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The son of an Irishman and a plaid, Gerald Rafferty was born in Paisley April 16, 1947. On the formation of musical tastes Jerry influenced Catholic hymns, folk tunes and pop music 50s. By 1968, the guy has a decent playing guitar and singing, and composing his own material. Rafferty began to think about the professional career of the musician, and then on his way met Billy Connolly (future famous comedian), a member of the duo “The Humblebums”. Jerry played him some songs and a few days later was admitted to the group. “The Humblebums” quickly went on the rise and gained success with the British public, both on stage and in recordings. However, with increasing skill Rafferty and testing of its unique style of the friction between him and the third member of the project, guitarist Tim Harvey.

The latter had to leave, and Bill and Jerry, increase the number of “Humblebums” to a sextet, for some time continued to work together. Despite the fact that the popularity of the team grew, Rafferty did not like that at concerts jokes Connolly consuming more and more time, and he decided to go their own way.

In 1971, Jerry released his first album, “Can I Have My Money Back?”. Melodic folk-pop sound on record, caught the attention of critics, but the audience remained indifferent to him. The disc recording was one of Jerry, vocalist Joe Egan, with whom he soon organized the project “Stealers Wheel”. Musicians from the group planned to make the UK the answer “Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young”, but in spite of good potential and the incredible success of the single “Stuck in the Middle with You”, endless reshuffles ruined business. In 1975, the team disbanded, and three years Rafferty spent on legal showdown with the former management. Only ending the litigation, the musician was able to do his favorite thing, and prepared the material that formed the basis of his most famous album “City To City”.

Recorded with producer Hugh Murphy (who has worked on the “Can I Have My Money Back?”), the drive has found unprecedented success not only in England but also headed overseas hits. The main culprit of the celebration was the song “Baker Street”, and such tracks like “Right Down the Line”and”Home and Dry” received a sufficient number of esters.

To the surprise of many Rafferty refused to tour in America, and it is then reflected in the decrease in sales of his subsequent records. If the album “Night Owl”, backed by a hit title track and the single “Get It Right Next Time”, was in the British top ten and assembled in America, platinum, the work “Snakes and Ladders”, in which the musician turned to the social and political topics, He could not boast of such results. As a result, when the label “United Artists Records”, which was produced Rafferty was consumed by concern “EMI”, the actor was not offered to renew the contract, and he had to look for another shelter. After releasing another record (“Sleepwalking”) to the company “Liberty”, Jerry for a long time he disappeared from sight. His new work “North & amp; South” came out in 1988, but the public did not show much interest in it.

In the early 90s the actor recorded a couple of CDs, one of which, reunited with Joe Egan, recalled the glorious days are “Stealers Wheel”. Critics greeted them relatively warm, but the revival of the former commercial success, however. In 2000 he released the album “Another World”, that Rafferty is distributed through its own website. But the case of the musician continues to soften: other works followed, and in 2006 was closed.

Gerry RaffertyGerry Rafferty
Gerry RaffertyGerry Rafferty
Gerry RaffertyGerry Rafferty

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