George Peppard

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George Peppard.

George Peppárd (Eng. George Peppard . October 1, 1928 (19,281,001) – May 8, 1994) – American actor.


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George Peppard was born October 1, 1928 in the border city of Detroit, near the Great Lakes, the son of a builder, foreman and an opera singer. Detroit while becoming the automotive capital of the world, actively unfolded building, turning it into a city of skyscrapers. So, George Peppard, Sr. had the opportunity to earn decently. A mother could attach little George to the art.

Life before the movie

Like all young people of the time, George was drafted into the army. He served in the Navy. Once joined Purdue University, and then in the “Carnegie Tech,” and finally to the famous Actors Studio Lee Strasberg.

I tried many trades: was a teacher, a taxi driver, leading discotheques. Then he got on the radio, where for a long time, the voice performances. After entering the studio – I got a job on Broadway. He began appearing on television.


George Peppard made his film debut in the film “The House on the Hill.”Prior to that, it was a pair of television roles. One of his first appearances on the big screen was Paul – the protagonist of the film”Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, where his partner’s was Audrey Hepburn.

Peppard in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s»

The most common Peppard played the role of steep and not always the good guys. And the audience can often see it in thrillers and westerns. Thus, in one of them, “The war in the Wild West,” he played on the same site with Henry Fonda, Gregory Peck, James Stewart.

In 1978, between filming, he wrote and directed his own film “Five days from home.”In the 70s and 80s Peppard appeared on television in a television series, one of which was the TV series”The”A””(Peppard played the role of Colonel John”Hannibal” Smith), who was very populyaryan with viewers throughout the five seasons .

The last film actor was the German drama “The Tigress” in 1992.


For the first time Peppard was married when he was twenty-five – in 1954 to actress Helen Davis. They lived together for ten years and got divorced. From this marriage the actor left two children – a son and daughter Julie Bradford.

Two years later he married Elizabeth Ashley, with whom he starred in “carpetbaggers.” The marriage lasted six years. George became a father again – he has a son, Christian.

In 1975, Peppard remarried. Once again, the actress. Now, his choice was a red-haired Sherry Boucher appearing in such famous series as “Lassie”and”Colombo”as well as”White Lightning”, where the main role was played by Burt Reynolds. With it, George Peppard spent four years. This marriage also ended in divorce.

After another five years, he married again. His wife was Alexis Adams. With it, he lived for two years. The reason for such frequent divorces became alcoholism George, with whom he fought unsuccessfully for years. Drink it began in the early days when film roles did not bring success.

The last time the actor was married in 1992 to Laura Taylor. While she was working banker in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she met with him. With her he lived until his death in 1994 from pneumonia.


  • 1957 – Strange One, The
  • 1957 – Suspect (TV)
  • 1960 – Home hill
  • 1960 – Subterraneans, The
  • 1961 – Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • 1962 – How the West Was Won
  • 1963 – Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre (TV series)
  • 1963 – The winners
  • 1964 – carpetbaggers
  • 1965 – “Operation Crossbow»
  • 1965 – Third Day, The
  • 1966 – The Blue Max
  • 1967 – Tobruk
  • 1967 – Heavy night in Jericho
  • 1968 – P.J.
  • 1968 – What’s So Bad About Feeling Good?
  • 1968 – House of Cards
  • 1969 – Pendulum
  • 1970 – Executioner, The
  • 1970 – Cannon for Cordoba
  • 1971 – One More Train to Rob
  • 1972 – Bravos, The
  • 1972 – Banacek
  • 1972 – Graundstarsky plot
  • 1972 – Banacek (series)
  • 1974 – Newman’s Law
  • 1975 – One of Our Own
  • 1975 – Doctors’ Hospital (TV series)
  • 1975 – Guilty or Innocent: The Sam Sheppard Murder Case
  • 1977 – Cursed Valley
  • 1979 – Crisis in Mid-air
  • 1979 – Contro 4 bandiere
  • 1979 – Torn Between Two Lovers
  • 1979 – Five Days from Home
  • 1980 – Battle Beyond the Stars
  • 1981 – Your ticket is no longer valid
  • 1981 – to the treasures of the crash
  • 1982 – Twilight Theater
  • 1982 – Jugando con la muerte
  • 1983 – Team “A» ( Hannibal Smith )
  • 1986 – Matlock (TV series)
  • 1988 – Man Against the Mob
  • 1989 – Disorganized Crime
  • 1989 – Two women
  • 1989 – Man Against the Mob: The Chinatown Murders
  • 1990 – Ultra Warrior
  • 1990 – Night of the Fox
  • 1994 – Tigress / Die Tigerin Sid Slaughter

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