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Jenny Poussin: only sex and ice hockey

New heroine blog “Abracadabra” Jenny will Poussin – Canadian fashion model, actress and porn star, known for his work in such magazines as Playboy, Curves, Esquire, Maxim, FHM, etc.

She was born in Montreal, Quebec – it is not surprising that Jenny is going through childhood and sympathizes with the local hockey club Montreal Canadiens. When Jenny received an offer to participate in a hockey session with attributes of your favorite club and answer a couple of questions – she happily said yes!

Age. 29 years. Profession. model, actress. Ambitions. open your store.

Describe a little bit of yourself & # 63;

In my identity hidden two completely different nature. My first side of a modest, wise and decent – which allows me to engage in a career model and actress. My second side is much more sexy that characterizes me the little blonde who loves sun & # 1105; rampant and forbidden.

What is your favorite player & # 63;

I have several, perhaps I will highlight Maxim Talbot, who shows his best qualities in the most crucial moments of the game. For example, in the playoffs. Plus, he’s from the Quebec!

What player do you hate the most & # 63;

Sean Avery, who because of his behavior is not worthy to play at such a high level.

Since when are you interested in hockey & # 63;

With a very long time, when I esch & # 1105; It was small. I remember the Nordiques and Montreal rivalry! From about this point interested in hockey.

What do you remember most & # 63;

The victory of the Canadiens in 1993. I was so happy!

Your worst memory associated with hockey & # 63;

The disappointment of our team play.

What is the sexiest player for you & # 63;

Martin Brodeur. He knows how to set goals and achieve them.

you care for hockey games & # 63;

I had the opportunity a couple of times to go to the games of Montreal does not always work.

What do you like most about hockey & # 63;

I love the speed and dynamics of the game.

What you do not like in hockey & # 63;

bespontovye violence (free translation of the author’s blog).

The network can find a lot of photos with Jenny Poussin – almost all exclusively obscene content, so publish esch & # 1105; a couple of photos, but linked with sports themes.

Jenny affair on the side with the Chicago Blackhawks. Bad girl!

Next photo session was dedicated to the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver.

In addition to the erotic photo shoots and participation in adult movie, Jenny takes part in various music videos and TV shows. Parallel work in the fitness center. He is a member UBCP, department of ACTRA – Union radio and television broadcasters in Canada. Very versatile personality. Thank you!

Jenny PoussinJenny Poussin
Jenny PoussinJenny Poussin
Jenny PoussinJenny Poussin

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