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Jennifer Or

Jennifer Ehle

Or Jennifer – American-British theater and film actress, known worldwide as Elizabeth Bennet in the cult film adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel “Pride and Prejudice”channel BBC. Winner of two awards”Tony».

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Born in the USA, in the city of Winston-Salem 29 December 1969. Parents Jennifer: actress Rosemary Harris English roots and the American writer John or no daughter left the choice of what to do. As soon learned to say babe debuted on Broadway in the production of “A Streetcar Named”Desire”,” Tennessee Williams, in which the mother played a major role.

Life Jennifer has always been closely linked with the two countries – Britain and the United States. During the period of growing its share dropped to change almost twenty schools. His vocation she found in one of them – the Academy of Arts in Interloshene, Michigan. Vocational training Jennifer continued at two locations in North Carolina and London.

The first serious role Jennifer or get in 1992, when at the invitation of the director Peter Hall auditioned to participate in the television series based on the novel by Mary Wesley “Camomile meadow.” Jennifer played at the same site with his mother. This is when a young heroine takes an actress and aged – is another. Always luck if performers are very similar and externally. The audience appreciated the play mother and daughter in the popular British TV channel broadcast.

1995 Jennifer brought a real success. For piercing poignancy as Elizabeth Bennet in the television series “Bi-Bi-Si”adored by women of Jane Austen’s novel”Pride and Prejudice”actress won an Academy of Film and Television in Britain «BAFTA». The image embodies the inimitable Mr. Darcy Colin Firth. The couple have repeatedly emerged in the ratings”Best on the screen.”Jennifer became not just to learn, but also to actively invite new projects. In the next film,”The Road to Paradise”, she already surprised the audience a bright characteristic role.

Jennifer was able to build a career, combining his work in theater and cinema. Her roles have not gone without criticism and encouragement spectator love. At age 31, the actress received the award “Tony”for the main role in the play”Reflections, or true”directed by world-renowned playwright and director Tom Stoppard. The premiere took place on Broadway and was a huge success. An interesting fact is that the mother of Jennifer Rosemary Harris while also doing well in the acting profession, and struggled with her daughter for the award”Tony” in the same category, but the award went to Jennifer.

Among the other well-known theatrical works or Jennifer – the play “The Philadelphia Story”, directed by Kevin Spacey, and “Macbeth.”Second prize”Tony”Jennifer has received for the execution of three roles in the so-called triptych of the same great master of Tom Stoppard’s”The Coast of Utopia.” The performance was a triumph in 2007. Work with Stoppard dream of the best actresses around the world, and he is not the first time chose a co-creation with Jen.

Later, Jennifer was shot or a lot: her list, the British-Indian film “Before the Rain”painting”Pride and Glory,””Wilde,””Obsession”, “The Ides of March”, “Infection”. Noting its characteristic bright another role in the film “Taste of sunlight”, where Jennifer again had a chance to work together with their mother, dividing the young and the mature years of the same character.

Continuing Jennifer periodically changes the set to the theater.

In 2010, she once again declared itself in the theater world, phenomenal starred in partnership with John Lithgow in the play “Mr. & Mrs. Fitch,” presented by Theatre of New York.

If to talk about the movie, the full fantastic talent actress undervalued, can be judged by the number of the main roles. One of its obvious successes, Actor – in the Oscar-winning film “The King’s Speech”Here she was again fortunate to work with his longtime partner in the series”Pride and Prejudice” Colin Firth. It is known that Jennifer and Colin binds not only a profession but also a long-standing friendship and even a short-term affair. Relationships pair continued from 1994 to 1996. Colin Firth in an interview in 2009 acknowledged that it was true love, to the same first love. Separated couple for reasons known only to the two of them.

Currently, Jennifer Or married to writer Michael Ryan. She gave birth to two children – a son George in 1997, and a daughter Talula in 2009.

Jennifer EhleJennifer Ehle
Jennifer EhleJennifer Ehle
Jennifer EhleJennifer Ehle

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