George Wallace

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George Wallace (TV)

An instructive drama about political contradictions

biographical drama “George Wallace” worth seeing not only because it is an instructive film on the subject of racial discrimination, but also because in this film Gary Sinise, in my opinion, has played the best role.

At the beginning of his career, the film’s hero & # 151; George Wallace & # 151; Alabama politician who fights for law and order, as well as equality and freedom of all people, believes that all residents of the home state have the right to ” American Dream & raquo ;, whatever the color of their skin. But given the point of view of the time at the expense of African Americans, such an idea does not suit a large part of the white population of the country.

Starting his first gubernatorial campaign, Wallace meets misunderstanding and resistance on the part of his opponents, supporting segregation, and by the majority of white voters.

Wallace, sacrifice everything, including the family, to devote every minute of his life work, can not but agree with the majority of their constituents. At this point, the protagonist begins to change: it takes the disputed decision, which he believes many of his original idea of ​​order and equality. The most striking examples of this can serve as his actions on the mass demonstrations led by Martin Luther King and actions concerning the entry of two African-American at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Gary Sinise, in my opinion, stunningly cope with the role of Wallace, perfectly conveys the idea as a whole dedication and fortitude, and doubt, suffering and contradictory character. So I think that Sinise very deservedly won “Emmy” Best Actor.

It is also worth noting that Angelina Jolie and Mayor Uinninghem played perfectly sincere loving wives Wallace, for which he was awarded the prize for Best Supporting Actress: Award “Golden Globe”Jolie went, and premium”Emmy” & # 151; Uinninghem.

I was also pleased with the beautiful game such actors as: Clarence Williams III, who played the humble servant of the African-American, Terry Kinney and Skippy Saddat, Wallace played true friends.

As I understand, some of the actors for the film had to learn a Southern accent peculiar alabamtsam, and, in my opinion, they are all well deal with it.

By the directing, the operator and the composer I was indifferent. Nevertheless, the film carries a message instructive and, in general, I still have a positive impression of the view.

George WallaceGeorge Wallace
George WallaceGeorge Wallace
George WallaceGeorge Wallace

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