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the MOTHER – Full Transcript

In the beginning, The MOTHER shed a single tear

Drooping silver like particles, moving with a mysterious force, the tear landed on a foreign stone

It found it’s footing like a child greeted by mother, years unwillingly apart

Now the tear, began to roll

It rolled amongst the rock, first slow, picking up speed, sculpting creation, eroding formation, art by definition, the stone was now indifferent

And Thy MOTHER was pleased – first day

The MOTHER called upon I, locked within chamber

To examine it’s constructed projection

I was sent below, like the tear, voyaging quickly by peculiar force, I landed on a foreign stone

My task at hand, to examine canyon after canyon, find the tricks of the prognostication, to develop a home within the unknown

I made friends per the onyx

We snickered and wailed at our interpretations of the art that we had never thought conceivable

And Thy MOTHER saw it was pleasant – second day

On the third day, The MOTHER sent downward a tool

Sharp to the touch, with shiny complexion, the cool metal shimmered

Dumbfounded by its intention, I ignored the presence of complication within such erotic simplicity

I fell asleep

On the fourth day, the tool lingered in familiar location

Suddenly, my thought was derived and the purpose was clear

I used the tool as a prop in its play to excavate former friends, hands on handle, technic against rustic, curves turned to linearity, destruction at its finest calling

I feel asleep, saddened by my actions

On the fifth day, the MOTHER put me to rest

Lain in the canyon, I began to notice movement within the upper

Mass objects filled canvas with their clumsiness and cast darkness over its creation

I stayed up all night, watching such articles move

The MOTHER was dormant in the morning

In it’s absence, two creatures were sent below to begin planned processes

They flew, strangled by an intensity, dark and light landed on a foreign stone

The creatures were unknown to my iris, but I so desperately sought their company

Long muscle, body, head, mind in one skeleton, the dark one moved past me and entered one of the homogenous caves

The lighter one examined my body, only for split second, and moved past me towards an opposing opening

They moved quietly throughout the night dragging their muscle along

Thy MOTHER awoke and was pleased – sixth day

The MOTHER sent not single tear, but shed many

Dropping silver like particles, moving with the once mysterious force, the water landed on a familiar stone

I was alarmed by the sound of the liquid haunting the presence of the canyons, and I awoke frantic

I ran into thy MOTHERS’ tear and found it all to be beautiful similar to the canyons, the caves, the once onyx markings, the creatures; its disposition was complete

I peered down to the once foreign stone, and cast a reflection within it’s vast volume

I saw myself, apprentice of such embarkment, but how I was connected to the canyons, the caves, the once onyx markings, the creatures, everything

And thy MOTHER saw it was pleasant – seventh and last day

If God created the world, then God created problem

If you created your mind, then who is the MOTHER?

Greyson ChanceGreyson Chance
Greyson ChanceGreyson Chance
Greyson ChanceGreyson Chance

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