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Movies With Sergei Babkin

Cast: Sergey Babkin, Agnes Lovely Directed by Vladimir Lert. Boombox “On odintsi”(soundtrack of the film”The exclusion)”.

Sergey Babkin

Sergey Babkin. I liked it, I love these movies! Wasting time on this lazhovy film, when it learn to make good movies.

Sergey Babkin. Sergei Babkin.JPG Sergei Babkin concert at “Waiting Room”, St. Petersburg. Basic information. Full name. Sergei.

Sergey Babkin (SERGEY BABKIN). Biography Forums – All the films of the planet. Log in • two children. all films 8, 2004 – 2013.

Babkin Sergey

In Odessa, began shooting pictures “Alexander Dovzhenko. Odessa dawn ».

Sergey Babkin (b. November 7, 1978, Kharkov) – Ukrainian musician, actor, writer and performer of his own songs. Member of the group «5’nizza». His father – a retired lieutenant colonel. Mother – a teacher in a kindergarten. The elder brother, six years older – a military rank of Major. Sergei Babkin graduated from the Kharkov Art Lyceum number 133 and the School of Music in Flute. In 2000 he graduated from the theater department of the Kharkov State University of Arts in 1994 at the Lyceum met Andrei Zaporozhets. S1994 to 1996, studying at the Lyceum of Arts at the theater department. From 1999-2002. He was an actor Kharkov Russian Drama Theater named after Pushkin. 2000-2001 leading TV program “Salon TV» the first private television channels in Ukraine “Tonis-Center.”C 2000 the actor founded only when”Theatre 19”. On account Babkin roles such as X (“emigrants”), Demon (“schmuck”), Captain (“doors”), Hamlet (“Our Hamlet”). In the same 2000 he became a founding member of the band «5’nizza». In concert, he often performed with his program, but within the group «5’nizza» November 1, 2004 he released his solo album, “Hurrah!”. In 2005, they released their second solo album, “Encore!”, The material of which the songs are not included on the album “Hurrah!”. November 14 release of the third album, “Son”, dedicated to his son Sergei. The songs were recorded from 2004 to 2005. In June 2007, a group of «5’nizza» acts last time before becoming aware of the disintegration of the group. Released in 2008 album “Vzblatnulos”is a compilation of songs perepevok thieves. In late 2008, Sergei creates a project called KPSS (Constantine Shepelenko Peter Tseluyko Stanislav Kononov Sergei Babkin). In 2010, the group recorded a KPSS at Petersburg studio”Dobrolet ‘debut album”Lead”. Also in 2010 he was released the album “Inside and outside”, which, according to the actor, tied the actor’s song with classical music. Sergey has achieved this by attracting symphony orchestra to record the album. From 2011 Sergey Babkin begins to work closely with the leader of the group “Okean Elzy”Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. Vakarchuk Sergei invited to take part in his new project, together with musicians such as Dmitri Shurov (piano, electric piano, electronic organ, glockenspiel), Max Malyshev (drums, percussion), Peter Cherniavsky (bass, guitar). Sergei himself, in addition to the vocal participation in the project plays the flute and guitar. This co-creation was born the project”Brussels”. The self-titled album was recorded in August 2011, in Brussels at the studio ICP Recording Studios. The album contains 12 songs that sounded in Ukrainian and English. Public presentation of the project on December 13 and was broadcast online on the channel YouTube. In April 2012, it planned the tour to support the album. In June 2012, Sergei announced decay group KPSS Sergey also participated in the recording of the band’s songs TonkayaKrasnayaNit – time. In March 2015 the former members of the group 5’nizza announced reunion. In 2005, Sergei marries Lily Rotan. September 1, 2005 a son Ilya Babkin. In 2007, Sergey and Lily Babkinu divorced. May 11, 2008 takes place the rite (sacrament) wedding Sergei Babkin and Snezana Vartanyan. In Snjezana son from his first marriage, Arthur. Arthur was born on November 4, 2006. March 27, 2009, Sergei and Snezana enter into a formal marriage. September 7th, 2010, Sergei and daughter Snezana Veselin. HOORAY! (2004) ENCORE! (2005), Son (2005) Motor (2007) (2008) Vzblatnulos (2008) Outside and inside (2010) STAR`YO (2012) Sergeyevna (2013) SN.G. (2005) Lead (album) (2010), Russian (2004) Treasure (2007) Day of Radio (2008) Rejection (2009) Many of the old concerts he put on face make-up “smiling man”, an idea which is borrowed from Alexander Litvinov (Venia D ‘rkin). Sergei Babkin at his concerts almost always performs barefoot. Nicknamed “Mother Father”appears after the program about Vysotsky. The director of”Theatre on Taganka”Lyubimov said that after the funeral, the father of a son of Vladimir Vysotsky said,”He was buried next to the Stolyarov himself!”And from a loved one said,”Father dear.”Sergei liked it, he told Andrew Zaporozhets, since for him the nickname stuck. Andrey Zaporozhets 5’Nizza Theatre Orchestra Luk Che”Beautiful Flowers”Official site Official page Sergey Babkin (Eng.) Official site Myspace page of Sergey Babkin’s Facebook official page on the social network”VKontakte» sergeybabkin – Community “Babkin, Sergei Nikolaevich “in the” LiveJournal »

Sergey Babkin – filmography – Russian Actors – Movie-Teatr.RU. Buy movies. Russian · All films 2008 Radio Day. Sergey Babkin.

Father Babkin Nikolai Mikhailovich – retired lieutenant colonel. Removed in an episode of the film “Russian” Mosfilm, which are held in the shooting.

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Movies. Sergei Babkin played Alexander Dovzhenko and Sergei Babkin together in the film was played by his wife Snezana. It is.

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