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Izabella Scorupco / Izabella Scorupco (biography and photoselection)

Izabella Scorupco was born June 4, 1970 I was born in a family of jazz and therapist in the city of Bialystok. At the age of one year, her parents divorced and she stayed with her mother. They moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 1978. There Isabella begins to actively engage in music, and even trying to write plays. For 17 years she begins to sing well, dance and knows four languages. Such talent should not have been an abyss, it had to show the world, so began a modeling career.

With its appearance is not hard to become known all over Europe. The absence of the language of barter only contributed to the growth of a career.

In 1988 Skorupko starts acting career, that’s when it invites Staffan Hildebrand. Swedish director in the film “Nobody does not like, like us.” Isabella played a major role in the film, for it is his own script. The film tells the story of a girl who is going to go to the north for that would find his father. The film did not have much success, but Izabella Scorupco did not quit acting career. So in 1992, she starred in several episodes of the Swedish television series «A single mother».

In 1994, Izabella Scorupco marries hockey player Mariusz Czerkawski. A year later they had a daughter, Julia. A year later, Mariusz invited to the NHL and the couple moved to the United States. So begins a Hollywood movie career Isabella Scorupco. Unfortunately the marriage of Isabella Mariusz not existed for a long time, until 1998, this year the couple parted ways.

In 1995, Isabella returns to the screen with three new films. This includes the new Bond movie «Golden Eye» a Pierce Brosnan.

But her acting career is progressing significantly. So in 1999 Izabella Scorupco is removed in the first part of the trilogy «Fire and Sword» Henryk Sienkiewicz. This film Jerzy Hoffman completes the trilogy. He shot «backward» . for ideological reasons. He began with the last novel «Ban Volodyevsky» (1969), then «Flood» (1974). The last movie that turned hatred and love, jealousy and lust for power, as well as the lives of people on the background of the war. Isabella in the movie played by a Polish princess Helen Kurtsevich. Also in this film took part a great team of actors is: Bohdan Stupka, Alexander Domogarov, Michal Zebrowski.

Once the film was followed by small roles in low-budget films and serials.

In 2000, Skorupko starred in the Hollywood movie «Vertical Limit» Martin Campbell. Isabel has worked with the director in the James Bond film.

In 2002, Isabella gets the lead role in the film «Reign of Fire», is a scientific fiction thriller. However, Isabella Scorupco in this film playing Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale.

In 2003, January 30 Izabella Scorupco marries American Geoffrey Raymond. On 24 July, the light appears their son Jacob.

In 2004, Isabella was in the movie “The Exorcist: The Beginning».

In 2007, appears in the film “Cat Club».

In addition to film career working as a model and Izabella Scorupco tried herself as a singer in the early ’90s. She even released a solo album «IZA». It will melt the gold in Sweden.

Filmography Isabella Scorupco

Izabella ScorupcoIzabella Scorupco
Izabella ScorupcoIzabella Scorupco
Izabella ScorupcoIzabella Scorupco

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