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♥ biographies Turkish actress

Meriem Sahra Uzerli was born August 13, 1983 in the German city of Kassel. Her father is a Turk and a German mother. She is the youngest in a family of four children, two boys and two girls. After graduating from high school in Germany, the future actress at the age of seventeen participated in the popular country program of volunteer help. It helped for a year in a hospital for people with cancer.

After working as a volunteer, Meryem enrolled in acting school in Hamburg – «Schauspielstudio Frese», which successfully completed after three years of study. Then, the young actress has been involved in theater productions, where plucked professional experience. Working on the film scoring for the German TV, Meryem learned about the beginning of filming in Turkey, a large-scale body of the “Magnificent Century».

The casting was attended by thousands of talented actresses. However, Meryem is eventually chosen for the role Hjurrem Sultan, she easily got used to the image of the charming concubine at the court of the ruler of the Ottoman Empire.

Since the Turkish TV series, the natural language that communicates the whole crew was the Turkish, it has become a big problem for Meriem, as she fluent in several European languages, very badly to understand and speak Turkish. The first time, she with great difficulty managed to disassemble the phrase director or partner on the set, but a few months of hard training she began to communicate in Turkish. It is the role of the beloved wife of Sultan Suleyman, Meriem has brought immense popularity and has shown her acting talent.

nur fettahoğlu

Born: November 12, 1980 Duisburg, Germany German-Turkish actress Nur Aysan (Fettahoglu) is the most well-known in Russia for his role in the Turkish TV series “Magnificent Century”, where she got to play the wife of the sultan. Mother and father Nur Aysan – German Turks, the actress was born and spent her childhood in Germany. In her large family, except the Noor it was still 4 children. When Noor was still a schoolgirl, the family moved to Turkey. After high school, the future actress was fascinated by the design of clothes, and in the next few years managed to change a few of the activities at the bank to conduct the transmission on TV. But now his confession – acting career Nur Aysan (Fettahoglu) found only married: that her husband asked her to try yourself in the world of cinema. Although the marriage did not last long, but the world cinema has at its disposal a talented young star. In addition to the role in the series “Magnificent Century”Nur received other interesting offers. For example, she successfully co-starred in the films”cashier”(2010) and”The Edge of Love”(2008). His most successful work itself Nur said the role in the movie”Valley of the Wolves: Palestine” (2011).

Cansu Dere was born October 14, 1980 in the Turkish city of Ankara. Despite the excellent external data and the ability to choose the modeling industry, Cansu chose to study at the University of Istanbul at the Department of Archaeology. However, here again the future actress was isolated: at the undergraduate Dere became Miss “Istanbul University”. Later, in 2000, she received further recognition, but on a more serious level – the international beauty contest. By 23 years Cansu Dere has represented the country in the fashion catwalks of Paris and Milan. It is known that Cansu Dere in his spare time likes to take pictures and to engage in active sports. Cansu Dere television career began in 2004, the year when she was invited to the shooting in the series. After three years, the actress plays a leading role in the serial film “The Power”movie film”The Last Ottoman: Yandim Ali» («Son Osmanli Yandim Ali», 2007) and the TV series “Bitter Love» («Aci ask», 2009). In “The Magnificent Century” Cansu Dere appears only in the third season, which plays the role of Persian Firouzeh Sultan – Hjurrem new rival in the fight for the heart of Suleiman.

Hazan Kai (Hazal Kaya) – a famous actress from Turkey. She was born on October 1, 1990 in the city of Gaziantep. Talent creativity manifested in her since childhood. What it is not only fond of when I was a kid – ballet, violin, dancing. But despite the fact that the Hazan easily mastered every new kind of employment, its main dream was always to performance on stage. She was trained in the special Italian school, which was located in Istanbul. However, brave girl, do not forget about his dream to be on the big stage, I decided to brave act – she enrolled in a school of the famous theater in Istanbul Ayla Algan. It is this step determine the future fate of Kaya. His first role, the actress won in 2006 at the age of 16 years. It was a small role in the famous Turkish drama series “sends. Homecoming”. This was followed by two more Turkish role in the miniseries “Acemi”and”Genco”. But these screen appearances were sporadic, they have not brought the girl fame and recognition. But she believed that he was on the right track, and continue to work hard. And very soon, her efforts have been rewarded. The famous female director Hilal Saral invited young actress on the set of the series “Forbidden Love”. Nehalem River Ziyagli role in this series has made her one of the most recognizable actresses in Turkey. The girl was in focus of the country’s leading directors. Only in 2011 she starred in three feature films and a TV series. The last work of the actress, at the moment, was the picture of a very symbolic title – “Last”. The popularity of the young actress is growing by leaps and literally hours. There is no doubt that the girl has a great future ahead. It will find many excellent television roles.

Buyukustun Tuba (Tuba Buyukustun)

rozhdeniya- date July 5, 1982.

Place of birth Istanbul, Turkey

One of the most popular actresses in Turkey.

The main roles in such series as

“In the shadow of the lime trees”and”Asi” made her a star.

The tube is very popular both in his homeland and the Middle abroad and in the Arab world.

She graduated from the High School «Doğus», after which was educated at the University of Fine Arts named Mimar Sinan in the specialty costume and set designer.

During his studies at the University of Tuba nachila actively to appear in commercials. She advertised such famous brands as Pantene, Maximum Cart, Kremini, Molped.

Soon she noticed a team renowned director Tomris Giritlioglu.

Her debyut hosted the show “Sutlan Makamı”

This was followed by a role in the TV series “Çemberimde Gül Oya”,

in the films “Gülizar”, “Babam ve Oğlum”.

The high point came with the release of Tubas in 2005 TV series “Under the shadow of the lime trees”, where she starred in a pair with Bulent Inal.

The next work on television was the series “Asi”, broadcast in 2007-2009.

In the series Tuba again played a major role, her partner was a famous actor Murat Yıldırım. “Asi” was a huge success with the audience, not only in Turkey but also in other countries, securing Tuba star status.

In 2010 Tuba appeared in the form of a gypsy Hasret in the television series “Gönülçelen”.

At the moment, a person of means of hair care products Pantene.

In July 2011, in Paris Tuba married actor Onur Saylaka.

Their relationship began on the set of the series “Gönülçelen”.

January 19, 2012 gave birth to two girls Tuba twins – Maya and Toprak.

Melike Ipek Yalova (Melike Ipek Yalova)

Date rozhdeniya- g of 1984.

Place rozhdeniya- Ankara Turkey

Model Turkish actress

gained world fame for his role as Isabella in the series “Magnificent Century”.

Melike daughter of former deputy Minister Yuksel Yalova.

After graduating from one of the best universities in Turkey Bilkent (Bilkent Üniversitesi), Faculty of International Relations, continued his education in Italy – University of Roma – La Sapienza, Department of International Politics and crisis management.

Before filming Magnificent Century, was engaged by the company that organizes the wedding.

So one lunchtime, in a fish restaurant and spotted her, dinner there with Meral Okay and Mehmet Gusurom director Nermin Eroglu, giving her his business card, offered to meet.

little facts. Melike has been compared to very well-known Turkish actress Turkan Shore (Türkan Şoray

Syurer Nur (Nur Surer)

Born 21 g of of June 1954.

Place rozhdeniya- Bursa Turkey

received his secondary education at the Lyceum for Girls «Anadolu Kız».

Nur Syurer debuted in cinema in 1981, starred in the movie “Fertile land».

It has an award «Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival» in the nomination “Best Actress».

To date Nur Syurer played roles in more than forty films and television series.

The film «Umuda Yolculuk» with its participation in 1991, won an Oscar in the category “Best Foreign Language Film».

The roles in movies:

The castle of Solitude (2011)

Gonca VuslateriGonca Vuslateri
Gonca VuslateriGonca Vuslateri
Gonca VuslateriGonca Vuslateri

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