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Biography -Xavier Dolan

Xavier Dolan: «life – to live, and a movie – to hide from reality»

Xavier Dolan was born in 1989 in Montreal (Canada, Quebec). Xavier Dolan’s acting career began relatively early in childhood Xavier has starred in a series of advertisements pharmacy company «Jean Coutu» (Jean Coutu). Followed by roles in television series and movies for children, “heads or tails”, “The Last Castle”, “Omerta 2».

short films with the participation of Xavier Dolan’s “Mirror Summer”, directed by Etienne Desrosersom, received the prize “Berninale”and was highly praised at film festivals in San Diego and in Kiev. Soon Xavier Dolan played a role in the film”Martyrs” Pascal Laugier.

In 18 years, being obsessed with movies, Xavier Dolan dropped out of college to be able to watch movies all day. After reviewing more than 4,000 films, Dolan wrote his first script – “I Killed My Mother”, partly semi-autobiographical reel of film.

Xavier Dolan: «Yes, I’m not very good with my mother. It makes me feel guilty all the time … »

Then, an aspiring filmmaker invested all their savings in the creation of the film and made his first film ‘I Killed My Mother “in 2009.

Also, the film director reveals some aspects of his personal life and did not hide the fact that he is gay.

Xavier Dolan: «As a child I wore my mother’s clothes, I did not know what it says about the future of homosexuality».

The film conceived a huge success, winning in three categories: in the “Fortnight directors”Cannes Film Festival”prize Regards Jeune», «Cesar”in the category Best Foreign Language Film, and was even nominated for the”Oscar” as the best foreign movie.

In 2010, Xavier Dolan took his second kinofilm- “Imaginary Love”. The film was shot in less than a month, among other things due to the fact that Xavier is not only directed the film and played it a leading role, but also designed the costumes for the actors, and he edited the reel.

The program “Un Certain Regard” at the Cannes Film Festival the film won the award «Prix Regard Jeune» and the award of the Sydney Film Festival.

In 2012, screens out another reel of film Xavier Dolan – «In any case, Lawrence.” Almost three-hour picture of Xavier Dolan, frustrated five-minute ovation at the Cannes Film Festival.

Xavier Dolan: «I was told would be smaller characters – but it’s SAGA FILM & # 33; »

The film participated in the nominations: “Best foreign language film””Cesar” and in the”Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival».

The film received “Queer Palm branch” (Queer Palm), for coverage of LGBT themes in the movie at the Cannes Film Festival. The film will be released in Russia in a limited box P & amp; I Films.

In 2013, the young director again takes on its now fourth film “Tom on the farm”. For the first time in his career Xavier Dolan made a film not on his own script, and the film adaptation of the play by Michel Marc Bouchard.

Jean DormessonJean Dormesson
Jean DormessonJean Dormesson
Jean DormessonJean Dormesson

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