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Frederic Beigbeder turned into filmmakers

In the middle of January, French screens out the directorial debut of writer Frederic Beigbeder famous (Frédéric Beigbeder). He filmed his novel “Love lives three years» (L’amour dure trois ans) – an autobiographical essay, telling the fleeting sense of his own wife.

Photo: Ekaterina Shtukin

  • I am 46 years old, and because of the book, these paper tigers, are doomed to extinction, I decided to learn a new craft for themselves, – said at the presentation of the director-writer ribbon.

The main role in the film played by popular comedian Gaspard Proust (Gaspard Proust), and the role of his wife Alice – a rising star Louise Bourgoin (Louise Bourgoin). The producer of the film – the company Europa Corp, which owns the famous director Luc Besson (Luc Besson).

  • I just fell in love with Gaspard, – says provocateur Beigbeder. – Although I am a supporter of different sexes only love, I had a desire to engage in oral sex with Proust.

On the set of the writer felt at ease. This, he explains, is that one of the TV transmission with well-known figures of cinema and critics. Because of this he was able to meet with a film that did not know before.

  • Contrary to the advice, acting as a director, I did not become a dictator – he says. – On the contrary, I would rather behave like a lady of the house, which suits the ball, and who wants that all were satisfied.

Now, he anxiously awaits the reaction of the public and critics in his film debut.

  • If they require amicably, “Frederick, enough! No more! “I will not be stubborn – said Beigbeder. – When the film was released on Jan Kunena “99 francs”in my book of the same name, the newspaper ‘Libération’ wrote that he looks like a”excrement of cocaine.” I hope that my first tape will earn a higher score.

Whatever it was, however, the writer Jan Coenen began secretly preparing a sequel to “99 francs”. Apparently, it is a novel, “ideal”, which takes place in Russia.

«ideals”- is the story of a former advertiser Parang Octave, who travels to Russia in search of”the most beautiful woman in the world”, designed to become the face of cosmetics empire “ideals».

  • I had to be born Russian, and to be born in this amazing country – says Octave Parang. – Sleep with a Russian girl, you can not make love with any other.

trendy starring French actor Jean Dujardin. His film “The Artist”- one of the main contenders for the”Oscar” in 2012.

  • In the new film, – says writer – and he is wearing a hat and beard and compete in drinking vodka.

Finally, their public mission Frederic Beigbeder sees the promotion of young talent. Several years ago, he created a literary prize “Flora”and led her jury. The other day he handed the prize in 2011 19-year-old Marien Defalvaru prose writer of his first novel,”The time when we are there.” The promotion, however, more than modest – a check for € 150 plus a glass of wine and engraved on it the name of the winner.

Gaspard ProustGaspard Proust
Gaspard ProustGaspard Proust
Gaspard ProustGaspard Proust

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