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McLaren Mercedes. Jenson Button

Early career

At the age of 8 years, Jenson began karting, showing excellent results in almost all the races in which he took part. In 1991, he won the British karting championship among juniors by winning all 34 races. In 1997, he became the youngest champion in the European Super Series A. Move the map on racing cars in 1998, he became the champion in the British Formula Ford. In 1999 Button in Formula 3, he won 2 races and finished third in the overall standings of the British chempionata.V 2000 he made his debut in Formula 1.

The debut season

Button made his debut in 2000 at the Australian Grand Prix with the team BMW WilliamsF1 Team. In qualifying, Jenson made a poor, taking 21th place. However, in the race, he looked much more confident and was able to break through to the 6th place, but dial test points in his debut Grand Prix he was not destined. On lap 46 Button was forced to stop due to engine failure.

The first victory

The first career victory Button won in the not very successful for himself the 2006 season on the rain Grand Prix of Hungary, speaking for the team Honda. It helped him win a good choice of tactics, as well as gatherings of competitors – Fernando Alonso and Kimi, and unsuccessful action on the track Michael Schumacher.

2009 season

5 March 2009 it was announced that the former Honda will be called Brawn GP, ​​Ross Brawn after the purchase, the owner of the Honda Racing. Button with Rubens Barrichello has been confirmed as the main pilot of the team. At the Australian Grand Prix 2009, he earned the team first pole and second victory for himself. Having won six of the first seven Grand Prix, ahead of Button won the world title at the Brazilian Grand Prix – in the penultimate race of the season.

Season 2010

Once concern sales team Brawn Mercedes, November 18, 2009 Button announced his departure from team to team, possessor of eight constructors’ – McLaren for performances in the 2010 season. He reportedly signed a three-year contract, and each season will receive six million dollars, and his partner will be 2008 champion Lewis Hamilton. In a BBC interview Button he said that moved to McLaren, because it is looking for a new challenge, despite the fact that the Brawn GP team offered more money, he wanted more motivation and fight with Lewis Hamilton.

Once the finish line in seventh position in the opening race of the season in Bahrain, Button won the second race of the season in Australia. Despite the clash with Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher at the first corner, he risked before the other riders switched to slicks. This decision was subsequently proved correct, his pace was fast, and he went much faster those who went on the intermediate type of rubber. After leaving Sebastian Vettel because of problems with the brakes, leadership passed to the British, and he confidently reach the finish line in first position, ahead of twelve seconds nearest rival Robert Kubica.

Once the Grand Prix of Brazil, Jenson Button lost the opportunity to become the owner of the champion title in 2010.

Season 2011

Because of the unrest in Bahrain, the first race was held in Australia – – to her, he finished sixth. The first hit of the season on podium in the second race was – second place in the Malaysian Grand Prix. The next two stages were not in Asia so well – 4th and 6th place in China and Turkey respectively. But on the next two, EUROPE Grand Prix of Spain and Monaco, with a difference of just passing week, Button held the bottom step of the podium. The first victory of the year took place in Canada, where Jenson was able to win, while in some point of the race in last place and six times (more than anyone) change tires. After the race Jenson climbed in the championship standings to second place. This race was his hundredth finish in the points, and on this indicator, he caught up with Nelson Piquet. On June 26, 2011 27 conducted for the team from Woking races, Jenson missed the only three points (two vanishing and one 12th place). After two retirements due to technical reasons (untwisted wheel nut in England and hydraulic failure in Germany), its two hundredth Button won the race in Hungary, repeating its success five years ago. After that, due to an error in the team qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix he started only in the second ten, but had a brilliant race and went to the 3rd place. This was followed by two second places in the Italian Grand Prix and the Grand Prix of Singapore. And in Singapore, pointing to the last lap fast lap, I gave Vettel to win first career ” Grand Slam & raquo ;. On the eve of the Grand Prix of Japan Briton extended multi-year contract with the British stables. Two weeks later, Jenson brilliantly won the race in Suzuka, starting from second place. In the race for a while confidently leading Vettel and Massa, Alonso and Schumacher even, but since the range of 41 (out of 53), Jenson drove to his twelfth victory and Jubilee, the fortieth podium. In the last four races Jenson Button has only once failed to rise to the podium. The season ended at the Brazilian Grand Prix, where Jenson became the vice-champion of 2011 and 43 points ahead of his team-mate Lewis Hamilton. Last season Button 12 times on the podium (with two technical gatherings), which is a personal best for the pilot.

Season 2012

Start the new season turned out to be perfect for him. Button started second behind team mate in the first race of the season, but at the start it went and won the race – the 13th of his career and third at Albert Park, showing the best lap. In Sepang he again started second behind team mate, but the rain race collided with Narain Kartikeyanu because of what once made a pit stop and eventually finished only 14th. In China, he qualified sixth, but started fifth, because his team mate Lewis Hamilton was penalized 5 places for the replacement of the gearbox. In the race Button slipped to second place.

But then it came to a black stripe. In Bahrain, he started 4th, but in the race pace Mclaren was lower than the competition. 3 laps to go, he punctured a wheel, because then stopped at an unscheduled pit stop on the next lap and did come down because of problems with the exhaust system. In Barcelona, ​​he qualified only 10th, because of the disqualification partner started 9th, and finished in the same place. In Monaco, he again qualified poorly (13th place) in the race after a pit stop stuck behind slow fireballs Caterham Heikki. Button has made repeated attempts to overtake him, but was not able to work around it. As a result, – One of these attempts resulted in a reversal of his car, and he was forced to finish the race on lap 71.

The problems continued in Canada. During one part of the free practice of his car leaked oil. QUALIFIED he 10th but the race was faced with a large rubber wear, has made three pit-stop as opposed to two in the majority of the peloton, which, coupled with poor pace brought him a disappointing 16th place. In Valencia he started ninth and finished eighth in the home race Jenson did not come out even from the first segment of qualifying, but because of the fines and faithful Kobayashi started 16th. In the race he slipped to 10th place. In Germany Mclaren brought serious renovation. Button qualified 7th, but in the race slipped to 3rd place, which was later transformed into a second, because in the fight for second place Briton overtook Sebastian Vettel overtaking drove all four wheels off the track and after the race for the final time, the German gained 20 seconds. In Hungary, he started 4th, but in the race due to an error in tactics came 6th.

In Belgium button completely dominated and for the first time playing for Mclaren won the pole position. The next day he first victory at Spa, prolidirovav all 44 circles. It seemed at Monza again he will score big points. He qualified second behind team mate, missed the start Felipe Massa, after the pit stop again came in second place, but in the 34-lap suddenly fizzled out because of problems with the fuel system. In Singapore, he started 4th and finished 2nd in Japan, he qualified third but was penalized five places for the replacement of the gearbox. In the race he slipped to 4th place, after catching Sauber Kamui Kobayashi, but could not pass the Japanese. In Yoname it is poorly qualified (11th place), and the race fell on the first lap, when he is in the 3rd turn hit all the same Kobayashi. In India, the Briton qualified 4th and finished 5th, showing the best lap of the race. In Abu Dhabi he qualified 5th, but started 4th, because Vettel qualified third was excluded from the protocol due to underweight car. The Briton broke the race in third place for a long time went on it, but 3 laps to go ahead of him all the same Vettel. As a result, the Briton finished 4th. Austin because of problems with the gas pedal he qualified only 12th, and in the race slipped to 5th place. In Brazil, he qualified 2nd behind team-mate. At the start, kept the position, and when we went the first drop of rain and the whole back of the field pulled into the pits for intermediate tires, he and Nico stayed dry. It was the right decision. Mark again drove into the pits and peel Hulkenberg Button and the rest of the peloton was 45 seconds later, he missed the German. But because of the pace car all the advantage disappeared. After the restart Button passed Hamilton, and after the last clash with Hülkenberg took the lead and won for the first time in Sao Paulo. He scored 188 points and took the 5th place in the championship.

Season 2013

At the end of the 2012 season for the team partner Button, Lewis Hamilton moved to the Mercedes and his new partner became came from Sergio Perez Sauber team.

The first race of the season was unsuccessful. Briton qualified 10th and finished 9th. Machine seriously inferior in speed and Red Bull, and Ferrari, and Lotus, and even Force India to Mercedes. The second race was even worse. Button started 7th, went a long 5th and seem, it has a chance to come in large glasses. But during the third pit stop mechanics poorly tightened his right front wheel, because of what he has lost a lot of time and returned to the track only 14 m, and 2 laps to go and did fizzled. The third race was a success, having started from eighth place Jenson finished fifth. In Bahrain, he started and finished 10th. In Barcelona, ​​it is poorly qualified (14th place), but in the race broke in the eighth position. In Monaco, he finished 6th, while in Canada the rate of Mclaren was again poor – having started 14th, Button finished only 12th. Even worse there was a home race at Silverstone. Button started 10th and finished only 13th. The improvements have come at the Nurburgring, where the Briton finished 6th. In Hungary, he finished 7th, in Belgium, the 6th in the Italian 10th in Singapore, the 7th, in Korea the 8th, Japan 9th, India and Abu Dhabi already at the start damaged front wing and the race was immediately spoiled (14 and 12 respectively). In the US, he finished 10th in Brazil 4th. The result – 73 points and 9th place in the championship.

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Jenson ButtonJenson Button
Jenson ButtonJenson Button
Jenson ButtonJenson Button

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