Isabel Allende

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Isabel Allende

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Born: August 2, 1942 Lima, Peru

Isabel Allende was born in 1942 in Lima (Peru), where her father, Tomas Allende (a cousin of Salvador Allende, who became in 1970 the president of Chile, who was killed during a military coup led by Augusto Pinochet), worked in the diplomatic service Chile. Mother Isabel, Jon Francis (“Doña Panchita”), after the collapse of the family in 1945 returned to Chile with her three children, where he began a new life in an old house of his father in Santiago. In the 1950s, the family travels to Bolivia and Beirut. Being far away from Chile, Isabel continued her education in private schools: in Bolivia – North America, in Beirut – the British and returned in 1958, he completed in his native country. Around the same time there is a familiarity with her future husband, while still a student engineer, Miguel Frias. The wedding took place a few years later, in 1962. From 1959 to 1965 Icabel makes a successful career as television journalist in the information service of the United Nations Food and Agriculture. On television, she writes a weekly program about the UN program to combat hunger.

In 1963, the light appears Paula – one of which later, after her death, Isabel will devote an entire book. Family trip to Europe, with long stops in Brussels and Switzerland during the 1964-1965 biennium. and then he returned to Chile, where was born the second son of Isabel and Miguel, Nicholas.

On his return Isabel accepted for active journalistic work: collaborating with the magazine “Paula”, which is part of the Directors, there leads a humorous column. Since the beginning of the 1970s. her literary activity extended: she writes in the magazine for children Shorty («Mampato»), published two children’s story “Grandma Panchita» (La abuela Panchita) and “Mice and rats» (Lauchas y lauchones), as well as a collection of articles “civilizing cave Human »(Civilice a su troglodita).

In 1973, the theater play Isabel Allende’s “ambassador» (El Embajador) was staged in Santiago de Chile. And soon after that professional success budding writer was forced to leave the country: September 11, in Chile there was a coup headed by General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte. Salvador Allende dies.

13 years, the family Allende spent in exile in Venezuela. However, here too Isabel never ceases sotrudnichaet with various publications, including the newspaper «El Nacional», and begins to lead the high school. Here in Caracas, she published her first, and perhaps the most famous book “The House of the Spirits” (1982), which began with a letter from Isabel is at his grandfather’s death.

Even in 1978 there was a first break Isabel Allende Miguel Frias. Then Isabel for a few months left for Madrid. In 1987 the couple divorced, and literally in the same year it takes place meeting with Willie Gordon in San Jose (CA), which a year later became her husband. The new family settled in San Rafael (California), where he lives today.

In 1984, the light goes out a short humorous story “plump porcelain» (La gorda de porcelana), written in 1974, has also at the same time was published the novel “Love and Darkness» (De amor y de sombra) . In 1987 he published “Eva Luna» (Eva Luna) in Spanish. This story was continued in two years later published “Tales of Eva Moon» (Cuentos de Eva Luna).

In 1991, while Isabel Allende presented his new book “The Infinite Plan» (El plan infínito), her daughter Paula survived the attack of porphyria, and then for a year in a state of coma. December 6, 1992 Paula dies. In 1994, in several languages, the light goes out, perhaps the most autobiographical book titled “Paula» («Paula»).

For these important works followed by other no less interesting and important, “Aphrodite» (Afrodita (1998)), “Daughter of Fortune» (Hija de la fortuna (1999)), “Portrait in brown tones» (Retrato en sepia ( 2000)), a youth novel in Best (La ciudad de las bestias (2002)), “My invented country» (Mi país inventado (2003)), “The kingdom of golden dragons» (El reino del dragón de oro, 2003)), “The forest pygmies» (El bosque de los pigmeos, 2004)), “Zorro» (Zorro, 2005)), “Ines of my soul» (Inés del alma mía, 2006)), “The amount of days» (La suma de los días 2007)), “island under the sea» (La isla bajo el mar, 2009)).

Now Isabel Allende, one of the most famous Latin American pisatelnits.Literaturnye critics see it as a superstar of Latin American magical realism, and the total circulation of her books have pervysil forty million copies of her novels have been translated into thirty languages. In 2004, it took the American Academy of Arts and Letters. One of the most famous women in Latin America, it is an equal communicates with the president and members of royal houses, with the Dalai Lama, Nobel laureates and superstars.


Solo publications in Russian

1. Love and Darkness. SPb. Star, Amphora, 2000 Series: Herbarium. ISBN: 5-9013-5402-8

Isabel AllendeIsabel Allende
Isabel AllendeIsabel Allende
Isabel AllendeIsabel Allende

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