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Gadgets celebrities: the stars with iPad, iPhone, and BlackBerry

It should be noted immediately that among celebrities, as well as among the ordinary people, there are people, carried away by various technical innovations, and there are those who care about innovation. Of course, greater financial resources, as well as participation in all sorts of campaigns allows celebrities to get the most interesting trends among the first. However, if the “star” has no interest in gadgets, soon obtained her laptop or smartphone is abandoned, and celebrity itself returns to its usual phone or computer.

The star of the vampire saga “Twilight” Ashley Greene has acquired iPhone 4

This is typical of show business involvement in everything, “fashionable” is clearly visible in the history of the spread among celebrities phones iPhone – c which, in fact, we start our review.

I rang the phone …

As you may recall from our previous surveys, a few years ago when Apple has just launched its own iPhone, hundreds if not thousands of celebrities on both sides of the ocean is considered almost my duty to buy this new product. Fashion magazines of the time in every guestroom print entire pages of photos, where one or the other “star” on the iPhone called his producer, or simply proud to hold the phone to Apple in hand.

However, as time passed, the fashion on the iPhone over. Now Apple phone can be seen in the hands of only those celebrities that he really liked. Yes, a lot of them – very much: but even the iPhone 4 is not greatly changed their number …

For instance, the recent acquisition of the iPhone can boast of a star a series of films about Harry Potter, a young actress Emma Watson, who plays Hermione. After completion of filming in septilogii, Emma is clearly doing everything possible to its perceived as a promising young actress – so even at the accessories, it is now trying to stick to moderation and stability.

Another actor who has not “changed» iPhone after the “Hollywood” of the boom in this phone – Ashton Kutcher. A favorite of serious ladies admit that the place of a man in a woman’s life – somewhere between a handbag and new shoes.

I must say that Kutcher generally very big fan of the production company Apple, which selects for its simplicity and efficiency.

Ashton Kutcher rejoices when using company computers and phones Apple

From domestic ones, we want to note the commitment of celebrities, iPhone, former President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. Unfortunately, even such high-quality and fashionable gadget could not help Viktor Yushchenko to win in the last elections and remain in power. However, we hope this is the only disappointment in life Yushchenko concerning products Apple.

Who telephoned Yushchenko with his iPhone? Yulia Vladimirovna Tymoshenko?

End Call on the “stars” that use in his private life iPhone. I want to mention the late King of Pop. Of course, we have no evidence that Michael Jackson ever bought the iPhone, but … every fan of his work now there is a great chance to immortalize the memory of the King, by aligning it with the love of the Apple phone will hit the market -The original case engraved with images Jackson and his autograph.

Blackberry and other items do not pass …

Returning to the theme of fashion on the iPhone, which took place to be in the Hollywood Hills a few years ago, I want to ask: what’s changed on your phone from Apple «The Departed” among the celebrities? The answer is obvious: in most cases they were communicators Blackberry company RiM.

However, some “stars”never”betrayed” their Blackberry, consistently appearing in public with his beloved 9000 Bold hands. To those can be attributed actress Cameron Diaz, superimposing part in many great movies with sound-orga Princess Fiona in the multi-tetralogy ‘Shrek ».

Cameron Diaz believes that the smartphone Blackberry – is that we must

Very fond of the company’s products RiM former singer and now – the mother of the family of Britney Spears, regularly change a “blackberry” to another.

And Britney Spears whole armful of Blackberry

Idol of the world of glamor, “stardom” and outrageous Paris Hilton started using your current smartphone Blackberry … with the iPhone. The reasons for such a step can only guess, although our view, we have already stated above.

Note the number of wealthy families Paris Hilton makes Communicator Blackberry

From domestic celebrities the most “advanced” in the use of phones and other gadgets fruits of scientific and technological progress is the actor, director, producer Ivan Okhlobystin, until recently known as the father of John. In the words of Ivan, in ordinary life, he also uses at least five mobile phones and communicators. Among them are: iPhone – Ohlobystin on it reads the press and Internet sites; Sony Ericsson – it uses the actor as a camera for everyday shooting; Ohlobystin also uses a smartphone from Nokia and writing notes on the go and scripts on the device HTC. Finally, as befits a real fan of electronics, Ivan Okhlobystin gathers a collection – and a collection of old models of mobile phones Nokia. In addition, under the influence of descriptions and personal preferences, after several days of use Ohlobystin bought a phone Philips Xenium – impressed with its sturdy construction and long-term work on a single battery charge. As a home computer Ohlobystin uses laptops Samsung – noting their quality, price and simplicity of use.

Father John (Ohlobystin) says that the use of gadgets – it’s very pleasing to God

Everyone loves iPad …

Of course, the celebrity (and the whole show business in general) could not get past the appearance on the market the first ever successful tablet computer. iPad in no time gained the world’s attention, which means – “the stars” immediately wanted to buy a fashionable novelty.

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