Heston Blumenthal

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Heston Blumenthal

Kitchen Alchemist

A self-taught chef, paving his way to the top of the culinary arts, not just neglected generally accepted laws of culinary genre, conducted chemical experiments on the products, which resulted in, at times, even the furnace exploded. His vocation – molecular gastronomy. His name – Heston Blumenthal. one of the few holders of three Michelin stars in the UK. Its cuisine attracted by the fact that nothing like this in England is still not there. In modern cuisine Heston Blumenthal is considered one of the greatest innovators of the past 50 years. At the same time, the father of three children, he is very well acquainted with the problems of ordinary cuisine and offers them the recipes are not very complicated, although they differ in their technology from the usual.

Youth Heston Blumenthal

As a child, the future star even cooking and did not think about a career chef. The turning point in the life of Heston was a trip to France at the age of fifteen, where the boy’s parents brought him to the restaurant L’Oustau de Baumaniere. Familiarity with gourmet cuisine Heston so shocked that he immediately decided on his future destiny. Back in England, the young chef tried to find a job in a London restaurant, but to no avail. Over the next ten years, Heston learned cooking from books, working in different locations in order to pay for their trip to France, where he got acquainted with the local restaurants, wineries and cheese factories. At night he studied the cookbooks, prepared classical French dishes, the same every day, bringing them to perfection. Four years of this life, and now comes the crucial point – Heston bought a book that changed his view of the culinary arts. The book «On Food and Cooking» (author Harold McGee) opened for him a new world of cooking – a scientific approach to cooking.

Soon Heston Blumenthal decided to do their own careers on their own, without anyone’s help. His incredible creativity and a desire to improvise, courage (even insolence) became his hallmark. After working for some time chef in various restaurants and establishments, Blumenthal has decided to establish his own chain of restaurants. To dream a reality, the cook had to work hard and work almost without rest.

Career Blumenthal

In 1995, Heston Blumenthal opened a restaurant «The Fat Duck», nine years received 3 Michelin stars (if you happen to be in the country of Albion visit Berkshire, where in the village of Bray, and our hero is a restaurant). Hallmark Blumenthal is not haute cuisine in its traditional sense, and his interest in the way the taste is born, what happens during the physical and chemical processes when preparing food. All this allows him to combine the classic culinary techniques and the latest technology, creating unusual dishes. Among the famous dishes Blumenthal – ice cream with bacon and eggs, snail porridge, jelly with lavender, oysters and passion fruit, boiled breast of Anjou pigeon with panchetoy, cancer calf in pollen and pineapple jelly.

In 2005, the Discovery Science Channel, a series of programs “Kitchen chemistry with Heston Blumenthal,” resembles a scientific and educational film than a cooking class. He is also the author of the book & # 171; Science of Cooking & # 187; (The Science of Cooking).

Its philosophy is to create taste, using not only the processes that occur in the mouth, but taking also into account the history, nostalgic memories, emotions, interactions appearance, smell and taste – all this creates that holiday taste, pleasure that we get from food.

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Heston BlumenthalHeston Blumenthal
Heston BlumenthalHeston Blumenthal
Heston BlumenthalHeston Blumenthal

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