George Hamilton

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George Hamilton

George Stevens Hamilton – one of the most popular American actors and film producers. Hamilton is known for his roles in such films as ‘Nash Bridges’ (TV series, which was filmed from 1996 to 2001), ‘The Godfather: Trilogy 1901-1980’ (special project of Francis Ford Coppola, which was released on video in 1992) and many other memorable roles. George Hamilton played in films of different genres, from drama to comedy and crime. He starred in more than a hundred films over his acting career and, despite his quite deferential age, Hamilton argues that full of energy and desire to work on and act in new films.

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George Stevens Hamilton was born on August 12, 1939 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Today it is believed that the first film with his participation came back in 1948 and it was called ‘Urban toast’. It was the episode where a boy of nine, he appeared in the picture, but in the credits did not hit. The last film with his participation was withdrawn in 2009. This is a family show called ‘Pushing Daisies’.

In addition, George Hamilton in 2009 produced the film ‘My One and Only’ and participated in the famous American show called ‘Dancing with the Stars’. The comedy “My One and Only ‘- half-autobiographical tape, which tells of the early years of Hamilton and his relationship with his mother. Participating in the show ‘Dancing with the Stars’, Hamilton, even though he was not able to match the mobile dance moves of his younger competitors, since recovering from knee surgery, was able to conquer the audience and judges with their unsurpassed comical dance.

In a recent interview, Hamilton told reporters that he had in mind there are a couple of different scenarios to the films that he is going to produce in the near future, and also to play in one of them a major role. George said with a smile, that we should not regard it as an old actor, who retired, and that he will surprise everyone with their roles and new movies!

Biography of George Stevens Hamilton is quite interesting, as Hamilton himself said that was his entire way of life so fast, that, unfortunately, did not have time to enjoy all the pleasures of youth. George was the eldest son of country musician George “Spike” Hamilton and his first wife, the beautiful Anne Stevens. Childhood George passed Biteville, Arkansas. Hamilton studied diligently, and has won many awards and prizes. As a student in high school Palm Beach Lakes, he participated in various theater productions, particularly in ‘Brigadoon’.

His first role in cinema was George Hamilton in 1952. It was a western with Clark Gable and Ava Gardner in leading roles ‘Lone Star’. After that, Hamilton has a solid collection of movies and TV series on television. The audience he loved his aristocratically amiable style, as well as a beautiful golden tan all year round. Many critics have noted that he is physically very much like Warren Beatty.

After George Hamilton moved to California, he signed a contract with the famous film company ‘Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’. Under the contract, he received roles in movies such as’ Home from the hill ‘,’ Fine young cannibals’, ‘Light in the square’ ‘Two Weeks in Another Town “and others. One of his most famous films from the company ‘MGM’ was filmed in 1960 – ‘Where the Boys Are’, a romantic comedy about college life, where Hamilton played Willow Lizhe.

At the presentation of the annual award “Golden Globe”in 1960, he received the award for ‘most promising newcomer among men.”He has twice been nominated for this prestigious award – in 1980 in the category ‘Best Actor (comedy and musical)’ for his role in the film”Love at first bite” and in 1982 in the same category for the film ‘Zorro, Blue Blade’ . In addition, he has twice been nominated for the British Academy in the category of ‘Ray

Foreign shy actor ‘in 1961 for the film “Crime and Punishment in American’ and in 1963 for” The Light in the square ‘.

In 1966, at the Hamilton had a close relationship with Linda Bird Johnson, daughter of United States President Lyndon B. Johnson. But they soon parted. From 1972 to 1975, Hamilton was married to actress Alana Stewart. In 1974 they had a son, who was named Ashley Hamilton. In January 2000, at the Hamilton he had another son – George Thomas Hamilton, whose mother was Kimberly Blackford. Being divorced, Hamilton reunited with Alan Stewart in the mid-1990s, to work together to conduct daytime talk show called ‘George & Alana’.

In the late 1980s, Hamilton began producing a line of products for skin care and tanning beds. In addition, his name was of the line of cigars, as well as New York Hotel in Las Vegas. Hamilton and to this day remains one of the actors of the past and present centuries.

George HamiltonGeorge Hamilton
George HamiltonGeorge Hamilton
George HamiltonGeorge Hamilton

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