Heather Vandeven

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Biography Heather Vandeven

The famous porn star Heather Vandeven, like most of her companions on business, was born in the United States. It was September 6, 1981, and its exact place of birth is listed as Northern California, Hollywood, the city of Santa Rosa. Since childhood, Heather was very active and lively girl who also loved a variety of sports. At school she ran stometrovku best, better than any guy could do push-ups, and also was crazy about skateboarding.

Perhaps these hobbies and passions Heather Vandeven predetermined her future career – the surprise of many, brown-eyed beauty shortly after graduation written on military service. At age 17, she entered the service, where for 2 years working in the inspection on food.

In the service of Heather proved with the best hand, has mastered the technique of unarmed combat and circulation of small arms, but after a while she left the service and entered the University of Southern Illinois. Of course means to pay for housing and education Heather catastrophically not enough, so she began as a model to participate in candid shooting.

Adult business

The next stage of her career, it is not difficult to guess, began shooting in the porn industry. Then Heather was barely 19 years old and for the continuation of her career, she decides to move to a dazzling Los Vegas. Already in 2006, the actress released her debut film in the genre “Porn”, and the popular Penthouse magazine in the same year gives her a popular premium “Pussy month”, which is already in the following year transformed into “Pussy Year”. Soon Heather falls on breast augmentation, which only added to the girl fans.


Despite this success in business, she still graduated in the University of Illinois with awarding her an honorary master’s degree in their main profile – nutrition.

During his career, Heather Vandeven received several prestigious awards in the field of “adult”cinema. She is nominated for AVN Award in the category”Best Actress”. In 2008, the beauty takes part in the filming of the comedy for young people under the name ” “, College where he plays itself.

Currently, Heather Vandeven starred in a variety of “adult”movies, and also has its own website where all the fans of”strawberries” can see the best pictures porn actress, and as well as the most spectacular scenes of the film with her participation.

Heather VandevenHeather Vandeven
Heather VandevenHeather Vandeven
Heather VandevenHeather Vandeven

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