Freddy Krueger

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Freddy Krueger

Killer nightmare

Freddy Krueger – is one of the most vivid and memorable characters of horror films 80 – 90. Along with Jason Voorhees, Mike Myers and Kozhelitsym, it is one of the classic heroes of American slasher; their brutal serious ‘colleagues’, but Freddie is distinguished primarily by its inherent violent black humor.

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

Charles Frederick “Freddy” Krueger (Frederick Charles ‘Freddy’ Krueger) – a fictional character, the main villain of the series ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ (‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’). Over a series of films made short work with adolescents living in the American town of Springwood, Ohio (Springwood, Ohio); maniac unique feature is the fact that young men and women killed it in their own dreams.

In the first film of the series – published in 1984, ‘Nightmare on Elm Street “- Freddy Krueger first appeared before the audience in the form of a nightmare of the protagonist. Only later did the young Nancy Thompson (Nancy Thompson) finds out that her nightmare was real prototype – one Fred Krueger, a sadist, a murderer and a pedophile. Residents of the city had somehow managed to track him down, drive to the old boiler and burned alive; it would seem, then history killer was supposed to end, but in fact, the death of the physical body made Kruger a much more dangerous. As he remembers Kruger is the sixth part of the series ‘Freddie Dead: The Final Nightmare’ (‘Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare’), a moment before the imminent death were mysterious to him Demons Dream (Dream Demons). According to Kruger, the demon gave him a unique ability – in the first place, the gift of living in human dreams – in exchange for a promise to act as their servants. Krueger agreed to the deal, and the demons kept their promise, having joined in his body.

In published in 2010, a remake of the first film series history Kruger viewed from a slightly different angle. ‘New’ Fred Krueger was originally a gardener in kindergarten; as the original character, he was accused of pedophilia and burned alive. Unlike the original – where the guilt of the Kruger question is not intended for a moment – in a remake of the characters for a long time suspected that the accused and executed Freddie might vain.

The first serious opponent Kruger becomes young Nancy Thompson; it not only solves the mystery of what is happening around her, restores the history of Freddie and realizes that the killer works in the human dream, but finds a way to deprive him Kruger virtually unlimited powers. With the effort of will, Nancy pulls Freddy into the real world – and there are already cracked down with him. Alas, like any self-respecting hero of a horror movie, Freddy is in no hurry to die before the end.

The second film – “A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge ‘(‘ A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge ‘) – adds little to the history of the Kruger; Killer continues to deal with teenagers on the street Elm already familiar way, simultaneously trying to force their way into the real world, capturing the mind and body of the young Jesse Walsh (Jesse Walsh). With the help of his girlfriend Lisa (Lisa) Jessie wins the villain – again, only for a while.

The third part of the film returns to the city of Nancy Thompson; with the support of a group of teenagers, she is trying to fight the Freddie already on its territory – in dreams. At the same time Nancy and her friends learn more about the history of Freddie – and, in particular, about the circumstances of his birth. It turns out that sadistic Kruger inherited paternal – the boy literally was the son of a hundred maniacs. Freddie’s mother, Amanda Krueger nun (Amanda Krueger), happens to be locked in a psychiatric hospital – and stayed a few days at the disposal of its dangerous and psychopathic inmates; It was during one of the numerous rapes and Freddy was conceived. The spirit of Amanda Krueger several times characters is the third and fourth films of the series, helping to stop his ne’er-do-son.

Another important piece of the history of the Kruger adds a sixth movie. Over the past 10 with the 5th part of the year Freddie crushes almost all teenagers of the city; This, however, is not to his advantage – as it turns out, Kruger is not able to just start to terrorize those about him not even a suspicion. Adult residents are trying to keep a secret history of the Kruger – and thereby deprive him of the opportunity to return to active duty; Freddy tries to

Orval of plans affecting the sole surviving child of the city – his own daughter. Daughter – already managed to become an adult woman – is not a maniac on the matter and eventually once again destroys it.

A new attempt to return from oblivion Kruger takes in the film ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ (‘Freddy vs Jason’); this time it works hands of another famous serial killer – Jason Voorhees from ‘Friday the 13th’ (‘Friday, 13th’). Penetrating into the dreams and Jason appeared before him in the image of his mother, Freddie sends a maniac in a hockey mask troubling at Springwood. Perfect Jason murders attributed Freddie; Kruger again begin to fear that gives him strength. Voorhees, however, soon gets out of control Kruger – realizing that they manipulated Jason rebels against Freddie. Beating their ends in a draw – both characters seem to die, only to return to the last frame of the film.

John Saxon as Freddy Krueger

Freddy KruegerFreddy Krueger
Freddy KruegerFreddy Krueger
Freddy KruegerFreddy Krueger

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