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Clean Bandit-Rather be

Hola! You know, what we really miss? Summer. Heat. Easy. On this occasion, we even find a summer song. About her and tell.

Clean Bandit, young, fresh, progressive project from Britain, this week took the top spot of the British supercharta. The band was formed in 2009. After 4 years, the newspaper, which has the biggest impact on the music world – The Guardian – He called Clean Bandit Dostoevskys world disco. In fact, in these Russian more than just music. Stop! All the same order.

Rather Be – the third release from the upcoming debut album Clean Bandit. The track is recorded in collaboration with Jess Glynne. Big swimming track gave himself Zane Lowe in his already legendary radio show on BBC Radio 1 Hottest Record in the World. Path to the top superchata at the track took a little over a month. The path to world fame at the Clean Bandit took 4.5 years.

It all started with the university. Jack Patterson, Grace Chatto and Milan Neil Amin-Smith met in Cambridge during a joint study at Jesus College. At the same time, Grace played in a string quartet with Amin-Smith. And Grace and Jack met. Moreover, they met & # 8230; in Moscow. Grace came for a year to learn Russian, and Jack learned to shoot films in VGIK (in the same interview with The Guardian obzovet legendary institution Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography). By the way, the guys came up with the name of the group was in Moscow. And even the video for the song Mozart & # 8217; s House, which rose as much as 17 line supercharta guys filmed in his beloved Moscow, but we are now about another work.

So, Rather Be written in a unique style of electronic chamber music, combining classical music string quartet with electronic samples of disco house. It should be noted that this definition of his music was given by the members of the group. And they should not believe in this! As it is written above – track went surprisingly easy. Most catches stunning deep symbiosis, chamber violins with electronic synths, bubbling barrel with sharp, rough chords of the piano. Generally, liveliness sound Clean Bandit achieved thanks to their natural sound in which each instrument is assigned to the main party. Against the background of such a high-performance voice Jess Glynne sounds like a masterpiece. Deep, powerful and confident with a subtle hriptsoy, it makes you move to the rhythm of music, singing just hear the words in their own way. Yes! Remember the ease? It is precisely because of the vocals! Summer. Easy. All there!

The text of the song, of course, tells the story of love. Although the rhythm of the lines seem intricate and quite a deep word. Apparently, the comparison with the great Russian writer is not celebrated in the case of Clean Bandit. That only is the line:

It is easy to be around, holy simplicity,

As long as we are together, there is no place better for me.

That less friends, you’ll sing this line here:

If you gave me a chance I would take it

It & # 8217; sa shot in the dark but I & # 8217; ll make it

Know with all of your heart, you can & # 8217; t shame me

When I am with you, there & # 8217; s no place I rather be

Nnn-no, no, no, no place I rather be (3x)

The art, according to the Clean Bandit – it is not only the original music, but also intricate clips of its own production. Rather Be in this sense, – no exception. The guys even has its own video studio, serving the needs of all of show business. Jack Patterson because he studied in VGIK. And this education it is very useful. So, the original music – the original video!

The video took Jack Patterson. But the main character is played by an unknown Haruka Abe. It – a fanatical fan of the group come from Japan. In fact, in Japan, and the shooting took place. The video tells the story of two days in the life of fun, cheerful Japanese. The whole day she spends in the headphones. humming a favorite tune Rather Be. All day the girl mereschatsya the band’s logo, represents a 4 figure (triangle, diamond, square and circle, forming a large triangle), the musicians themselves. Moreover, each frame is filled with the symbols of a Cubist. Desk, diary covers, Chinese lanterns, meat, fish, and even cooked food and a street musician’s eyes.

At the very end of the second day, falling from fatigue and annoying songs in his bed, Haruka is a concert band. She sneaked into the hands to the door, she ran out into the street and meets a street musician who strums her two favorite chord. Then she decides to flee the city. He sits in the train. But before that she sees on a billboard sign 4, and then tune again finds her. Already in the car people start to sing and dance Rather Be. Naturally, the girl falls into a psycho hospital, where she lovingly takes care of either the father, or uncle. Which, by the way, is hidden under the mask of Jack Patterson.

What the clip Clean Bandit Rather Be? He’s nothing. It is for someone! For Haruka Abe, one of thousands of fans Clean Bandit. It is for all those ordinary people who have agreed to participate in the filming and played just for fun. It is for all fans of new and fresh. Be it music, movies or work. Rather Be breathes inspiration. And the words of the fans favorite band that there is no better place where she had at that time wanted to be – guarantee the quality of this work. View the clip is simply in order to experience the nice atmosphere of life of Japanese cities.

And this is what the children themselves said the work on the clip:

The shooting in Tokyo for us become an amazing experience: we spent nearly a week there and everyone was very kind to us. We made everything ourselves, even though we were scared to shoot the clip for the first time so far away from home. Most of the problems we caused a scene in the subway. It turns out that in Japan is considered to be an incredible rude noise in the train. So when our crowd began to dance on the platform, a lot of people kosilos us. There were the case and without shouting.

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