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Nicolas Chauvin and chauvinism

Last Chauvin (Shauvin) is very common in France. Her are 16 626 people. In general, the frequency of the list of names the name of Chauvin 209 takes place. For comparison, last name Pierre (Pierre) are 32 323 person, the name of DuPont – 2 292 people. First place in this statistic takes the name of Martin (Martin). Her are 228,857 people. However, the concept of “dyuponizm”or”Martinism”history does not exist, and there is the concept of”chauvinism».

Map frequency settling surname Chauvin

«Soviet Encyclopedic Dictionary”(1986) defines chauvinism as”an extreme form of aggressive nationalism.”French sources, for example, Dictionary Lyarusa Pierre (Pierre Larousse) define this phenomenon is almost exactly the same way: as”exceptional patriotism and nationalism, which systematically denies all in favor of foreign unconditional admiration for all that is a national.” With all the similarity of definitions in Russian and in French sources between them still have some difference.

In the French interpretation of the word chauvin, in addition to the concept of “nationalism”and present the concept of”patriotism.”In the Russian tradition to define a similar phenomenon probably used the word”jingoistic patriotism”or”jingoism”. In Russian, the word “chauvinist”and”chauvinism”has a very negative value. In the French language the word chauvinist can be used in a relatively harmless situation. So in the recent debate on the decentralization of the country and the contradictions between the capital and the province has used this phrase:”The Parisians more chauvinistic than the provincials.”Neither of which nationalism is the question. This phrase simply means that the Parisians are more active in the protection of some of their point of view, capital values ​​than in defending their provincials, from their point of view the regional values. However, this word is betrayed and pejorative meaning when it comes to politics. It is often specified that refers to the”nationalist chauvinism.” In short, some differences in the use of the term between the Russian and French there.

The reason for this can be explained primarily by the fact that the transition from one language to another, the word always gets some additional shades of meaning, and returns to his native language element, in this case the French, already enriched. This, however, does not preclude the use of the word “chauvinism”in its original meaning: on the fans in the stadium can safely say that this chauvinistic supporters without fear of too much hurt their (un public chauvin), a Frenchman, tourists can also safe to say that he was in another country, imbued with”chauvinistic spirit» (esprit chauvin). You can talk about the chauvinism of the economy if the government decides in favor of their enterprises at the expense of foreign companies – chauvinistic maneuvers Government (manœuvres chauvines). You can talk about the chauvinistic attitude towards the language (une attitude chauvine vis-à-vis de telle ou telle langue).

To find out what in fact does the word chauvinism, the researchers undertook archival research in the hope of discovering what was this Nicolas Chauvin in reality and to my surprise came upon some archival vacuum. All researchers and writers who wrote about Nicolas Chauvin referred to the same source. This comments playwright Jacques Arago (Jacques Arago) to Talking Dictionary and reading (MW Duckett, Paris 1845.). Archivists found that there were a lot of Chauvin, who could come to the role of the person with whom attributed the emergence of the word “chauvinism”, but among them are no Nicolas.

Gerard de Pyuimezh. Chauvin, soldier tiller: Languages ​​of Russian Culture, 1999 (book cover).

In addition, Gerard de Pyuimezh in his “Chauvin, a soldier-grower» (Chauvin, le soldat-laboureur: Contribution a l’etude des nationalismes), notes that at the moment working on his article, Jacques Arago was almost blind and is likely to entrust checking historical records of Nicolas Chauvin one of his disciples, which is unknown to us because still “found” in the archives of his case.

So there was a specific, but at the same time a collective character. Some of the qualities inherent in him began to spread to the whole group of people. However, this does not happen by accident. Nicolas Chauvin appeared friendly character who absorbed and a “Gallic fighting spirit”and”naive loyalty to the Emperor,”and attachment to his native village, which is better, of course, there is nothing in the world. By the will of the French writers and playwrights of his worldview kondovy Nicolas Chauvin asserted in the satirical comedies, pamphlets and folk songs (“The soldier-worker”,”Three-colored badge”, “Wasp”). It is interesting that on the eve of the First World War, this image appeared on the pages of newspapers as the embodiment of Parisian patriotism. While there was energetic ideological indoctrination of the people, revanchist attitudes in France were very strong. Even a sober man I was Anatole France, despite its far conscription age at the beginning of general mobilization went to the front as a volunteer to record.

Last Chauvin is very common in France. Among Chauvin and people have known: Ingrid Chauvin (Ingrid Chauvin) – a rising star of French television; rugby player Stefan Chauvin (Stéphane Chauvin); Lawyer Jacques Chauvin (Jacques Chauvin); football coach Lundy Chauvin (Landry Chauvin). Almost all of them are from the same region of France as Nicolas Chauvin, who was born in the town of Rochefort (Rochefort), the department of Charente-Maritime. Check all this information you realize that in fact there is no sense to dig before existed or not Nicolas Chauvin in reality. The concept of “chauvinism” emerged and exists in various parts of the world without his direct involvement. Initially, in the image of Nicolas Chauvin it was not only repulsive traits, but also features an attractive, even more ridiculous.

Coldat-tiller (fragment prints)

On the one hand, it is pretty naive devotion to his native village, but on the other hand, it is obvious that this naivete and dedication can easily turn into a rabid nationalism. Some features, like Nicolas Chauvin traits can be found in other literary characters, from soldier-workers of Hesiod and ending even Terkin Basil, too, a collective image of the soldier-worker. However, Vasily Terkin still not so naive Nicolas Chauvin.

Ingrid ChauvinIngrid Chauvin
Ingrid ChauvinIngrid Chauvin
Ingrid ChauvinIngrid Chauvin

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