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Jack Johnson (Jack JOHNSON): «The man who broke his nose racism»

He broke racial barriers in the sport. He became the first black to win the supreme title of world champion in professional boxing. He won one wanted when he wanted, where he wanted and how he wanted. His technical achievements and innovations canonized. He has gone from a simple docker to icons of the early twentieth century. He boxed and lived by their own standards. ‘Black’ half of America idolized him, and the ‘white’ hated. He paved the way for other athletes who have struggled with the stereotype “horrible nigger”.

The question: “Who is it?” – Everywhere and always give the only possible answer.

The name under which went down in history: Jack Johnson (Jack JOHNSON)

This full name: John Arthur Johnson (John Arthur JOHNSON)

Born: March 31, 1878

Died: June 10, 1946

Title: heavyweight boxer

Anthropometry: 87-93 kg; 186.5 cm

Nicknames: Giant of Galveston (The Galveston Giant) and

Kid Arthur / Little Arturchik / (Lil ‘Arthur)

Title: world champion in the heavyweight category in the period from 1908 to 1915.

records 105 fights; 68 wins (49 of them – a knockout); 10 losses; 10 draws; at 16 battles result is undefined; 1 battle invalidated

Years active: 1897 – 1928

This was one of the most talked about boxers. He called and causes the most violent disputes. The boxing world his name is mentioned about as often as in the music world – the name Elvis. In 1908, for 39 years before Jackie Robinson (Jackie ROBINSON) broke racial barriers in the major league baseball for 46 years before Elvis Presley (Elvis PRESLEY) did the same in music, combining the ‘black’ and ‘ white ‘America, Jack Johnson became the first African-American (simply – black) world boxing champion in the most prestigious heavyweight category. As a result, he has become a symbol for decades of hatred for whites, and for blacks – a symbol of victory and success.

It has gone from working dockers from Galveston, Texas to the icons of the early twentieth century. Johnson had his own jazz band, its own nightclub in Chicago, he appeared on the scene, drove dazzling yellow sports cars, truant, shocking others, your pet leopard, drinking small sips champagne, and drew his gold teeth and walking stick with a gold knob . These speeders its incredibly avant-garde, naimodneyshaya clothes, outrageous behavior, the natural nous and courting white women (he was married several times on white) looked as white as a threat and challenge to the idea of ​​the natural superiority of their race.

And Jack deliberately boasted of his victories over the white – and in the ring and outside of it. He led the company with some of the most desirable women of his era, most of them were white. Star of the famous Parisian cabaret “Moulin Rouge”(“Moulin Rouge”) Mistranslating (Mistinguette); German spy Mata Hari (Mata HARI), whose name became a household word; sex symbols Lupe Velez (Lupe VELEZ) and Mahe WEST (Mae WEST) – Johnson had a romantic relationship with them all. Casanova – no Casanova, but a playboy, or, if you like, a sort of bon vivant – exactly! But joking aside, in a country that is tolerant to the lynching of black, just glancing at the white woman as something wrong, Jack unconcealed connection with white women were more than a scandal, much more. We looked at him with a fierce hatred and disgust. And it only added fuel to the fire by refusing to ingratiate himself with the white community, which is always ordered a”dirty nigger”know their place, and for the greater clarity’s pointing finger, point it where you want. How could he protested his whole way of life against the society has prepared for him from birth humiliating role of”Uncle Tom.”Eyes bloodshot racists instead of being obedient and respectful, Jack behaved provocatively and suppressed and crushed all opponents in the ring. But let us here -“in the ring” and come back.

Johnson and is now considered the best heavyweight boxing, but since he won his highest title, has been more than nine decades. In addition, he is considered one of the most powerful puncher of all, who ever went into the ring. Talent protection with Jack in the history of professional boxing can be compared only Muhammad Ali (Muhammad ALI) and Jean TANNEY (Gene TUNNEY). Feeling fight Johnson and his short, piercing hooks in collaboration with the permanent combinational intricacies – manifestations of indirect action strategy were his most effective offensive weapon. Against this, it was almost impossible to come up with an effective defense. The great writer Nat Fleischer (Nate FLEISCHER), devoted himself to boxing topics and founded the famous magazine “The Ring”(“The Ring”), once said of him:”I had no doubt about who called the greatest boxer -tyazhelovesom of all time. This is definitely Jack Johnson! ” But it must be emphasized that the Nat Fleischer saw all the heavyweights – from Jim Jeffries (Jim JEFFRIES) to FREZERA Joe (Joe FRAZIER). Once won the title, Johnson did not concede it to anyone for more than six years. Again, we emphasize that he was then 30 years and possibly ‘prime time’ for it was in the past.

Despite the stormy, sometimes risky ‘fast’ life, Johnson was one of the thoroughbred, a born boxer who ever climbed into the ring. About such as Jack, saying: “Even if he was born in a family of fiddlers … Eleventh generation and with four years of holding a violin and bow, he will sooner or later would throw them to the side and pulled the gloves!”His opponents JOHNSON elegantly easy to suppress one of its dazzling golden smile. Smile ‘from Galveston Giant’ – the theme of the special! Excellent, simple classic boxing addition, great, just perfect reflexes, amazing, simply amazing protection and powerful, just killing power of both hands, even those who understand boxing”no more than a student of dance courses to them. Leonardo da Vinci understood in agriculture “convinced that Jack ‘packed’ in full. And the blind man to be seen – in front of him the greatest heavyweight professional boxing. A layperson might seem that the superlatives in the characterization of ‘Little Arturchik’ too much. Yes, too much, but it was in reality. Their front and, in the course of the narrative, these superlatives will be more than enough.

Johnson was born March 31, 1878 in Galveston (Galveston), Texas (Texas). His father was a former slave. As a child, Jack interrupted by odd jobs and received only a semblance of education. Most of his childhood, John Arthur Johnson spent the docks, on the boats and in the rooms of his home dishwashers Galveston. Firstfruits of boxing he learned while working in the training halls. Jack rose to 186.5 cm and began to develop his boxing makings in duels with the older and more experienced fighters in Chicago, New York and Boston. I started trying to make money paid fights. It was pretty random, but he tried to hone their skills in these battles. In 1897, Jack went into the ring against Roxy Jim (Jim ROCKS) and knocked him out in the third round.

For the first few years of his career, Johnson almost always fought outside of Texas. Everything was, in general, not bad – of the 22 fights he lost only once, but the February 25, 1901 was a landmark event. By a strange quirk of fate the first person pobivshim Jack Johnson (knock him out in the third round), became a boxer who may have made him a great fighter by running it on a great boxing orbit. The name of this person – CHЁYNSKI Joe (Joe CHOYNSKI). CHЁYNSKI was much more experienced fighter: a few years before it fell to box by reigning champion Jim Jeffries heavyweight (Jim JEFFRIES). He was white. White and black came together in the ring and they were imprisoned, and ended Galveston as a boxing town. In prison, they are often organized training sparring for fun the other prisoners, and Jack, so to speak, like a sponge soaking up every ounce of knowledge, which he drew from such a formidable technical mastery boxer as CHЁYNSKI. Jack after this case the choice was small: he had no choice but to leave if he wanted to pursue a career poedinschika.

Wandering around, Johnson gradually developed their unique natural gifts. We helped him in this meeting with hardened, strong professionals across the country. Jack Jeffries (Jack JEFFRIES) – brother of champion Jim Jeffries in 1902 fell under the blows of his mighty fists namesake Johnson in the fifth round. Then ‘Little Arthur’ broke the resistance of Hank Griffin (Hank GRIFFIN) and got the right to fight with the current black heavyweight champion Ed Martini Denver (Denver Ed MARTIN). February 6, 1903, in Los Angeles, Johnson beat Martin dvadtsatiraundovom fight on points and took over the title of champion black. In this battle, in all its glory manifested new corona kick Jack – Right Punch. Over the next two years ‘Galveston Giant’ four times successfully defended his title. His confident superiority over Martin and its by leaps and bounds growing class JOHNSON proved once again a little later, knocking out former ‘black champ’ in the second round. Among his achievements of this period were three victories over Sam McVeigh (Sam McVEY).

In 1905, Johnson called to fight the world champion Jeffries, but Jim kept the so-called ‘color line’ (white and black boxers were divided, ie white to African Americans did not fight, hence the existence of the title World Heavyweight Champion / whites / and Black Heavyweight Champion / clear for whom /) and refused, resigning and leaving his seat vacant championship. Johnson was in the list of possible candidates to fight for the highest title at number one, but suddenly misfire prevented its early conquest: in San Francisco, in a fight Jack Johnson / HEART Marvin (Marvin HART), a very controversial split decision victory was awarded to the latter. JOHNSON because of this was thrown back in the rankings. Further events are as follows: HEART won the vacant title Ruta Jack (Jack ROOT), and then, in the next 1906, lost his battle with rising star, explosive middleweight Canadian Tommy Burns (Tommy BURNS).

Johnson, trying once again to get into the focus of priority attention to the possible contenders for the title, participated in all competitions, which only was possible. For example, he fought nine times with Joe Jeannette (Joe JEANNETTE), and only one of these nine battle lost. Many believed that Sam Langford (Sam LANGFORD) is the best fighter of all those who will never be able to win the title. Johnson beat him in 1906 in pyatnadtsatiraundovom match. BROOKS Claude (Claude BROOKS) was twice knocked out by Jack, and “Young” Peter Jackson (‘Young’ Peter JACKSON) he lost on points.

July 17, 1907 Johnson went to Philadelphia to meet with the previous champion heavyweight FITSSIMMONSOM Bob (Bob FITZSIMMONS). He just tore it apart FITSSIMMONSA, not even allowing the old champion really be in the rack and to do something meaningful. The fight ended shocking knockout in the second round. This fight Jack sent all over the world notice that it was he, and no one else – again #1 real contender for the world title. Around his name rose to the rank of the corresponding event noise. And to knock doubt even the most hardened skeptics, Johnson has accompanied his message another impressive knockout: a few months after the battle with FITSSIMMONSOM he laid in the eleventh round ‘Fayrmena’ Jim Flynn (‘Fireman’ Jim FLYNN) – The only person who managed to knock out Himself Jack Dempsey (Jack DEMPSEY). However, to get the right to fight for the highest title of world champion in the heavyweight category Johnson failed to December 26, 1908.

In 1908, the current world champion BURNS could no longer be ignored Johnson. While traveling in Europe, he literally hunted him, not forgetting along the way also active against other opponents. BURNS, meanwhile, was in Australia for a number of meetings on the protection of his title and almost ‘ripe’ for making a call ‘from Galveston Giant’. ‘Ripen’ helped him to the ancient world as the argument. The fact that Tommy, of course, aware of the fact who is Jack Johnson, and, to put it mildly, are not eager to fight with him. To give visibility to its failure to maintain its standards and reputation BURNS said that the meeting with black super-fighter only if he will be paid a fee of $ 30 000. In those days it was unheard of request. Tommy was sure that now he otvyazhutsya proposals to the meeting with Johnson, but he was unpleasantly surprised when it turned out that his overwhelming condition will be satisfied. There are no good reasons for denying Burns had left. He has given final approval to a fight with Johnson in a specially constructed stadium in Rushcutters Bay (Rushcutter’s Bay) near Sydney (Sydney) on December 26, 1908. As noted above and as so often happens in such cases, Jack got his due trivial, but at the same time the effectiveness of the arguments. BURNS climbed into the ring as the favorite at 3 to 2 twenty thousandth audience. Although Australia at that time was ‘greenhouse’ for boxers, a negative attitude toward Negroes are not spared her. The level of sympathy that were on the side of white champion Burns, and the number of those who gave their preference for the black applicant shall not be subject to any over – the advantage of the first was repeatedly overwhelming: reports come from the stadium in Rashkatters Bay, eloquently testified that fans of Jack among the twenty thousandth audiences were only a few people.

JOHNSON completely destroyed his smaller opponent in size. They said that Tommy Burns, who has been 10.9 kg lighter than 87-pound of Johnson, for all 14 rounds of the fight on his feet was not longer than them. Already in the first round bidder ‘dropped’ champion left uppercut that very briefly and as lucidly demonstrated in what manner will pass the upcoming fight. In the second round at the Burns had a broken nose. However, Johnson did not have the desire to quickly end the battle, on the contrary, he made a show of finishing Tommy methodically ‘valyaya’ it, ‘opening’ his dissection and ‘closing’ hematomas eyes. And, Jack finished off Tommy not only physically, but also mentally, in every way making fun of him and podnachivaya. He constantly ‘attacked’ him with verbal ‘popliteus’. A typical picture of Jack, imposingly leaning on the ropes, provided Burns able to freely beat his stomach. At the same ‘factory’ of his phrases like: “Hey, Tommy, do you like my stomach? It is true that great? You can beat it as you want!”And then he flings him off with one stroke, like a cat strangled mouse. Yes, it was a performance in the genre of tragedy. Jack was a big whale at this kind of show in the ring. To honor Burns should be noted that he knew and performed the main rule released into the ring – do not give up. Tommy did not stop trying to at least do something, but it was too small, too weak and too slow to his attempts to take effect. It was just slaughtered. In the 14th round JOHNSON next and last time on the floor slammed spifflicate Burns and the police rushed to the ring to stop this terrible bloodshed. Referee Hugh McIntosh (Hugh McINTOSH) Jack Johnson handed the championship belt. Johnson won the coveted title of top professional boxing and took the throne of the world champion. The popular writer and journalist Jack London wrote in a New York newspaper that”it was a match between the colossus and pygmy. BURNS has been the plaything JOHNSON”. The special flavor and was particularly impressed by the victory over Jack Burns that Burns’ manager was one of the referees of this match! In the history of professional boxing began a new era – the era of the Great JOHNSON! Nobody and nothing could stop it!

Jack did not rest on his laurels, he always exhibited to defend his title in front of contenders. He successfully defended his battle against MakLAGENA Victor (Victor McLAGEN), against the world champion in the light heavyweight category – Philadelphians Jack O’Brien (Jack O’BRIEN), against Tony Ross (Tony ROSS) and Al Kaufman (Al KAUFMAN). Its advantage was absolute. It is still very much haunted. The talented middleweight champion Stanley KETCHEL (Stanley KETCHEL) tried to beat JOHNSON October 16, 1909 in the town of Colma (Colma), California. In the 12th round he even managed to ‘catch’ Jack’s right and build on the success short hook and short straight. ‘Galveston Giant’ lost his balance and was knocked down. However, ‘Mr golden smile’ instantly jumped up, not stopping to dazzle the audience with their stunning smile for a second, and proved that he can finish any fight when he wants and as he wants, knocking KETCHELA within seconds after his knockdown. It was literally a furious kick. He burst into a cruel combination that ended right uppercut that laid Stanley in a horizontal position for a while, significantly exceeded by the referee. p>

Great White Hope” (“Jim ‘Gentleman’ CORBETT). Reno), Tex RICKARD) p>


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