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Exposing “The Walking Dead»


«The Walking Dead» («Walking metrvetsy”) – a unique television series that tells us about a group of survivors after a zombie apocalypse. At the head of this group – Sheriff Rick Grimes (Rick Grimes). Throughout the series, they heroically fighting for their lives! “The Walking Dead» «The Walking Dead» has become one of the most popular shows on cable television, and he has the highest rating show of the channel AMC.

I had been given the task to write the most interesting facts about this series. So:

– In accordance with the genre, the first episode of “The Walking Dead» («Walking Dead») was released on the night of Halloween, October 31, 2010.

– In the first episode of “Days that Changed the World”Carl Grimes, Rick’s son wears a T-shirt with «Science Dog». This figure, which was created by Robert Kirkmanom (Robert Kirkman, creator of”The Walking Dead»)

– Daryl Dixon (Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus, Norman Mark Reedus) uses a certain type of crossbow Horton Scout HD 125. This thing sells for US $ 300,000 and Reedus says it takes her to his home after the shooting. Many experts say that it is a weapon for people who want “something less than a crossbow and a lighter weight».

– Zombies in this series is never called “zombies”. There are various terms used in the comics, and do not perevedesh literally into Russian: roamers (tramp), lurkers, floaters (homeless), «the herd» («Herd”) and biters.

– Although not widely known, but the real name of the character T-Dog (T-Dog) – Theodore Douglas. It plays an actor named Iron Singleton (IronE Singleton).

– In this series, the number of “dead” prevails over the number of living people. The approximate ratio of 5,000 to 1.

– In the fifth episode of the first season, we learn that already passed the 5 and a half months since then, as a “walking” took over the world.

– In the first season, special effects guru Greg Nicotero (Greg Nicotero) is playing not one, but two “walking.” He was the one who was bitten by her sister Andrea – Emmy, and also starred in the episode, which eat dead deer, at a time when Daryl Dixon (Daryl Dixon) was presented to the audience.

– At the end of the first season, we observe a scientist who works at the Center for Disease Control, named Edwin Jenner (Edwin Jenner). An interesting fact is that such a person existed in nastroyaschemu, only with a different name. His name was Edward Jenner (Edward Jenner), and he has developed a vaccine against smallpox in the 1790s.

– There was a lot of controversy, what is actually said Edwin Rick Grimes at the end of the first season. So, if you include the series as BlueRay to the very maximum volume, you can hear what he said: “It’s in our blood. We all media. ” As you know, Rick not to disclose this information before the end of the second season.

– Frank Darabont (Frank Darabondt) – executive producer of the first season of “The Walking Dead» («The Walking Dead»), is an experienced director. In his directorial list includes such films as “The Shawshank Redemption» (The Shawshank Redemption), «The Green Mile» (The Green Mile) and “Fog» (The fog). He also wrote the screenplay for “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors» (A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors). Frank was born in 1959 in a refugee camp after the Hungarian revolution in 1956. His family emigrated to the US when he was a child.

– Actor Jeffrey Demanov (Jeffrey DeMunn), who played Dale Horvath (Dale Horvath) in the series, was always in the cast in many films of Frank Darabont (Frank Darabondt).

– In the first season, the scene where Merle Dixon starts firing his gun on the roof, caused considerable havoc. Some people not knowing what is being shot, thought Michael Rooker (Michael Rooker) was a sniper, and called the police. Assault with a special group. Arms still came, and fortunately, no one was arrested!

– The final series of the second season attracted nine million viewers, making it the most successful episode of the show so far.

And now, we have a question for you – who is your favorite actor in the TV series “The Walking Dead» («The Walking Dead»)? We know that it’s not just here so soon to tell, but we opted for Norman Reedus (Norman Mark Reedus).

Unfortunately, we all need a break from the series until October, but for now, why do not we take this opportunity and do not refresh their knowledge of it! Let’s start with his work on the recent photoshoot with Terry Richardson (Terry Richardson). Not everyone loves the creativity Terry Richardson, but it is obvious that Norman Reedus like to work as a model, the more that Richardson made his way in the style of vsemilyubimogo Derila Dixon (Daryl Dixon).

What can I say … Norman – star of music videos! Of course, Reedus starred in a number of ambitious films. Let us remember only his role in Murphy McManus in “The Boondock Saints» (The Boondock Saints). But did you know that he also starred in the music video of Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga – Judas)? And not just dancing somewhere in the background, and she left him a trace of lipstick on her face. He also joined the list of video clips such as the «Flat Top» of the group Goo Goo Dolls, «Cats In The Cradle» by the rock band Ugly Kid Joe, «Strange Currencies» by REM «Fake Plastic Trees» by Radiohead, «Violently Happy» by Björk and «Wicked as it Seem» by the famous guitarist Keith Richards (Keith Richards).

He – the artist. According to Wikipedia, Reedus is not only in films, he is also a painter, sculptor and photographer, whose work is currently shown in galleries in New York, Berlin and Frankfurt.

He – “cyber sex”! Once in a car accident in 2005, is now at Reedus titanium eye socket in the left eye and the four screws in the nose.

It is – continues to be a model for Prada, Alessandro Dell & # 8217; Acqua, Durban, Levi & # 8217; s, Lexus and Morgenthal Fredrics.

He has a crazy story about how he starts his career in film:

«I came to a woman in Los Angeles, and it so happened that we had parted. Then I got a job in a shop called «Dr. Carls Hog Hospital »The next day my friend called me to go to a party,”the filmmakers,”and I agreed. I drank too much, I wore huge glasses, and I began to shout loudly from the second floor living room, in the house where the party was held. Someone asked me, “I wish I could be in the movies?”, Invited to discuss it with a piece of pizza. At first, I thought it was me nadsmeyalis. But I was told that well paid, so I went to this desperate step for me … »

In Reedus has its own nickname for Judith baby in “The Walking Dead” – «Lil» Ass-kisser. & # 187;

His character in “The Walking Dead” was finished specifically for Reedus. Daryl did not exist in the comics. Frank Darabont (Frank Darabont) wrote the character for Reedus, after he auditioned for the role Merla.

And he said that in many ways is similar to Daryl Dixon:

«I am a shy, awkward and I’m a loner. I’m more a listener than a talker. I appreciate the friendship – is ready to do a lot of friends! Never afraid to take risks, but often leaving a. As Daryl can sometimes move in the wrong direction, but always draw from this particular lesson … »

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