Federica Pellegrini

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Federika Pellegrin

The famous Italian athlete, talented swimmer, repeated Olympic champion, who admirably introduced their own country at the Summer Olympics of 2008 in the capital of China – Beijing.

Author: Olga Dunchik

Frederica Pellegrini – young (she was born in August 1988, the fifth year), but it is extremely well-known athlete. Sports career Federica has evolved quite rapidly. She is interested in sports since childhood. On workout went swimming is not just a regular – it every day to give them entirely, focusing solely on the result. Athlete training under the guidance of experienced coaches who managed to pass the swimmer maximum knowledge and skills.

Not much time as long as Federica Pellegrini took part in the pre-Olympic qualifying competitions in swimming and has shown excellent results. Olympic Committee and unanimously appreciated the swimming athletes and included Federico in the Olympic team. While the swimmer was one of the main contenders for the first prize.

The experts have been extremely far-sighted – swimmer Federica Pellegrini won in swimming at a distance of two hundred meters freestyle and was awarded the Olympic gold medal.

Interestingly that a few days before the Olympic champion has also demonstrated an excellent result and

it becomes a world record, which was subsequently updated and very well.

Together with the Italian Federica Pellegrini of honor shared the podium two more participants of the final swim – silver medalist Sara Isakovic from Slovenia and bronze medalist, Chinese, Pan Ziyang.

The Olympic medal – a strong swimmer and perfectly prepared (which was confirmed by the results of its participation in the Summer Olympics of 2008). Her athletic achievements have occurred in the past – for example in 2004, the year (at the Athens Olympics), swimmer managed to win the silver medal, and not so long ago (in March of 2008) Federica took part in the European Championships and set a world record – in freestyle distance of four meters.

The Italian Federica Pellegrini. Olympic champion and a great swimmer, is convinced that it will climb to the highest level in the future to achieve the maximum results possible.

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Federica PellegriniFederica Pellegrini
Federica PellegriniFederica Pellegrini
Federica PellegriniFederica Pellegrini

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