Emily Didonato

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Emily DiDonato

The model Emily DiDonato

The fact that eighteen girl Emily DiDonato ahead of many well-known top models and became the face of cosmetic giant “Meybilin New York & raquo ;, shocked the world. Now this beauty Emily DiDonato stands on a par with such recognized professionals, Julia Stegner, Christy Turlington, Jessica White and Erin Wasson. All of these models at different times represented by the trademark & ​​laquo; Mebilin & raquo ;, which is now part of the giant”Loreal”.

Family at Emily DiDonato is the most common, her ancestors were from Ireland and Italy. It is this mixture of blood gave birth to so rare and extraordinary beauty. Emily DiDonato was born on February 21, 1991, in the suburbs of New York, where she spent her childhood and adolescence. And then the fun begins & hellip;

Height Emily DiDonato is 177 centimeters, but the business model is perfectly normal, these parameters will not surprise anyone. Weight Emily DiDonato – about fifty kilograms, which also fits into

Model standard. The main advantage of the girl – This large, expressive blue eyes and lips, to Photo Emily DiDonato is like a fairy princess & hellip; Her light brown hair looks simply amazing!

Career Emily DiDonato is like a Cinderella story. At first she was a normal girl, and suddenly, as if by magic, able to charm the most famous designers. This happened for some eight months. Now Photo Emily DiDonato are all major agencies involved in the selection of models. Already at the end of 2008. Biography Emily DiDonato is closely associated with the company ” ReQuest Models & raquo ;, she signed with them their first contract, even though this agency specializes in models of the male sex. And in the first quarter of 2009 debut

ntka Emily DiDonato is the official face of the concern “Guess & raquo ;. And it was with this company once started working supermodel Claudia Schiffer. Emily DiDonato has become a very successful way. The first glossy magazine, which appeared on the cover of Photo Emily DiDonato . It was the magazine”Block & raquo ;. Also during 2009, photo shoot with Emily DiDonato are carried out by representatives”Ralph Lauren”and”Meybilin & raquo ;. Young American begins to work for both companies, removed for posters with Christy Turlington. Emily DiDonato has been invited to speak at the fashion show, which is at the end of the year the company arranged an expensive linen”Victoria’s Secret”.

In May, young product Emily DiDonato is the official face of “& raquo ;, Meybilin out the long-awaited listing of lipstick”Color Sensational & raquo ;. In the photo, and commercials can see the beauty that is so much like a fairy chimney. And general manager Chapuy Cyril says that it was her unusual European roots, which grew on the soil of New York, do Emily DiDonato this girl”Meybilin New York”.

Already in September 2009 product Emily DiDonato has opened a new demonstration of the brand “Rag & amp; Bone & raquo ;, and also participated in shows”Tibi”and”Givenchy & raquo ;. The German magazine”Vogue”announced Emily DiDonato rookie-favorite. In 2010, Emily DiDonato was invited to advertise for”Calvin Klein Jeans & raquo ;. In the same year she became the official face of Armani perfume”Acqua Di Gioia”.

Despite the success, Emily DiDonato are still living with their parents, and only in 2010, graduated from high school. So for a couple of years, ordinary schoolgirl reached the heights of which some are dreaming for years. And it’s not only that the Emily DiDonato has the face of an angel, but rather in its rare individuality, which is a characteristic feature of this top model.

Emily DidonatoEmily Didonato
Emily DidonatoEmily Didonato
Emily DidonatoEmily Didonato

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