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Lord of the Flies

or Survival of the fittest?

For the first time I saw this movie as a child, late at night when everyone was asleep.

I, as if nothing had happened, turned on the TV and started watching the first caught my eye the movie (diversity in earlier television itself was not). The start was so-so boring, but what began then, he could not break away.

The Free essay on Golding

I do not know ikalos whether William Golding in the day, when the director Harry Hook has decided to join his work and to remove “Lord of the Flies”, However, I sincerely hope that this kinotvoreniya famous writer did not have time to see, because hardly would have received from him positive emotions. And as a former military man, I would, I fear, is also very hard to speak about his creators.

The first thing the director decided that it “light”Not only can children, aristocratic British but also American young scouts, with which all the characters “Lord of the Flies” quick and steel. This alone has made a powerful scene dissonance, because in the novel Golding attaches great importance and is much more fine detail. The fact that the characters from the crashed plane were not previously familiar with, there has been a significant influence on future developments, building relationships between the characters. Stranded on a desert island with a familiar and a stranger & # 151; things agree, somewhat different. It is, accordingly, have dramatically and other relationships. The moment, you could say, a very important and determining.

As, by the way, and the duration that is transferred to the end of the 80s. Some think yes what does it matter if all takes place on a desert island? But inherent in the level of education of their beliefs and principles that these children “brought” to the island, formed including under the influence of the surrounding reality, and this, in turn, had an impact on the further development of relations. And they (I mean education and realities) in different countries and even more so after almost 50 years, still a little different. But what only story of the victim do not go for the sake of the audience.

In this “American”adaptation” Golding is not over. In the book, there is no adult characters (appearance on the last page of an officer does not count). In the picture Hook a hero appears. It suffered during the disaster Mentor Scout. However, what is the story of his mission, at first did not understand. No effect on the course of events, he actually does not have, and can not do. Its functions will become clear later, but again, it will come into conflict with the original, in which events have evolved a different scenario.

There are tapes and other narrative liberties, in particular, some of the scenes rearranged places other significant podkorotili, others removed altogether. Focuses more on the beautiful panorama, not close-ups of actors, dialogue, unlike the classic tape Peter Brook . not worked out as it should, they have more histrionic pathos, not real feelings. Well, of course, not without order not to bump into a spectacular, “electrify” to the limit of action scenes, accompanied by appropriate music nearby. In the scenes of the killings has openly visible desire for excessive naturalism, the camera focuses on the dead bodies, as well as in general on a blood when it is present in the frame. After a neat, aesthetically pleasing and at the same time very deep in meaning and impeccable staged pictures Brooke (and the first I saw it tape in 1963) it produces extremely repulsive, to say the least, the impression, and I want to ask some American filmmakers to stay away from someone else’s classics. For these creative experiments that are taken when working on the painting Harry Hook . Only push the viewer, distorting the picture of very strong in all respects literary work.

The pros tape Hook will write the game except the three young actors who starred & # 151; Balthazar Getty (Ralph), Chris Fura (Jack) and Daniel Pipoli (Piggy). The children tried as best they could, but they brought the illiterate adult uncle, who decided that they are smarter than the Nobel laureate and have the right to translate the classics in American format so that’s shameless, sorry, way.

3 points for children. And say thank you, dear creators.

James Badge DaleJames Badge Dale
James Badge DaleJames Badge Dale
James Badge DaleJames Badge Dale

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