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As it was expected today 42 year old Thomas Anders (ex-Modern Talking) was officially confirmed as 3rd participant of German preselection.

First comments of Thomas Anders were revealed recently in his interview to the website thomasanders-online.com/:

– Few weeks ago I was asked whether I can imagine myself in the new selection procedure of German Grand-Prix, I thought it a bit and agreed. I don’t know based on which criteria I was chosen. I just sent demo of my song to my managing company and it was accepted by jury. I don’t know whether other singers were considered as well. My song is indeed ballad. It will be included in my next album. It is not finished yet, we’re keeping work on it in studio. It will be premierred on my fan party on 7th of January.

I think that I was selected among 3 finalists is already an honour for me. The idea of selection is that Germany will be represented in Athens by famous and experienced musiciants. If I will not win it will not hurt my image. All 3 of us will have very different songs and the final decision will only depend on the public taste. Sometimes we must have courage and take a risk!

Vicky Leandros reacted on her rivals in following way: "Mr. Dittrich is very good Comedian, who makes really good music with his band. And Thomas Anders is a dear colleague. I look forward already to our competition. For us the most important thing is that a high-quality song will represent Germany".

Special gala concert titled "Der deutsche Vorentscheid 2006 – 50 Jahre Grand Prix" will take place in Hamburg on March 9th and will be hosted by Thomas Hermanns, who also revealed that "the day on which I will host the German preselection 2006, will become the most beautiful day of my life!".

Besides own competing entries participants will also perform during the show cover versions of well-known ESC songs.

Number of famous guests will attend the show, including Hape Kerkeling, Dirk Bach, Nicole. Also invited are laureats of Congratulations show Johnny Logan, Brotherhood of Man, Olsen Brothers. Other German and international ex-participants of ESC will also make their appearance, performing best ESC songs accompanied by large orchestra.

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Vicky Leandros and Olli Dittrich with band Texas Lightning are officially confirmed as 2 of 3 participants of German national final 2006. 3rd participant will be announced later this week. German National Final is scheduled on March 9th.

49 year old Olli Dittrich. singer of "Texas Lightning" has commented in following way: "With participation in this competition my childhood dream becomes true. The heroes of my youth were Uwe Seeler and Udo Juergens. First won Football championship, second Eurovision Grand Prix. For a long time I did not know, whom to follow, but I decided now: Sorry, Uwe."

53 year old Vicky Leandros. winner of Eurovision Song Contest 1972 singing for Luxembourg, and participant of contest 1967: "I know that entering the contest will be a risk, but I feel I have the power, the energy and the courage to take on the challenge. I do want to try it!". Greek born singer that have issued more than 400 recordings is among top 50 best selling artists ever.

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Israeli Kdam final is scheduled for 15th of March and here is the list of participants: (Eurovil )

Hape KerkelingHape Kerkeling
Hape KerkelingHape Kerkeling
Hape KerkelingHape Kerkeling

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