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Playboy 20.

Who are the 12 naked beauties will playboy “Woman of the Year”? (photo) – the world – Bagnet

First, the Playboy girl became secretary of the Los Angeles Helen Stratton (Ellen Stratton), which is crowned in June 1960. Since that time, more than 50 girls bother to rank the sexiest. Among them – the well-known glamurschitsy Patti McGuire (Patti McGuire), Shannon Tweed (Shannon Tweed), Anna Nicole Smith (Anna Nicole Smith), Jenny McCarthy (Jenny McCarthy) and “Girl 2010″Hope Dvorazhik (Hope Dworaczyk). The latter, incidentally, was the first”volume” model in the history of the magazine. Who wears the crown in 2011, we learn only in May. In the meantime, we offer a look at sexy candidates.

Miss January – Jaime Faith Edmondson

In his ’32 glamor model seeks to strip for PETA (International Society for Animal Rights – Ed.). This fan of Harry Potter is recognized that the best habitat for it would be a magical Hogwarts. Perhaps Jamie Faith Edmonson (Jaime Faith Edmondson), preferring to love the amount of quality, very useful to Potter’s invisibility cloak, which glamurschitsa calmly walking around naked.

Miss February – Heather Young Rai

The motto of the 22-year-old girls: never give up. Since childhood, his father was under the bed of fresh rooms Playboy, Heather Young Rai (Heather Rae Young) wanted to get to the pages of glamorous almanac. What a surprise it was a girl, when the casting for the 55th anniversary of the hotel Playboy, she heard: “You go.” Today Heather contract with the theatrical agency that takes care of her acting career. Well, the first brick laid – actress bared – it will be easier to show all their charms.

Miss March – Kira Milan

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«fans of what I – a sex symbol – not just happy Kira Milan (Kyra Milan). – Someday I will marry Leonardo DiCaprio. “Dreams of DiCaprio’s model continues in the walls of the University of South Florida. From the biography of an ambitious brown-haired, we know that she prefers”sex where it is necessary, when will and those who will be next.” “When an issue of Playboy with me on the cover, I do not say this is the best cover in the history of the magazine” – proudly celebrates glamor model.

Miss April – Amy Andrews Lei

25-year-old Lei Andrews Amy (Amy Leigh Andrews) came to the central Playboy spread through the ex-girlfriend Holly Madison Playboy owner (Holly Madison). At least the former inhabitant of rabbit farms first reported aspiring model, who exactly was chosen by Hugh Hefner (Hugh Hefner). Before the girls title Andrews month graced couple of special editions Playboy.

Miss May – Keyssi Lin Longsdon

Photo: How to create a wave photos for Playboy (PHOTOS)

But Casey Lin Longsdon (Kassie Lyn Logsdon) in the erotic industry led by the hand Rai University girlfriend Heather Young (Miss February). However, then persuasion, like “this is so cool,” had no effect on the young student. Today, the former employee of the warehouse timber ready to lure in any glamorous mansion Hefner … Some sect turns out, my friends.

Miss June – Kathy Vernole

In a glamorous get-together 18-year-old Kathy Vernole (Katie Vernola) dubbed double belligerent Kate Hudson (Kate Hudson). Due to this – the question. Chest first is clearly superior to the original. Is that hair … so the two – dyed blonde. However, the young lady has no diploma behind crust overly proud of this fact. “Still rosy Lamborghini, – asks fate model. – Or at least a fan who gave it. Only without bad habits ».

Miss July – Shanna Marie MakLaulin

Photo Report: Playboy girl chose the year (PHOTO)

Of all the blondes on a farm want to highlight Hugh Hefner Shennu Marie MakLaulin (Shanna Marie McLaughlin). Perhaps this is the only model that tries to dispel the myth that blondes Playboy – is not an empty doll, inflated silicone. Still not funny? Further more. Probably, from the large blonde mind Shanna-Marie earned $ 25 000, and all decided to spend the establishment of a special prize for women. For what services these same women will be awarded the prize, it is, however, not yet invented.

Miss August – Francesca Frigo

And here at the 24-year-old Francesca Frigo (Francesca Frigo) Two Sweethearts in life – actor Vince Vaughn (Vince Vaughn) and a slice of chocolate cake. I do not know that a hungry Venezuelan gets more – Hollywood comedian or a delicious cake. According to the blog model, often recalls the sweets, she would give half my kingdom for a portion of high-calorie foods.

Miss September – Olivia Paige

Olivia Paige (Olivia Paige) has a reputation in Los Angeles, the second Elle Woods, who in “Legally Blonde”was Reese Witherspoon (Reese Witherspoon). And all because of the maniacal passion for pink. Plus, as Shanna Marie MakLaulin (Miss July), a sexy blonde did not like that the Playboy bunnies feel silly.”We – the most intelligent of all the blondes”- with bitterness in his voice emphasizes Olivia Paige. So, apparently, glamor model hones skills of a lawyer working in a law office. I imagine during the hearing advokatessa Paige sitting next to his client, frantically repeating to himself:”I – the most intelligent blonde».

Miss October – Claire Sinclair

19-year-old Claire Sinclair (Claire Sinclair) was lucky a little more than others, “bowls”. Calling it girl of the month, Hefner moved the new ward in his mansion. And old Hef immediately climbed into bed with her. Maybe not on such a good life of a young model began fanatet from “Babes of the Year” Scarlett Johansson (Scarlett Johansson).

Miss November – Cher Bichard

«This is just the beginning of my career in Playboy», – promises initiative Cher Bichard (Shera Bechard). This Canadian describes himself as a modest, shy young lady, a little unsure of himself. Probably, it changes its index of confidence is directly proportional to the amount of clothing on her body.

Miss December – Ashley Hobbs

Oh, Hawaii … “You can take a young girl from Hawaii, but no one can snatch Hawaii from her heart”- so Ashley Hobbs (Ashley Hobbs) comments on his”betrayal” homeland. To become a model of Playboy, she had to quit the university for one semester and move to Los Angeles. What’s the university. Here, people make a career. I wonder what it will be written in the diploma: the main bunny rabbit or assistant principal.

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