F Scott Fitzgerald

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F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Born: September 24, 1896 St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Died: December 21, 1940 Hollywood, California, USA

F. Scott Fitzgerald – American writer best known for his novels and short stories that describe the so-called American “Jazz Age” of the 1920s.

He was born September 24, 1896 in St. Paul, Minnesota, in a wealthy Irish Catholic family. His name he received in honor of his great-great-grandfather, the author of the text of the national anthem of the United States “Banner, star-studded” Francis Scott Key (1779-1843). At the same time, wealth in his family was provided not by the father, and thanks to his mother’s family, born Makkuillan. It is thanks to relatives Fitzgerald got the opportunity to study at prestigious institutions: 1908-1910 – the Academy of St. Paul, 1911-1913 – in Newman School, 1913-1917 – at Princeton University.

At Princeton University played in the football team, wrote stories and plays that won the university competition. Nevertheless, in 1917, shortly before the final exams, Fitzgerald went as a volunteer in the army, but in the fighting, he never was.

In 1919, Fitzgerald was demobilized, he worked briefly as an advertising agent in New York. Even during his military service he met Zelda Sayre, came from a wealthy and respectable family (she was the daughter of a judge in Alabama) and is considered the main and most beautiful bride enviable state. It is associated with it, all subsequent biography and all the creativity Fitzgerald.

In spite of the engagement, and Sayre Fitzgerald married immediately, because the family was against the marriage Sayre, because at the time, Fitzgerald was not a good job and steady income. Apparently, the desire to marry Zelda Fitzgerald and forced to seek success in the literary field, because only success would allow him to rely on the benevolence of her family. That’s why he gets to remake his manuscript “Romantic Egoist”, which he at that time did not manage to publish, as it is already a couple of times he returned publishers.

This novel, published in March 1920, titled “This Side of Paradise” and instantly brings Fitzgerald success. A month after its publication he married Zelda, which served as the prototype of the heroine Rosalind. The plot of the novel is taken from the author’s own life. The popularity of the novel Fitzgerald opens the way to the world of great literature: his works are beginning to publish in prestigious journals and newspapers: Scribner’s, The Saturday Evening Post and others. In addition to fame, this work brings a good income. Such sudden changes in financial position enabled him to Fitzgerald and Zelda live so beautiful and wide that the gossip column called them the prince and princess of his generation. In the same year is published the first collection of short stories Fitzgerald ’emancipated and profound ».

After becoming one of the main characters gossip, Scott and Zelda are living what is called a parade: they enjoyed a rich life fun, consisting of parties, receptions and travel to European resorts. They are constantly “thrown out” some eccentricities that made talk about them the entire American upper light: the skating Manhattan rooftop taxi swimming in the fountain, the appearance in the nude on the play. When all this was also their life of constant scandals (often because of jealousy), and the excessive use of alcohol as he or she has.

All this time, Scott also managed to quite a lot of writing for magazines that bring a very tangible return (he was one of the highest paid writers of the then “glossy” magazines).

The first book in 1922 published a second novel Fitzgerald’s “The Beautiful and Damned”, which describes a painful marriage of two talented and attractive representatives of artistic bohemia. It appears as a collection of short stories “Tales of the Jazz Century».

In 1924, Fitzgerald went to Europe, first to Italy and then to France. While living in Paris, where he met with Ernest Hemingway. It was in Paris Fitzgerald completes and publishes the novel “The Great Gatsby”- a novel that many critics, and indeed Fitzgerald, considered a masterpiece of American literature of the period, the symbol of”Jazz Age.”In 1926 he published a collection of short stories”All the Sad Young Men».

However, the following years of his life Fitzgerald are very heavy. For earnings, he wrote for The Saturday Evening Post. His wife Zelda is going through several bouts of aberration, since 1925, and gradually goes mad. Cure it is not possible. Fitzgerald is going through a painful crisis and begins to drink even more.

In 1930, at Zelda’s mind was blurred, and then it all his life suffered from schizophrenia. In 1934, Scott wrote a novel “Tender Is the Night,” largely autobiographical – there Fitzgerald described his pain, the battle for the preservation of marriage and the opposite direction of their luxurious life. However, in the US the book did not enjoy great success. Therefore, in 1937, Fitzgerald decides to become a screenwriter in Hollywood, where he met with Sheila Graham and falls in love with her. The last years of his life Fitzgerald lives with her, however, during the regular drinking bouts he becomes violent and even cruel.

In October 1939, Fitzgerald began to establish a novel about life in Hollywood – “The Last Tycoon”, which remained unfinished. During the three years of his life in Hollywood, he also wrote a series of stories and articles, mostly autobiographical, published after his death in the book “The collapse».

Fitzgerald died of a heart attack Dec. 21, 1940 in Hollywood, California, the home of Sheila Graham.

F Scott FitzgeraldF Scott Fitzgerald
F Scott FitzgeraldF Scott Fitzgerald
F Scott FitzgeraldF Scott Fitzgerald

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