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Israel Kamakavivo & # 8217; & # 8211 ole; biography of the singer

Israel Ka’ano’i Kamakawiwo’ole (pronounced Kamakavivo’ole Israel) is a great Hawaiian musician and singer, one might even say more than great, he is a hero of the people, because his whole life was devoted to the promotion and upholding the rights of Hawaiians, their independence. This is very similar to the Israeli fighters who fought for the independence of the people of Israel and the establishment of their independent State of Israel.

Songs Izrael Kamakavivo’ole was interested by the fact that they were filled with a very large (larger) man, but gentle, almost feminine voice that accompanied the ukulele – a small four-stringed guitar strummed which in his hands becomes even tiny, What was actually.

This is a national musical instrument Hawaiian instrument, which appeared on the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago somewhere in the nineteenth century being created Portuguese immigrants who have the basis Bragin and Kvakina – Portuguese folk music instruments. Today, the ukulele can be found far beyond Hawaii, musicians all over the world perform their masterpieces is the music of the ukulele. At concerts in Israel, you can also find this tool, because living in Israel and the natives of Hawaii, and other countries who are brought to this unique country and a part of their culture. But in Hawaii ukulele – this is truly a folk instrument, which is associated with the music and culture of the Hawaiian people. Not without great Kamakavivo’ole Israel to perform their songs chosen this tool.

Today, scientists argue about the origin of the name of the musical instrument. We focus on two variants. The first version of & # 8211; “Ukulele”should be translated as”jumping flea.”Maybe because when you play this instrument musician hand really jumping on the strings as deftly as this insect. Under the second option,”ukulele”should be translated as”who came to thank.”This option seems much more correct, especially if you remember the story of the appearance of the instrument in the Hawaiian Islands. In addition, the word «uku» is translated as”gratitude”and «lele» & # 8211; as”to come».

The music played on the ukulele general public heard for the first time in 1915 at the International Exhibition in San Francisco, when Hawaiian musicians performed their folk motifs. The audience was delighted, both the music and the culture of this nation. In addition, the popularity of this great tool and has gained due to the simplicity of the game it is relatively low cost and ease of manufacture. Mass-produce steel ukulele several companies, among them Martin.

One of the most famous singers and musicians ukulele, along with American singer and musician Herbert Hauri, better known under the name of Tiny Tim, British musician Paul McCartney, vocalist and guitarist of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Korean guitarist Sungha Jung is also Israel Ka ‘ ano’i Kamakawiwo’ole (Israel Kamakavivo’ole). Play this mini-guitar, he became even from an early age. Israel Kamakavivo’ole with my brother and his friends organized a group having the name of The Makaha Sons of Ni’ihau. With this group he began touring the country, acquiring all the more and more popular and people’s love.

Israel Kamakavivo’ole his first album released in 1990. But, despite the higher premiums received by this album, he became known far beyond the borders of his homeland – Hawaii is not because of him, and with the release of his new album Facing Future, released in 1993 and also became a platinum album, including the first in the history of Hawaii. Only in the USA it was sold more than two million copies. His medley of “Over The Rainbow”and”What A Wonderful World”It has been featured in several films and television series, such as”Finding Forrester,” “Meet Joe Black” and many others, as well as television programs and commercials. His songs are recognized as the best songs to movies, awarded highest prizes and awards. Over the past eight weeks, the best-selling song was a cover version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow from morbid obesity Hawaiian guitarist, whose name is Israel Kamakavivo’ole.

Israel Kamakavivo’ole for their mental performance and impressive size of his fans got the nickname “The Gentle Giant” – Gentle Giant.

With its unmatched play the ukulele and the inclusion in the performance of other idioms (such as jazz and reggae), Israel Kamakavivo’ole or as it is called – Iz, it has for the past 15 years, remains one of the major trends in the music of Hawaii. The number of his fans is growing today. Unfortunately, any new fans hoping to see his performance will be disappointed, because he died long ago.

During the last years of his life Kamakavivo’ole Israel suffered from severe obesity and at one point he weighed 758 pounds (344 kg) during the growth of 190 cm. During his life he suffered several hospitalizations and died of weight-related respiratory diseases , chained to a hospital bed, June 26, 1997 at 12:18 am at the age of 38. The state flag of Hawaii July 10, 1997, the day of the funeral was released Iz half. He was the third person in Hawaiian history, which has been awarded this honor (the other two were Governor John A. Burns and United States Senator Matsunaga), while not being a politician and statesman otherwise. More than 10 000 people participated in his funeral. Thousands of fans July 12, 1997 gathered at Makua beach, to his ashes were scattered in the Pacific Ocean.

The death could not silence his music. The popularity of his songs on the contrary every day grew and grew. The album Facing Future was a huge success in Hawaii, and then to the US mainland, but the song Somewhere Over The Rainbow (in both the primary and the edited versions) acquired their own lives. After the death of Iz, it has been licensed for a variety of commercials, movies and television shows, there has been an increase in album sales to more than 2.5 million. Units in the US alone.

Songs giant Hawaiian music & # 8211; Izrael Kamakavivo’ole steel scroll the broadcasts far beyond Hawaii. Without a doubt, decorated emotion that comes from the life of artist stopped. Although he is a long time to live in his music. And even if people can not pronounce or remember his name, his music they will hear the voice of Hawaii.

Israel (known as the “From” for millions of his fans) Kamakavivo’ole, his music was everywhere. In an instant, the whole world was talking about the Hawaiian songs, his songs. Awareness of Hawaiian music outside the country can be considered as it is to his credit. He took for his unfortunately short life very much for that. He gave the right to vote for the Hawaiian people. The people of Hawaii have seen how the whole world is applauding the common man from a simple place. Israel Kamakavivo’ole showed how cool to be Hawaiian. He gave his people more than respect and recognition he has presented the & # 8211; belief in freedom.

Through music Kamakawiwo & # 8217; ole today we can perceive the world as he saw it & # 8211; Israel Kamakavivo’ole – as a place where there are no barriers between races, a place where the music is not defined outside of Hawaii and other territories, and the perceived simply as music.

In many countries, music and songs performed by the Israel Kamakavivo’ole and until now have an indescribable success. In some countries, for example, in Germany the song caused a real boom in sales ukulele. The songs of the Israel Kamakavivo’ole fall in love with the first words from the first chords. Young people playing in the courtyards of the ukulele, playing exactly as once played Kamakavivo’ole Israel, fulfilling it was his song. Song from advancing on the radio. In the UK, the song performed by the Israel Kamakavivo’ole almost a year is in the top 100 best songs.

Israel Kamakawiwo'oleIsrael Kamakawiwo'ole
Israel Kamakawiwo'oleIsrael Kamakawiwo'ole
Israel Kamakawiwo'oleIsrael Kamakawiwo'ole

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