and the fifth husband died from an overdose of methadone. In 1976, Jerry had almost killed his bassist (pulled the trigger of a revolver, thinking that he was not charged), and just a few weeks later was tied with weapons at the residence of Elvis Presley. Many of these fatalities could have been avoided if the musician led a regular life, but alcohol and drugs have made it such a turbulent chaos that the misadventures appeared inevitable. In 1978, Lewis made a deal with “Elektra Records”and the following year gave radioshlyager”Rockin ‘My Life Away”, but soon quarreled with this company, and it ended in a scandalous trial. The last major country hit by Jerry (“Thirty-Nine And Holding”) came out in 1981, when the musician was about to set off to the next world because of a bleeding ulcer. Fortunately, the doctors managed to save Lewis, and in 1986 after the band next adversity he found himself in the “Hall of Fame Rock and Roll.”Another surge of interest in the works of an artist came in 1989, when the world’s movie screens appeared”Great Balls Of Fire”, which tells of his early career. All songs for the soundtrack of Jerry Lee performed personally, and all things sounded so energetically and incendiary, as in the 50’s.

Once again, Lewis proved that in his veins still flows young blood, releasing the record in 1995 with the appropriate name. And although the vocal pitch, and the key head is at a high level, the impression of “Young Blood”lubricated not very good selection of accompanists. In the following decade, avoiding visits to the studio, Jerry toured sporadically, and his new album was released only in 2006. On the”Last Man Standing”Lewis managed to collect almost all the elite of the rock ‘n’ roll (Jimmy Page.”Rolling Stones”, Neil Young. Bruce Springsteen. Rod Stewart. Eric Clapton. Little Richard, etc.), and four years later, he repeated the idea in a program of duets “Mean Old Man”. On the eve of the 80th anniversary of “The Killer”again took advantage of the help of some of his friends, but is now left them behind the scenes and photographed alone against the building company”Sun”, presented the album “Rock & Roll Time” as a true solo album.

Jerry Lee LewisJerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Lee LewisJerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Lee LewisJerry Lee Lewis

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