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Like Monday, which starts on Saturday, premium 2013th year began in a remarkable date 12/12/12, when it was declared a Grandmaster of the coming year. No sooner had the beginning of the calendar year, as the Canadians arrived with its new premium, and then flew usual for this time of the year the first signs.

Gene Wolfe becomes Grandmaster SFWA

The organization of science fiction Science Fiction & amp; Fantasy Writers of America named Gene Wolfe Grandmaster 2012 (ie, the owner of 2012 Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award). Wolf is the author of numerous novels and short stories, for which he was awarded the Nebula Award twice, five times – World Fantasy Award, six times – Locus Award, and other awards. In addition, in 1996 he won the World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievements, and in 2007 inducted into the Hall of Fame of science fiction.

Presenting the award, which is awarded for “outstanding lifetime achievement in the field of science fiction and / or fantasy”, will take place at 48m Nebyulovskom weekend in San Jose, California, May 16-19, 2013. Before this title awarded celebrities like Ursula Le Guin Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, Clifford Simak, Arthur C. Clarke, Harry Harrison, Ann MakKeffri, Joe Haldeman, and (last year) Connie Willis.

Here! I have long dreamed about it! Finally happened! However, this good news has a bitter taste: so early, almost half a year, in December of the previous year, Grandmaster declared only once, about 8 years ago when they began Harlan Ellison, who was then very seriously ill, and it was not clear, it will survive. Two years ago, I was sure that Grandmaster give Wolfe for the 80th anniversary, but if something is not glued, and that year the title is not awarded at all, which was not for many years. However, after the change of leadership SFWA Wolfe was awarded the first. Well, if it had to SFWA headed Scalzi, then so be it. The main thing is that “the award has found a hero»!

The first winner of the Van Vogt – new Canadian Award

In an unexpected time, on the first working day of the year in Canada, he was declared winner of the new award AE van Vogt for the year 2012. He became the novel Alphanauts by Brian J. Clarke (Edge). The prize is awarded to the first edition of the novel, a collection or anthology of the author, who was born or living in western Canada. The other finalists were The Other by Matthew Hughes (Underland) and Lady of Mazes by Karl Schroeder (Tor).

The sponsors of the award made by the Winnipeg Association NF; Organizing Committee Conadian – Winnipeg Vorldkona held back in 1994, and the organization of Science Fiction Winnipeg. The award is named in honor of AE Van Vogt, the only Canadian Grandmaster NF. The laureate will receive a cash prize of C $ 1,200 and a diploma.

Earlier I suggested that Canadians are unhappy with the way they awarded the main prize in the country SF Aurora, so they invent new ones. It is not clear what criteria to be awarded this prize, because winning book first published in 2006, and the other two finalists in 2011 and 2005, respectively. A few words about the book itself. This is a traditional, old-fashioned SF about colonization of the planet earthlings, more closely resembles the product of the “golden age”, but with the living, nekartonnymi characters, delicious and authentic language of psychology.

Nominations for the prize Philip K. Dick for the year 2012.

More than a month ago, we were declared nomination for Philip K. Dick for the year 2012. The prize is awarded annually to the outstanding works of fiction published in the United States the first edition in paperback. Winners will be announced on March 29 Norwescon 36 in Seattle. A shortlist includes:

Blueprints of the Afterlife . Ryan Boudinot (Black Cat)

Harmony . Keith Brooke (Solaris)

Helix Wars . Eric Brown (Solaris)

The Not Yet . Moira Crone (UNO)

Fountain of Age . Nancy Kress (Small Beer)

Lovestar . Andri Snær Magnason (Seven Stories)

Lost Everything . Brian Francis Slattery (Tor)

A few words about the nominees. Familiar names here are a few. The most titled of them – Nancy Kress, the Russian she published several books and short stories in anthologies. British Brook and Brown started back in the 80s and made a mediocre career in fiction, with Brown began tehnogotom (British kind of cyberpunk) and Brooke wrote fant.boeviki. The remaining names are new to me, although it can flit into view in recent years.

Among the seven nominees make up a significant share of the book if not downright post-apocalyptic, then at least representing the future is quite bleak. The first in the list of authors, Budin is a powerful and affects almost all patients topics of our time: climate change, the invasion of technology into the human body, the stratification of society. In his book, the vision is not very distant future resemble an early Gibson and Stevenson’s early, they smeared fake blood in the spirit of Palahniuk, and other worlds invading this in the spirit of Gaiman, and everything is painted sardonic humor in the spirit of Adams. But together of these ingredients is obtained good-looking and very kind of postmodern cocktail that lovers Mevilya, Vonnegut and Terry Gilliam. In a similar vein, stands (real!) Icelandic author Magnason. On the pages of his books, and is the story of two lovers who are trying to separate the system, shows the influence of Borges and Calvino, he builds his Brave New World of Huxley and Orwell, but his satire is like Vonnegut and Adams. Just like the first two authors, behind Slattery already have several books and he tends not to give them anything: his novel is tailored on the patterns of Pynchon, Doctorow and Dick’s ideas of Kerouac, Bradbury and Orwell. And he went to the fiction of the mainstream, and his previous books had a very good press. A little farther in the 2121 action of the novel takes place Crone. This revelation dystopia, New Orleans dystopia, so to speak. In addition to building social and environmental, the author draws the language of the future by extrapolating current trends in the development of the English language in the southern states. In Krohn is the first appeal to fiction, but as the author of the mainstream, it is quite place and its assets have prestigious prizes. And if Americans are concerned primarily their domestic concerns, both the British write about things more global and, together with the more detached. Brooke tried a new way to develop a theme of the Earth under alien occupation. Reviewers have praised not only the ideas but also the language and style. Brown’s book is a continuation of probably the second book of the trilogy, and it kosmoopera-with-brains, a genre in which the creation of the British participation played a key role, and in which the British are still strong. It stands somewhat apart Kress book in the first place, because it is not a novel but a collection, that is, stylistic and genre diversity implied a priori, though her favorite topic of genetic engineering in one form or another is present in all the stories. Among other things, the collection includes the winner of the Nebula «The Fountain of Age» and winner of Hugo «The Erdmann Nexus». From 9 3 things in the book published in Russian in the Eslyah and Best of the Year .

The favorite, apparently, considered Kress. In addition to it, I think there is a chance Boudinot. As Americans and thematically close to him Icelander Magnason projecting into the future the current American concerns, the laureate is likely to be found among them. Traditionally, I’ll be rooting for the British, but this time they have less chance. Also please for Magnasona – Europeans, too.

Shortlist Prize BSFA for 2012.

In January Prize shortlist was announced BSFA for 2012. For this award voting members BSFA (British Science Fiction Association) and participants in the annual national convention of the British science fiction (Isterkona). Winners will be announced March 31 at Isterkone in Bradford, Yorkshire. The shortlist includes:

Best Novel / Best Novel

Dark Eden . Chris Beckett (Corvus)

Empty Space: a Haunting . M. John Harrison (Gollancz)

Intrusion . Ken Macleod (Orbit)

Jack Glass . Adam Roberts (Gollancz)

2312 . Kim Stanley Robinson (Orbit)

Best short work / Best Short Fiction

• “Immersion”, Aliette de Bodard (Clarkesworld # 69)

The Flight of the Ravens . Chris Butler (Immersion)

• “Song of the body Cartographer”, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz (Phillipines Genre Stories)

• “Limited Edition”, Tim Maughan (Arc Magazine 1.3)

• “Three Moments of an Explosion”, China Miéville (Rejectamentalist Manifesto)

Adrift on the Sea of ​​Rains . Ian Sales (Whippleshield)

Best nonfiction / Best Non-Fiction

• “The Complexity of the Humble Space Suit”, Karen Burnham (Rocket Science)

• “The Widening Gyre”, Paul Kincaid (Los Angeles Review of Books)

The Cambridge Companion to Fantasy Literature . Edward James & amp; Farah Mendlesohn (Cambridge University Press)

• The World SF Blog. Lavie Tidhar (chief editor)

Best Cover / Best Art

• Ben Baldwin for cover of Dark Currents (Newcon)

• Blacksheep for cover of Adam Roberts’s Jack Glass (Gollancz)

• Dominic Harman for cover of Eric Brown’s Helix Wars (Rebellion)

• Joey Hifi for cover of Simon Morden’s Thy Kingdom Come (Jurassic London)

• Si Scott for cover artwork of Chris Beckett’s Dark Eden (Corvus)

At first glance, the novel shortlisted is quite good, but with thoughtful consideration of issues arise. Many of last year’s books by famous authors had not caught – not a Hydrogen Sonata Banks or Fractal Prince Rayyaniemi or Rapture of the Nerds Stross and Doctorow, or Railsea Mevilya. But they were among the most anticipated books of the year! Apparently, the biggest expectation has been Empty Space M. John Harrison – the completion of a thematic trilogy begun novels Light and Nova Swing . which became the banner of the part of the British science fiction that has remained outside the wave New Weird. This intelligent kosmoopera, chandleropodobny detective noir and response to urgent problems of our time in one bottle. Seriously believe that this bidder #1, despite the fact that two previous novel did not get the prize. But the challenger #2, it seems, is Adam Roberts. As “one of the best voices of his generation”, in recent years it has become a frequent guest on premiums: produces in a year on the book, which invariably fall into the category for the largest genre awards, not only in Britain. Working on this brilliantly ranked novel, the author plenty enough of fiction and the “golden age” and the classical detective story, and it depicts a society makes us think that such a crime, punishment, power and freedom. Chris Beckett offers us a well-constructed novel about the struggle for survival of the colonists on the planet without the sun. I do not think that the author read Village Bulycheva (like, in English it was not), but the parallels are reviewed. However, if two authors are similar assumptions and tasks, the solution there may be similar or even identical. Ken MacLeod serves on the dystopian near future, playing postmodern games with Huxley and Orwell, but much of his book is built on the medical ethics that loads another source of inspiration: Gattaca Andrew Niccol. The only American in the novel category is now a veteran Kim Stanley Robinson, known for its commitment to British publishers. The fact that the already 15-20 years all of his books are first editions are not at home, in the United States and in Britain. In his new novel, as the name implies, the action takes place in 2312. This is a bold novel about the future of humanity and the fascinating story of people whose work it is formed. In the absence of Banks hurt I’m going for Harrison and Roberts.

Category small form this premium is only one, so everybody has to contend with: the weighty novels released in book form, and a short story (or rather, even miniature), published at the author’s website. The debut novel Butler is a dark fantasy, which takes place in Amsterdam at the turn of 19-20 centuries. Among the main characters in the story have a demon, but the main character is strong enough magic to deal with it; and among the minor – who just do not even Freud and ravens of Odin. Another story – a double debut for SALES: as author and as a publisher. This post-apocalyptic SF space: after a nuclear war on the moon colonists settled, armed with “torsion field generator”, trying to find a suitable alternative for the life of the Earth. The more famous fellow writers praise the thoroughness, the liveliness of descriptions and emotional depth. On the rest of the small things in advance will not say, but most of them can be read online. Mevil in his short story mocks plenty of new advertising techniques. Of the two ladies in the category of de Bodarev I have received this award for a story last year. Her new story dedicated to a fellow Filipino writer Lёnen Ruiz, who offered his idea. It’s amazing, but also the Filipino is in the category with another story. So, gradually, fantasy exotic countries gets home NF. It seems to me that the best chance at Sayles and de Bodarev; Mevilya in the story, still lacks depth.

It is a fiction from around the world, not just from the usual English-speaking countries, dedicated to The World SF Blog, coordinated by the Israeli writer Lavie Tidhar. At this time, among the nominations in the category of a great variety of non-fiction. Very attractive guide to the fantasy of the Cambridge University Press. And readers, writers, and NF will be useful for popular scientific articles on space suits. The other two positions are a rare case where the spouses are competing in the same category. And if the well-known critic Paul Kincaid is one article – a review of all Best of the Year . published last year, his wife Maureen – a blog about reading, writing, literature, and culture in general. It is because of the diversity of hard for me to judge, whose chances higher. I think the favorites are the book and The World SF Blog.

But in the category of nominees for covers speak for themselves. Of the five covers of the two books present in the novel category, and one nominated for Dick (See above.). Personally I like most cover anthology Dark Currents .

Heinlein Award winners for 2013

At the end of January, it was announced that Allen Steele and Yoji Kondo was awarded to Robert A. Heinlein for 2013. The prize is awarded for published science fiction and non-fiction works, inspirational study and exploration of space earthlings. Heinlein Society transferred the administration of the award Baltimore Science Fiction Society, which is awarded annually at its Baltikone. This year it will be held May 24-27, in a suburb of Baltimore. Winners will receive certificates, medallions made of pure silver and two characters Prize (such as the icon to be worn on the chest or on the lapel), all with the image Heinlein. Dr. Kondo previously headed the jury of the prize, and respecting its baltimortsy not only sensible nauchpop, but also for the excellent work of the jury.

Award of the American Library Association

25-29 January in Seattle held its annual winter conference of the American Library Association (ALA), where the award ceremony of ALA. William Morris Award for the year 2012 for the best debut novel received a Rachel Hartman (Rachel Hartman) for his novel Seraphina (Random House). Tamora Pierce (Tamora Pierce) was awarded the Margaret Edwards for lifetime contribution to children’s and youth literature. A premium of Michael Printtsa for 2013, awarded for the best children’s and youth book was Nick Lake (Nick Lake) for In Darkness (Bloomsbury USA ). Of the four other books marked not premium, but the certificates of honor, we are interested in Dodger Terry Pratchett.

In general, the American librarians premiums set, and I have named only the winners of which are related to science fiction, as in other prizes, these books are also featured.

Crawford Award winner for 2013

At the beginning of February was declared the winner of the fantasy William L. Crawford Award for 2013. They became Karin Tidbek (Karin Tidbeck) of the author’s collection of Jagannath: Stories (Cheeky Frawg Books).

The award, which includes not only a diploma, but also a cash prize, awarded annually by the International Conference on the fiction of art (International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts) outstanding debut book in the fantasy genre, published in the previous year. Among the previous winners of the many well-known names: Jonathan Lethem, Charles de Lint, Greer Gilman, Judith Tarr, Kij Johnson, Joe Hill, M. Rickert, Daryl Gregory, Christopher Barzak, Jedediah Berry and, last year, Genevieve Valentine.

The jury was very hard to choose between this book and close rival Rachel Hartman’s novel Seraphina (Random House). Other books shortlisted this time were: Saladin Ahmed – Throne of the Crescent Moon (DAW), Roz Kaveney – Rituals (Plus One), and Kiini Ibura Salaam – < i> Ancient, Ancient (Aqueduct).

The award ceremony will be held at the International Conference on the fiction of art (International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts), which will be held March 21-25 in Orlando, Fla.

The winners Kitchis for 2012.

In the middle of January shortlist was announced, and on February 26 at a ceremony in London have already been declared winners of the award for 2012 Kitchis. This relatively new prize, awarded for the fourth time “for the most advanced, intelligent and entertaining works of the genre of literature, published in the UK over the past year.” China became the first winners of Mevil, Byukes Lauren and Patrick Ness.

Red Tentacle (novel) / Red Tentacle (Novel)

Angelmaker . Nick Harkaway (William Heinemann)

His rivals were:

The Folly of the World . Jesse Bullington (Orbit)

A Face Like Glass. Frances Hardinge (Macmillan)

Jack Glass. Adam Roberts (Gollancz)

The Method. Juli Zeh, translated by Sally-Ann Spencer (Harvill Secker)

Golden Tentacle (Debut Novel)

Redemption in Indigo. Karen Lord (Jo Fletcher)

vN. Madeline Ashby (Angry Robot)

The Panopticon. Jenni Fagan (William Heinemann)

Seraphina. Rachel Hartman (Doubleday)

The City’s Son. Tom Pollock (Jo Fletcher)

Inky Tentacle (Cover Art)

Dave Shelton for his own A Boy and a Bear in a Boat (David Fickling)


• La Boca for Ned Beauman’s The Teleportation Accident (Sceptre)

• Oliver Jeffers for John Boyne’s The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby Brocket (Doubleday)

• Tom Gauld for Matthew Hughes’s Costume Not Included (Angry Robot)

• Peter Mendelsund for Ben Marcus’s Flame Alphabet (Granta)

b>The Black Tentacle. b>The World SF Blog . p>

The Kraken Rum. (i>i> p>


The World SF Blog The World SF Blog – p>

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