Insane Clown Posse

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Insane Clown Posse

Be brave, ninja and juggalo now you have to read the super-real horror of the lives of two white Crazy rappers from Detroit, the songs are not solved turn in the rotation most of the radio stations of the world because of the ruthlessness of their texts and crazy Violent J (aka Joe Bruce) and Shaggy 2 Dope (aka Joey Ultser). Like “Kiss”Participants face”Insane Clown Posse”always hidden under a thick layer of clown makeup, but they claim that this is their real faces. And at their concerts terribly carries”Faygo”, Detroit ancient drink that has hundreds of different flavors and the frenzied crowd poured on as a hose.

The story, which I hope a long time do not fly out of your heads windy, could be called the direction of how to get out of shit and become a millionaire. But by and large it all comes down to the idea of ​​the great carnival of dark forces (Dark Carnival), is well known to you for the Halloween holiday, but not for money. So read and do not call these people assholes. All what they do, is deeply meaningful and not like an ordinary hardcore and gangsta shield, and it fuckin-class.

Detroit – is in Michigan, and Michigan, as is known – is one of the poorest states of America. In his city (and especially in the villages) are millions of beggars, dine on free food stamps, stealing and therefore does not get out of prison. If these involuntary dregs of society and create a family, such unit of society held a year (on the strength of two), and in the end, the children suffer.

Joe Bruce has managed to be born in such a family is, and then three times damned place called Berkeley. The stepfather had changed every two to three years, and such impression, that each of them its ruthless attitude towards his mother tried to outdo its predecessor, which could not but enrage Joe and his older brother Rob, who, whether on their will, shot to all of these villains.

Do not think this is for the children’s fiction, but in their old house were carried out ghosts. Joe was faced with one of them at the entrance to the bedroom and screamed wildly. Then the translucent figure seen all domestic, and this is their great scare. Then Rob and Joe were alone, appealed to the spirit of the words of respect and told him about all the difficulties of their families, and especially about the unhappy fate of their mother. The prayer worked, and ghosts to scare the family stopped, and started doing tricks with the guests. And now, when Joe and Rob crossed the threshold of his house, suddenly he turns on the light in the hallway, and when they left the house, switch the light bulbs.

Bruce were very poor. Almost always, they did not have spare shoes, an extra pair of pants and even underwear. Their mother was janitress in a church in Berkeley for five years and received coupons for a free meal. However, they have never lived in the ghetto, and my mother even had a pimped-machine, on which it often bring up their own and neighbors’ children to school. Classmates laughed at Bruce, and the neighborhood kids were asked to drop them off for a couple of blocks from the school, so that no one knew that their mother to bring up Bruce. All this was humiliating, and the children then had sworn to my mother that when they grow up and become rich, it will have a cool car and all that she wants (and the truth, now she has a huge SUV “Durango” with a luxurious leather interior and all the twists , your home, and the majority of childhood friends Joe and cool cars!).

At school, Rob and Joe was referred to as the notorious brothers Bruce. When the girls invent some new game, the loser always the worst punishment was to kiss one of the roughest brothers Bruce. Because of their poverty they could not afford to eat lunch in the school cafeteria, where one serving cost just a little more than a dollar. So they ate on credit and never returned the money at the 3-day period. Names dodgers broadcast on the radio every morning to school, and Bruce kept the palm there.

When Joe was 12 years old, they moved to Oak Park, where their mother found another husband. In this city it is mixed was devilish number of races and nationalities, so life was not boring, but the school beat off all interest in life, even though the boys were not the lost (did not drink, did not smoke and did not even injected). It was here in the 7th grade, Joe met with Shaggy, or just Joey Altserom. Bruce attended the same school as an older brother Joey, John. They became friends and started a gang, despite the fact that Shaggy was more than two years younger.

They had their own rap team called JJ BOYS (their names begin with the letter “J”), where Bruce was called Jagged Joe, and Altsera – Kangal Joe (he liked to wear a hat kangalezskuyu). The boys competed in freestyle with another local rap band WRECKING CREW, which sounded poprofessionalnee them, but had no plans to record something. JJ BOYS, by contrast, immediately recorded cassette with the ninja from Hazel Park, named Scratch Master T, in his home and on his equipment. In fact the cassette in its final form was the one and only one short song “The Party At The Top Of The Hill”, which refers to Michigan People drink “Feygo”(delicious and very cheap), which soon became the boys the same attribute as”Adidas” to RUN-DMC (“We’re the JJ Boys on the microphone stand, and we’re kickin ‘it live with a Faygo in our hand”).

In addition, children regularly paint the walls and had graffiti team called KRYLON BOYS. To be honest, the only one who knew how to draw from them was Shaggy. Naturally, all begin with, but after 15 minutes, John and Joe threw that stupid venture, and sat down on the curb to stare at the cool cars, and Joey, meanwhile, finished masterpiece mural painting.

When the older brother Joe Rob was taken to the army, the situation in the city has changed beyond recognition. Areas divided between criminal groups, began to prosper theft and lawlessness. Our friends started to fasten firm Leiba with cars and sell them around the supermarket. They played gangsters, but actually looked children, who tried to be like RUN-DMC.

When Joe knocked 14, he was expelled from school. A little later the same fate befell Joey, but he, unlike Joe did not even attempt to try to recover or transfer to another school. They were on the street and went to school a useful little prestige in extra earnings – from dishwasher to the mummers all motley fool and advertising that touts passersby to visit the nearest pizzeria. Over the last job they were paid to 10 tanks per day, and they worked in a day, one after another, as they sewed only one costume. Then they are cut, they found another job, caught stealing again, dismissal and so on.

All of their free time they spend on a visit to Battle “WWF” (World Wrestling Federation) and the flea market of the most famous collectors of autographs fighters have found many like-minded people, among whom was the future of their good friend Rudy.

Now, friends carefree dream become real fighters, but continued to hang out in the streets, earn one rap and theft. Gangsterism recently spread in the south-western states, excites their imagination, and Joey, Joey and John gathered his group INNER CITY POSSE (ICP), which is absolutely not similar to an organized criminal gang, but rather served as a haven for friends and neighbors. Initially, there were about ten, and they just pestering passers in the evening, Molotov strangers themselves were often beaten. Then someone suggested to steal car stereos, and the process has begun. The best way to succeed at Shaggy and his brother. They took everything that came, stole a car in broad daylight, and they sold it to their friends on the cheap. Joe was mainly down to ride or waiting in the car, listening to the record Dr. Dre, and if necessary to take part in the hijacking, did it only at night. However, he stayed in jail along with other a million times since 17 years. It took the threat of his girl on the phone, for participation in the collective beatings and so on, but the penalties were limited to short imprisonment or probation. However, he was more interested in fighting in the ring, and in 18 years under the pseudonym Corporal Daniels, he spent his first fight in Detroit, after the introduction of a graduate of Texas wrestling school, although he learned everything. Joe served in army uniform, which sent him a brother, and army boots, which was much easier to find than real fighting. That’s the ninja, he won a dozen battles, including against current star “WWF” Al Snow. A trained him John and Shaggy, who also loved to wave.

As the fight, dudes loved gangsta rap. The authority of the NWA, Eazy-E and Dr. Dr. Dre was so high in the north-west America, even the white dream to become as steep mazefakerami speaking truth into the microphone. I was no exception and Violent J. His first song “Southwest Song”(she later became the second album, ICP”The Ringmaster”) was recorded at home on a cheap tape recorder. He gave it to tape your friends. Those allowed to listen to her, and all she liked. Then Joe rewrote it for a hundred cartridges, and they easily went to the festival in some chapel. It inspired him even more, and on the music center with the function “karaoke”together with a friend by the name of D-Lyrical he recorded an entire album”Intelligence And Violence”. This guy represented the quiet intelligent side of the record, well, Violent J – noisy and violent. When Joe’s girlfriend bought him a real karaoke installation of 125 tanks, Joe D-Lyrical sent to hell (he was driven to it only because of the equipment) and for all eliminate plaque from their intelligence records. Shaggy and his brother John rejoined Joe and the three of them began to read a foreign records with instrumentals.

Soon after their gang INNER CITY POSSE (Violent J, Shaggy, Jump Steady, Rude Boy, Nate The Mac, Billy Bill, Chucky, Stephan and other ninja), which is so not once cranked single major businessman with arms and drugs, in full took hip-hop. In 1990 they recorded their first karaoke cassette “Basement Cuts”and sold for the year ($ 2 a joke) about two hundred copies of it in Detroit and the surrounding area. Multiple copies of Joe sent his brother, who at the time was involved in the US military campaign in the Persian Gulf. Picky soldiers dragged by the music, and his brother Joe had sent some money for the purchase of blank tapes. He also advised the kid to turn to his old friend Alex Abbissu (Alex Abbiss), who along with his brother held a music store in Oak Park. As a result, Alex had sold a bunch of fucking tapes, became their best friend and offered them his services as manager. He dissuaded them from useless sending a demo of a major label and offered to open its record label Psychopathic Records, which in the next year they released their first mini-album, professional”Dog Beats” with four new songs.

Own label swallow significant financial investment, so all the money they received from the extra earnings, leaving the maintenance of Psychopathic, Violent J and almost ruined his girlfriend, who, incidentally, earned good musical supermarket manager. In addition, it became increasingly difficult to distribute their records in the streets (other groups also do hip-hop and traded cassettes in their neighborhoods, very jealous of other people’s competitors).

Write continue “Dog Beats” It has been almost completed, when the life of ICP has radically changed the so-called carnival dark forces (Dark Carnival), which replaced the criminal-gangster theme of their lyrics and who deserves that we talked about it separately. Especially because of this thing quarreled and broke INNER CITY POSSE and were born INSANE CLOWN POSSE.

Imagine a kind of a new universal religion, but not so boring, mythical and unproven, as most ancient beliefs, which are served and regaled us priests, and elegant, cheerful, non-judgmental, but very harmonious and conscious. A normal person without faith can not – that’s a fact. But our heroes have lived without it, they say, more than twenty years. Up “Carnival” they had no idea they were just having fun and spit on all those who did not like their behavior. When they found the inspiration they encoded their music, making it clear only selected people with an open mentality, which they called dzhaggolo (Juggolo). Dzhaggolo – the same crazy renegades, as are the ICP. How do they differ from other fans of these styles and religious fanatics? Well, first of all, by their appearance does not say that they are someone fanateyut. Violent J vividly painted dzhaggolo ordinary man, just released from the shower in the buff. He is fresh, and nothing binds. He wants to have fun, but think about the consequences.

Now to the main issue that permeates all religions – life and death. According to the theory and Shaggy Vaylent after a person dies, his soul separated from the body and becomes a participant in the parade of the dark forces. A huge number of wagons haunted clown headed spirits, carrying huge flags with the six Joker cards, accompanies her to two endpoints – God or the Devil, which means that soon will be the highest court and get your soul or Shangri- Lou (paradise) or a hell. To get to the first instance, servants “Carnival”(and including ICP) give a person a lifetime warning”can not live”, and if one listens to them and living the truth, then he gets to God. Who says these warnings and signs tales and continues to live without brakes, that hell is waiting, but before that he showed all his lifetime error. In short, Dark Carnival – this is one big warning system under the motto ” We told you so! & Quot ;, a bit like the moral police, but retribution after death.

Getting up under the banner of the organization, Shaggy and Vaylent were in complete isolation within their group. Friends did not understand their new aspirations and called “clowning”complete nonsense. Most refused to work on their debut album ICP, as the INSANE CLOWN POSSE,”The Carnival Of Carnage”, only John stayed with them for a while, but then he was gone, when the work in the studio pumped out of his pocket the last cash, and by and large account, he did not believe the general idea. He was replaced by Kent named Eric Greeze E, but only for a month. Therefore, almost the entire album schizophrenic clown rap recording Vaylent, Shaggy and Alex, who even managed to save some money and pay the two coolest rappers Detroit Esham and Kid Rock, to those recorded a few songs with them for this drive. But even this step is not really helped them to sales. Their tapes were sold in several stores and otherwise mocked newspaper critics, record labels and representatives of other rappers who hate ICP songs simply because they did not understand them. They advised Vaylentu Shaggy and compose texts in more harmless topics and wash off makeup, without which they would not appear in public, as well as KISS, – then it would be, they said, would be at the ICP future. But the most interesting thing is that now, when the ICP – multiplatinum band with millions of fans around the world, 7 years after the aforesaid humiliation and disbelief, the same people argue that the “Clowns”famous only because of their make-up and tough text! It turns out, just like in one of the songs of Ice Cube:”For anything they do, fuck him and his crew, unless you are gettin ‘paid too” (“smear him and his team for all, no matter what they did, yet you also do not pay for the same thing”).

In such circumstances, ICP would never get your hands on the coveted contract with a normal label, if not older, time-tested methods. They began to give concerts in front of audiences of thousands in a few dozen people, and three of them distributed flyers to the shops, cars and public places every week, so that each apprentice in Michigan know who the ICP, they liked it or not. None of what privacy and speech could not be. The girls have changed almost every month (Joey claims that loved the first two) and constantly threw them, because no woman wants that it has received far less attention than the ” some crazy idea of ​​”! They have lost 80 percent of friends, but continued to climb upward, believing in his star.

A huge role in the formation played INSANE CLOWN POSSE Mark E. Clark, known enough in Michigan producer and sound engineer, who gave up thousands of lucrative offers from other groups that work (almost for nothing) with Shaggy and Vaylentom. Also, for the benefit of ICP, and Psychopathic Records employs about a dozen close childhood friends of our heroes and brother Bruce, who returned from the army. By 1995, on its own label, the duo recorded two albums and three EP, which sold on the streets of Michigan sold more than 300,000 copies, which is incredible for the underground records.

It is interesting that every album ICP was encrypted part of the overall concept of six cards with a picture of jokers, reflecting the diabolical evil nature of people. ICP – ICP – PUBLIC ENEMY RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. p>

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Insane Clown PosseInsane Clown Posse
Insane Clown PosseInsane Clown Posse
Insane Clown PosseInsane Clown Posse

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