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Carrillo Fernando (Fernando Carrillo)

The winner and just an attractive guy for many Fernando Carrillo – just an idol. From an early age Fernandito wanted to be an actor. That’s why he took part in all performances in college.

Fernando was born in Caracas (Venezuela) January 6, 1966. His father, Neri Carrillo . while a journalist, entered into a second marriage with Josephine Roselli. His first wife, whose name was Ophelia, gave him four children: Cesar Alejandro, Carlos, Leilan and Ariadne, who live in Venezuela and that Fernando are always visiting, coming to this country. When born Fernandito, Neri and Pepin, so they named their children, the couple was very happy. ‘Then my brothers were born: Manuel and Luis Emilio (the last boy was adopted), – says Fernando . – Since childhood, they were my best friends. I remember that we wanted to record a disc and, in the end, we did it ‘.

Life on English soil

When Fernando was nine years old, he moved with his family to England.

‘I discovered that I easily given languages ​​and acknowledge that learning English as a child helped me a lot. I also realized that the football – it’s my passion. I started playing in the school team, and then came to the selection of young players in England. In eleven years football has been my life. ” And if football was his passion, the game in the theater was his greatest passion. Fernando has not missed a single performance in college.

In 16 years in the life of Fernando had a new twist, as the family Carrillo returned to Venezuela. Fernando has thrown football and began his career as a specialist in public relations. In addition, he attended theater courses, and he began to make his first steps in advertising.

After three years at the University of Fernando crosses career to devote himself to the game. ‘In the beginning it was hard, but it was revealed to me this way. At 18, I bought a car. partly to please his bride, and because I liked speed. On the other hand, even though I refused to be a footballer. whenever he could, trained ‘.

At 18, he already had a kind of hero-lover. He wanted to be an actor, but he knew it would be a very difficult path. His first success – award, which he received at the International Theatre Festival of Caracas.

An attractive and amorous, Fernando discover the taste of love in eleven years, “I was a Boy Scout, and it is my leader. She was much older than me, but we were very much in love. The truth is that I was too early ripe for love. ” Since then, the glory of Don Juan to be behind him.

No doubt, everything in his life changed when he met Catherine Fullop, a woman who a year later became his wife. ‘I remember when we met, Katie did not pay any attention to me, – he says. – During the filming of ‘Tsirkachka’ we started dating. After filming ‘Abigail’ we legalized our relations. A year later, on 28 September 1990 we got married in Venezuela. ” A month later, the couple decided to move to Spain, where he and she got very interesting job offers. ‘I have kept fond memories of our stay in Spain, the country is very beautiful and gracious’.

This was during intoxication and roses for Katie and Fernando . perfect for a couple who had everything: beauty, charisma, fame: They dreamed of children. Four years later, all this proved impossible, the cruel reality was different: Catherine and Fernando divorced. In real life they tried to keep each other at a distance, but a fiction made them stay together, because they were the protagonists of ‘Belle’. Several months passed, and they have proved that they are true professionals.

‘It is too early ripe for love. ‘

Once a divorce from Catherine Fullop his restless heart continued to look for love with other women. Today Fernando has become a most desirable bachelor. Catherine became a member of the extended family Carrillo . Fernando – open heart.

– ‘I am very dreamy, romantic man. and I’m a fighter by nature ‘.

– ‘For me, the ideal woman should be hard-working. cheerful and resolute ‘.

– ‘Sometimes love makes me cry, but only by luck’.

– ‘What I most appreciate in people – it’s sincerity and honesty’.

– ‘Family – is a pillar from which I cherish my energy’.

– ‘I do not reject the idea of ​​re-fall in love and create their own family. Everything in life happens, but only at the time ‘.

Divorce forced Fernando to redraw all my life. There was talk about a model. of Andrea del Boca, and then he confessed that he was in love with her. whose name was Moira. But these relations have not led to anything like its recent idyll with Adriana Fonseca. Now a senior from Carrillo live mostly with their work. but he continues to dream of his own family.

Fernando has found solace in the arms of a beautiful Argentine model. Moira Guo at the Carrillo was a fleeting relationship. The ‘Rosalind’ Fernando and Adriana Fanseka were in love. The Argentine press insisted that Andrea del Boka and Fernando Carrillo the bride and groom. He also attributed the idyll with Maria Conchita Alonso.

‘win movie – that’s my goal. ‘

By participating in telenovelas, he earned a reputation as a first lover. but now he wants more. Fernando wants to go to the cinema and to win the big screen.

Fernando began her acting career at age 17. ‘The first success came to me at the International Theatre Festival of Caracas with the work’ hastily Caracas ‘, where I was given the award’. Without a doubt, this was the beginning of a brilliant career. A year later, Fernando was invited to play in the telenovela ‘Lady Rose’. ‘It has been a year of filming, and it was my first acting challenge. I think I won it, it was a success’.

And if the ‘Lady Rose’ and ‘Spring’ his partner was Gigi Sancheta, the ‘Tsirkachka’ in his beloved Catherine turned Fullop. Between them there was such chemistry that the public simply adored. This was the key to success ‘Abigail’ and ‘Passion Flower’, starring with Katie and Fernando . It was not long after the shooting in the ‘Flower of passion,’ and they were married a month later moved to Spain, where Fernando has worked in the ‘show for it’ with Kim Manning and took part in the film for British television about the life of a footballer Gary Lineker. While the life of them smiled, but after a while their love broke down, and during the filming of ‘Belle’ Carrillo and Fullop were divorced. They had to play the love. they no longer felt.

The Conquest of Mexico

Once rupture Fernando arrived in Los Angeles and immersed himself in his singing career. Together with his brothers, Manuel and Kathir, he organized a musical group ‘911D’, and they recorded the CD ‘One Day’. But the contract with Televisa, brought him into the world of telenovelas. Fernando I come to Mexico to become a partner Adela Noriega in the TV series “Maria Isabel”. In this country, all were charmed by his playing and then the producers decided to put him in a couple of Talia in ‘Rosalind’.

Currently, the actor, while continuing to make music. He is thinking about how he could get into Hollywood. ‘Now I’m getting ready to work in Hollywood. because to win a movie – that’s my main goal ‘.

Fernando CarrilloFernando Carrillo
Fernando CarrilloFernando Carrillo
Fernando CarrilloFernando Carrillo

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