Gia Carangi

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Young forever – Gia Carangi

Full name – Gia Marie Karanja (Gia Marie Carangi)

Gia Carangi was born January 29, 1960, in Philadelphia – United States.

In her family were not very good relations and Gia in 11 years remained with her father because the mother left them. Girl working in a diner with his father, while she was completely deprived of the attention of parents and suffered greatly from this.

After some time, Gia Carangi moved to New York, where she began her career in modeling. She met with the former model, has become the owner of a model agency and became friends with her, got under her protection.

However, at the beginning of her modeling career was not brilliant, but then Jia met with renowned photographers and quickly became one of the most popular and sought after models of the time.

Jia Karanja, is one of the first supermodels, the forerunner of the famous supermodels like – Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford. With Cindy, it was very similar, for which he later called Cindy – Baby Gia.

Jia Karanja became popular not only because of its excellent external data. She had other advantages over most models. Jia could easily go in different roles, reflect the mood and transform into different images.

In addition, at that time most of the models were blondes and Gia with her dark hair color stood out on their background. All of this gave her the opportunity to quickly gain popularity and start earning good money.

Of course its revenues in comparison with modern supermodels seem meager, but then there was another time and money were worth much more. Therefore, revenues in Gia $ 100,000 per annum or more, were very good. And then we went even better offers and Gia would earn $ 500,000 or more.

The truth is it did not come true. Died Wilhelmina Cooper, mentor and owner of the modeling agency. Gia Carangi. very worried her death. She was a child deprived of parental care, and now lost, and her friend-mentor.

Jia always wanted to love, affection and care, but she did not get any love or care of the people around her. All around were needed only money and sex.

Under the influence of these events Jia Karanja began to take soft drugs, and then switched to heroin.

This badly affected her modeling career. Jia became late for filming, so she could not go in and take the role of different images. At times she behaved badly and sometimes even fell asleep during the photo sessions. Everyone knew about her drug addiction, but no one wanted to help her quit. All did their job and used Jia as long as she could run. Photographers and magazines from it were necessary only photos that bring the money.

Gia Carangi repeatedly tried to quit his addiction, but always something happened that once again returned to its former state. And then Jia was ill with pneumonia and was in the hospital.

There, after a survey revealed that she had AIDS. At the hospital, Jia was a few months and found there is what I wanted since childhood – mother’s attention. Her mother, Kathleen was now permanently with her daughter and protect her, no one admitted to the ward. Therefore, very few people knew that Gia Carangi seriously ill.

At this time, Jia recalled faith in God, and she was an icon in the House, she wanted to remove the story for children, where he spoke about the dangers of drugs. Only video and could not write.

Until his death face Gia Carangi was fine, but she was no longer wanted to live.

November 18, 1986 Gia died.

The ward nurses came, pick up and take the body to the morgue. When Gia passed on to the gurney on her back literally fall off the pieces, so much AIDS mutilated her body.

Gia Carangi Buried November 21, 1986, in a closed coffin.

And in the world of fashion and magazines. I did not even know that the famous supermodel died. Most of her friends from the fashion world learned of the death of Gia just a year after her funeral.

Jia Karanja lived only 26 years old, she died in 1986, 25 years ago. At that time there was no internet, yet today many websites dedicated to Jia. There is even an official website of the supermodel and her many sites have made in different languages. Most of the living, successful top models do not have many sites.

Jia made an enormous contribution to the fashion industry and business model. thanks to her photos, photos of that time came to life and the brunette pushed the blondes on the cover of glossy magazines. A life story of Gia Carangi was the basis biopic – Jia. This film helped Angelina Jolie’s film career formation.

Gia CarangiGia Carangi
Gia CarangiGia Carangi
Gia CarangiGia Carangi

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