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Jennifer Nicole Lee – perfect figure and motivation to lose weight

Jennifer Nicole Lee (Jennifer Nicole Lee) – American fitness model, author of many books and methods for weight loss, fitness consultant for many stars, and finally the mother of two children. Its success is the motivation to lose weight for millions of people.

Born: 13th of June 1975

Height: 177 cm

57 kg

The history of weight loss, Jennifer Nicole Lee became famous after the she managed to lose 32 kg weight loss. Before that Nicole always wondered how to lose weight? But attempts to lose weight are not pleased, it was impossible to lose weight. After marriage and the birth of the first-born, she weighed 77 kg with height 177 cm. After the birth of her second baby cock showed her impressive 90 kg. From that moment began the impressive history of successful weight loss.

In 1996, Lee threw 32 kg and became titled Miss Bikini America, then it becomes a personal fitness trainer? JNL founded his own company and a clothing line of the same name.

I just wanted to prove that you can be a caring mother, and also to be sexy and desirable – says already emaciated and successful Jennifer Nicole Lee.

Diets Jennifer decorates today cover more than 44 magazines and publication of CBS News in 2012 declared her “Sexiest Fitness Mom”.

Active Jennifer impressive on account of its large number of training films, she has written 7 books on fitness, in addition, it is the official brand BSN, involved in the production of sports nutrition.

After all this the hard way, was born of her child, the result of the history of weight loss, JNL Fusion – This weight loss program, which includes training on strength, cardio exercises, and explosive jumping exercises (plyometrics). This system has gained popularity all over the world, including in Russia.

The basis of the program, Jennifer Nicole Lee is – a special training scheme consisting of 6 different exercises lasting for 30 seconds, each of which must be performed for 3 sets. Because the focus is on muscle tone and strength, increases metabolism and burns fat as a result. Plus, you get a beautiful figure.

But the need for effective weight loss diet and Jennifer recommends a menu:

If you feel hungry, in between meals you can eat the fruit (except bananas).

4 egg whites, buckwheat and oatmeal (to boil only the water without added salt), tomato, green tea

grilled fish (white, low-fat), boiled vegetables, potatoes, salad

baked chicken breast (skinless) or chicken broth, green vegetables, salad

On the main meals to adhere to the rules – no more than 300 kcal

Photos Jennifer Nicole Lee for motivation to lose weight

The popular video with Jennifer Nicole Lee for motivation to lose weight

And remember, losing weight – It is not only a necessary exercise as well as diet and proper nutrition.

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Jennifer Nicole LeeJennifer Nicole Lee
Jennifer Nicole LeeJennifer Nicole Lee
Jennifer Nicole LeeJennifer Nicole Lee

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