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March 4 in rock history – Jason Newsted’s birthday

Today marks the birthday of American rock musician and former bassist Metallica. composers and artists – Jason Newsted.

Curriculum Vitae

Jason Curtis Newsted Born on March 4, 1963 in Battle Creek, and grew up in the town of Niles, Michigan, United States.

Initially, the fate of Jason did not have anything musical, especially – rockers. He rode in a truck, selling burgers and loved basketball. However, once he heard Jason band Kiss and, fascinated by the work of Gene Simmons, I decided to learn to play the guitar. At first it did not seem his hobby seriously, and then he threw the bass guitar and wanted to give up the career musician, but fate and then forced him to return to music.

Soon Newsted to save money for a good guitar and met Tom Hamlin. Tom learned a lot from Jason, it actually became his mentor, and then invited him to a group of Gangster.

In 1981, Jason went to Phoenix, where he met drummer Kelly David-Smith, with whom he joined the band Dogz (later they turned into Flotsam & amp; Jetsam). Together with them, Jason recorded one of the best albums of the 80s – Doomsday For The Deceiver, with them, he went to concerts Metallica.


In 1988, Jason Newsted married to Judy, but after they realized that their marriage was a mistake, and divorced. For a long time, Jason claimed that he would never marry or have children, as this will distract him from the music, but in October 2012, he married his girlfriend Nicole Smith.

“That’s my life was like, so I lived. I traveled around the world 4 or 5 times to the point, when I was 35 or so, so I had during all this be amended, at least, to the whole assessment . And one day I found a man who took all my running around, and other strange life, this man I really wanted to keep the “

Jason Newsted and Metallica

«I did not make money as long as it joined Metallica. The biggest salary in my memory – $ 26 on the five of us. We thought it was a tremendous performance! »

Jason always been a big fan of Cliff Burton, he saw his idol, admired him. Cliff’s death in 1986 was the real shock for Newsted.

However, two weeks later, Metallica performed listening – looking replace Burton, and Newsted is already at full speed rushed to San Francisco to participate in this hearing. Later, Jason was in the band and became the new bass player Metallica.

The first concert with the band Jason was opening for Metal Church in the first week of November 1986.

Jason Newsted Metallica has devoted 14 years of his life, but left in 2001. His departure, he explained the health problems (because of the live performances and the specific guitar at Newsted damaged neck vertebrae) and personal reasons.

After leaving Metallica, Jason joined Voivod as a bassist, as well as doing solo projects: Echobrain, Papa Wheelie, etc.

Now Newstead has its own independent label – Chophouse Records, acts as a session musician Ozzy Osbourne and is engaged in producing activities.

Jason NewstedJason Newsted
Jason NewstedJason Newsted
Jason NewstedJason Newsted

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