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ZhiZL # 11: Hideo Kojima

This happened. Do you want it or not, but the next release ZhiZL

it was only a matter of time. Much water has flowed since our last meeting. Frantic pace of life and do not think to slow down the pace. Exhibition died down “Igromir”, marking the onset of the pores of anxious waiting potentially hit releases. Meanwhile, I continue to humbly bend his line and fill the keyboard vordovskie bukovki. If you are lucky, they are added to the words and even whole sentences. My work on “Kanobu” in general modest, but funny to think that somewhere in the office maze of the country of the rising sun a talented Japanese devotedly working on their expensive game, not knowing that the ordinary from St. Petersburg, who loves to talk paragraphs and think commas, wrote a small essay about it.

In the southern part of Tokyo, west of Tokyo circle line trains,

located Setagaya district where the August 24, 1963 Hideo welcomed, he opened his world, loud cry. Parents Kojima, doctors from a well-known scientific laboratory with the birth of a boy moved to the town of Shiraki (not to be confused with the same Sarmatian tribe!), And when sixteen offspring of his house became Kawanishi, adjacent to the metropolis of Kobe.

Since childhood, Hideo was left to himself because of the large amusement parents. Constant loneliness, which he condemns led to his isolation and introversion. Instead of walking with his peers, he was watching TV and reading books. At the same time, it was quite restless child, which is easy to find trouble. It happened that the next game designer met death face to face (and this is no joke!): One day he nearly drowned in the river, and once ate escaped from pounce dogs, in addition, he almost died under the wheels of the train, having whether the incredible luck, or their own skill and dexterity.

As a teenager Hideo really interested in painting and cinema. Also tried his hand at writing and path. A journalist from it are unimportant at the time. Neither send them articles to various magazines and has not been published.

In high school cinematography replaced all other hobbies. Obzavedshiysya team of associates, Kojima began making amateur films and at the end of his career, a Japanese schoolboy saw himself as an eminent director. The sudden death of his father made plans boy their adjustments. Mother insisted on the selection of a more reliable profession, and Hideo was forced to enroll in the Faculty of Economics.

Study of supply and demand did not affect the ambitions of a young Kojima. He continued to shoot their home movies, as well as managed to earn them some money, showing classmates. It is said Hideo, the sum was purely symbolic – 100 yen, but it serves as an excellent attribute to recreate the theatrical atmosphere.

The man on 70% consists of water, but I’m 70% of the movie

– Hideo Kojima

University Kojima introduced with video games. On the sidelines of the university buildings and student dormitories products of the company “Nintendo”come to life. Super Mario Bros. It was very popular among young people, and Hideo still fondly remembers the hours spent with this game, and its founder and part-founder of the”Nintendo”Kojima later call his”inspirer”.

After a few years of education and the economy could not be interested Hideo. In the year of the Chernobyl disaster, he gets a job at Konami for the position of full-time designer and planner department to create games for the computer MSX.

From the very first days of Kojima faced with tangible difficulties. Hideo knowledge in programming is extremely lacking for effective execution of its duties. A couple of times he was on the brink of dismissal. The first game developed by Kojima Lost World was made by the project did not get to the store shelves, due to the fact that the company considered it uncompetitive similar projects Western counterparts. Penguin Adventure was the first game Hideo released.

Hideo KojimaHideo Kojima
Hideo KojimaHideo Kojima
Hideo KojimaHideo Kojima

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