Flying Lotus

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Flying Lotus

dark music Flying Lotus

It is said that his music is simply ‘mind-blowing’. They say that this musician does only what he wants, and only when he wants. Flying Lotus himself calls man grim, and those who know him personally confirm this. This huge, almost two meters tall black, loves to spend time alone. Part of the music he invents and creates really somewhat gloomy, but that did not stop Flying Lotus to become one of the main figures in the US electronic scene. Movies to watch his music on YouTube, millions of people, and it seems even more strange that the music format that creates Flying Lotus, a futuristic fusion is of interest to such a large audience.

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

Your real name Flying Lotus – Steven Ellison (Steven Ellison), he was born in 1983 in Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California). Man’s childhood took place in the San Fernando Valley, raised his single mother. The music was in the boy’s life around – and mother and grandmother of Steven, and all his relatives had to do with jazz. So, his great-aunt Alice was the widow of the famous jazz saxophonist John Coltrane, and from childhood he attended the festival, which organized his relatives. However, despite this, the teenager Stephen lacked what is happening around, and although he heard the music within him since childhood, he grew up with confidence that none of its projects will not work.

In high school, Steven took up hip-hop and electronic mixes composed, and later went to study at the Film School.

Success came to the musician with the signing of a contract with the ‘Warp Records’, representatives of the label failed to notice it on the electronic music scene in Los Angeles, and soon Ellison, who by that time was known as Flying Lotus, the opportunity to work on serious and quality studio recordings. Under this label, the musician in 2008 released the album ‘Los Angeles’, in 2010 – ‘Cosmogramma’, and in 2012 many fans waited for the album ‘Until the Quiet Comes’, which got excellent criticism.

The most ambitious project of Flying Lotus is today considered his latest album ‘You’re Dead!’ 2014; The musician admitted that working on it was a great pleasure, despite the gloomy title and overall gloomy tone. In this project, Flying Lotus tried to reflect on human mortality. Most of those born as the jazz that Flying Lotus processed on a computer, as a result of receiving an electronic mix that ‘ability to carry the roof of Miles Davis’. It is said that such dark themes emerged from Lotus because of the numerous losses that he suffered in life – many of his fellow musicians have died, and that’s what put him in grave thoughts chelov

echeskoy life that he was able to dress in an incredibly vibrant musical themes. However, despite the gloom, Flying Lotus likes to write – a state for him is always new and full of surprises.

So, Flying Lotus himself says he is enjoying the very process of making music, but its popularity is far less interested – it is rather reticent man.

It is known that work with Flying Lotus express the desire by many famous musicians, but he is in no hurry to work – work at it enough as missing and their own ideas.

It is known that in 2013, Lotus said in his Twitter that his song ‘Tiny Tortures’ was nominated for a VMA (Video Music Award).

Millions of Internet users watched a video with the music of Flying Lotus – a short film titled ‘A Portrait of Noomi Rapace’, and reviews of this controversial film is very different – from delight to complete as much of complete rejection.

Flying LotusFlying Lotus
Flying LotusFlying Lotus
Flying LotusFlying Lotus

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